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  1. If you get the SE6, I would recommend getting the FR6.3 for use with your DSLR. I have a C5 on that mount and it is a very versatile system (I sometimes mount my C8 on the SE mount also). If you like imaging (short exposure), you can get a program called SharpCap (Brit made, it is brilliant software) and Nikon Backyard and your SE system with the focal reducer can produce some great images (see the EAA forum here and on Cloudynights). Unfortunately they don't sell the SE C6/C8 mount with the C5 the mount it comes with is very similar to the SLT. The mount that comes with the SE6/8 will be goo
  2. Almost 6 years ago I had stopped doing visual astronomy due to two things: I had for 15 years using my C8 and LXD75 seen most objects I could see in my yard with it tree limited view and Magnitude Bortle 6 skies (used to be B5) and at 65 my night vision for driving long distances made me uncomfortable. At that time I had a C90 (my first scope, 1996 rubber coated), C5, and a C8. I sold the C5 as it had become my “club dark site” scope on an SLT mount which it shared with the C90. I just put my stuff in the basement (climate controlled) and never touched it for two years. Once night when the moo
  3. I was going for Herschel 4248 on the 20" PlaneWave in the Canary Islands, and got M106 as an Easter Egg. Here is one 6 minute exposure of 3l and RGB combined in Fitworks as the PNG was, well wasted photons.
  4. I have both systems (Celestron and Syscan, and a hybred Celestron StarSense for Skywatcher) and most issues are because folks get excited and don't read the manual. If you have a limited sky, then do sync the finder SkySense scope and your scope, then for me, do a manual alignment and save it so it is specific to your location and you can then do a Auto user alignment (assuming you mark where you scope is setup) everytime and have no issues. Trouble with the Celestron alignment process often comes from trying the all-star alignment instead of an auto two star or manual two star (assuming one h
  5. Yes, but it is on a limited database and I don't think you can drive Fits files. The website has been redone and its easier to find out what each level includes.
  6. Slooh is a not-for-profit organization that has telescopes in Chile, the Canary Islands, and soon in the UAE. Slooh.com will give you the whole story. Because I have limited open sky at home I use Slooh to supplement my attempt at the Herschels (and other things of course). It's about $25 US a month and on most nights I get over an hours time on various scopes.
  7. Since Slooh images develop on screen and no other processing is done, I do think of these as EAA image: Imaged on Slooh Canary Islands #1 04/29/20 Canary One Half Meter This is Slooh's premier telescope. Its 20" mirror gives it incredible light gathering capabilities. It's ideal for larger faint objects such as galaxies and nebulae. T1-HM-508 Planewave CDK20 (508mm) Wide-Field DSO CCD imaging. Corrected Dall-Kirkham 508mm (20") 3454mm (135.98") f/6.8 None f/6.8 FLI PL09000 Kodak KAF- 09000 Astrodon Generation II ESeries Luminance, Red, Green, Blue,
  8. No experience with this specific setup, but I've run two sessions of SharpCap on my i5 8 gig SSD USB 3.0 laptop as well as having a tethered M43 Gx8 sending files to OneDrive for processing on the desktop computer in SharpCap or DSS. If you have enough computing power and can trouble shoot almost anything is possible these days (with some loss of sleep and hair).
  9. I live near Portland, Oregon under Bortle 6 skies and @70 have gone completely EAA after 15+ years of visual in this location (I do still (but not this year) go to star parties in very dark Oregon skies). My EAA setups are a Sirius (SW) EQ-AZ mount with Starsense which I mount with either or both a C8 and ES102 (4" triplet) and a Celestron C5 on a SE 6/8 Nexstar mount. I use a laptop running Ascom with SkyTools v4 visual and imaging and SharpCap for capture with plate solving all over wifi to my 4K tv and 1080P wide screen. Cameras are : ZWO 224 & 294 as well as Panasonic G9 and Gx8 both
  10. Hello Everyone: I am Jeff from Oregon. I (due to health reasons) do 99% at home EAA. My Equipment is two setups: My Grab and Go is a C5 (ZWO224/Meade FR3.3) on a SLT which uses a Manfrotto 055 CF legs and RC488 as it's tripod. My "big rig" is a Orion AZ-EQ Sirius Pro with Celestron StarSense mounted with a C8 (FR3.3/6.3) and a ES102 Triplet with .8 reducer/flattener, ZWO 224 & 294 controlled by a laptop with SharpCap PRO and SkyTools V4 visual and imaging remotely by AnyDesk to my office with 50" 4K. Currently doing as many of the Herschel 2478 objects as I can see from my limited in
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