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  1. Its also a question of modern computing power. My little i5 NUC runs windows 10, PHD2, Two versions of Sharpcap (v3.2 and 4.0), The Pulsar dome control software, C de Ciel and EQmod and still lets me control remotely using Windows remote desktop. If there was an APP for it to make the coffee it would probably run that as well.
  2. I resisted getting involved in Plate Solving but now would not do without it. On a SW star adventurer I plate solve until the declination matches the object and then adjust the RA. Adjusting both at the same time does not work for me. Gets the object in the field of view every time. Give it a go but you will need something like Sharpcap and a laptop .
  3. I think the name of the free software is Filezilla. You have to enter the IP address in the manager then you can see on the right hand side of the screen the Pi and on the left side your PC file locations. Just copy across what you need. Yes its FileZilla FTP Client just looked it up
  4. remote focus motor controller picture of what is inside
  5. I have made radio controlled versions of the DC focus unit and I supply the motor with 12 volts PWM. I have tested the Hitec DC controller with 12 volts DC but I have not tested it at 13.8 volts
  6. I agree with Tomato......he is a hero. Never seems to give up when sorting a board.
  7. Buying is easy it's the selling that is hard. I went to see a high end mount with a pocket full of cash but came away still with pocket full of cash.
  8. EQ8-r.....I am waiting for stock to become available also. Some US dealers reckon mid October availability so you never know.
  9. Kenable is my preferred cable supplier.
  10. I run some free software called "Caffeine" which simulates keypresses of a key that no longer exists and it seems to be very effective in stopping shutdowns. When running it puts a small coffee pot icon in the task bar.
  11. Here are a couple of pictures of the remote controller I made for my Konus 90 which I use for Solar work Internally it uses a L298N H Bridge module and a telemetry receiver all controlled via a PIC 16F84A. 12 volts is supplied to the motor (variable PWM). The RS232 input is to allow me to set the PWM rate using TeraTerm software
  12. The handset uses a 9 volt battery but I have never measured the output to the motor from the Hitec controller. I can't see the extra 3 volts hurting the brushed motor but will check tomorrow what output I used for the radio controlled version and report back. Regarding the torque output I have found that the Crayford focuser type will usually slip long before the motor stalls. Tomatoes Altair was rack and pinion and worked ok with a CCD camera and EFW focuser
  13. I have fitted more SW DC motors to more scopes than I can recall and all have worked well. For one scope I used a four button RF module with a matching four relay receiver and that also worked very well. This was so the user could sit at a Laptop screen and remote focus.
  14. Out of interest do you have a reducer/corrector in the ED72?
  15. Your looking for the connector that plugs into the motor? If so it has just four connections. Just looked it up and its as vlaiv says RJ10
  16. There is also a lot of discussion on the Cloudy Nights Forum and reading through it no firm conclusion was reached Cloudy nights search..........Strange Bahtinov Pattern
  17. There is a post on SGL Search on and take a look at Bahtinov mask "Banana" spikes
  18. I agree with Shimrod. I got so fed up with having to enter all the data every time and making mistakes I invested in a SW GPS puck. From then on setup and alignment was a breeze. Not cheap I know but I figured you have to put some value on the frustration and time you waste.
  19. Because I have an external power supply I don't bother with climate or dew control. I just apply 14 watts throughout the night. My previous version did but I found that from about now on in the year it was on all the time anyway in order to keep the dome clear. I do have a sun shield that is operated by daylight that swings over the plastic dome. This is to stop birds scratching the clear cover with their claws. Also stops a concentrated image of the sun reaching the imaging sensor
  20. Take a look at the Meteotux pro software.....the pro version was about 30 euros
  21. I think in speed 1 the motor stops and the rotation of the earth provides the star movement. In speed 2,3, and 4 the motor drives. Is this what you have?
  22. If the RA speed is slightly slow or fast the star will drift East or West over time when the mount is unguided. Mounts with RA encoders track pretty well unguided but even they will drift a little over a long time. The difference is they are another £3.5k over the EQ6. Simple rule is zoom into one of your FITs images. Are the stars nice and round? If yes then all is ok.
  23. sidereal speed difference after 2 mins unguided with 13 arc secs drift . Should guide ok.
  24. QHY allow voltages between 11v and 13.8v so providing the polarity was correct the warranty should still be good. the first thing I would do is put it on a bench power supply and see if its pulling any current at 12 volts. If you don't know anyone that has one the science department of a local school might be able to help.
  25. Adding reverse polarity protection to a design is not too difficult. A reversed diode across the input will short the supply if reversed and if a fuse is also in line it will blow and protect the diode. With this setup once the fuse is blown the device will appear to be dead but can be fixed. But this will not protect against an applied voltage being above the design limit.
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