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  1. Ah knew there’d be an SA thread somewhere Had mine for a couple of weeks and added a 72ed this week No fantastic deepsky shots yet, so here’s the moon instead (well pleased with the detail)
  2. Last pic I think for this thread now.....this is a crop and edit of a stacked image in GIMP (one of my first attempts at stacking) - no darks, flats or bias, just 14 lights.....polar align or sub duration was slightly out...despite all of that...am well happy with this (Evostar 72ed) Tons of potential to improve for sure
  3. Well, received my new Evostar 72ed today First attempt with it just now with a single 60 sec sub. Need to get used to the fine tuning of the focus, but definitely clearer
  4. Well, ended up finding a 72ed in stock and only a smidge more than usual shops, also got a OVL flattener for half the cost of the SW one. All arrived today so can see what it’s like now Will post a pic once taken some
  5. Hi all have another rookie noob question for you all. So, I have a star Adventurer pro and had been using this with my dslr on a ball head mount so was easy to position camera etc once polar aligned. As of today I now have an Evostar 72 added to the set up But, have now lost the ball head joint and it’s manoeuvrability, so.....my question is.....once polar aligned, can I adjust the “degree/equatorial wedge”without messing up the polar align? (Hope that makes sense?) i know I can spin the clutch wheel etc but work the ball head was obv easier to adjust the pitch
  6. Seems I’m being quite lucky with just 300mm telephoto lens then
  7. I’m going to have to google every piece of kit you mentioned there
  8. Will do, the 72ed is out of stock everywhere until June at least So at this the moment part of me is thinking of a bigger scope and separate motorised mount - the 130pds thread looks like some pretty cool images taken - it’s just the added expense, but then once to add the flattener not too much more..:decisions decisions
  9. I’m in the same boat as you, have a Canon, 300mm lens and a Star Adventurer and also toyed with I needed a 72ed Having used the 300mm for a few weeks now, i do defo want the 72ed. The 300mm is ok for wider shots and have got a couple of pics of the Orion Nebula and Just about got M51, but their just not close enough for me These are all 300mm full zoom single edited pics
  10. Matter of interest What lens was this with?
  11. The way I can find it through my lens now (just by knowing vacinity) is to put Alkaid in the bottom left of frame, then move up and to the right slightly- then the star maps in this thread helped me
  12. Well, managed a better pic tonight, can actually make out the Whirlpool
  13. My attempt at the same pic (I think), nowhere near as cool as yours
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