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  1. Hi Rob. I am in no way a licenced radio operator or user of HAM Radio's, i do like the idea and sometime in the future i might even give it a go. What i would like to say is, Would you be able to use a signal booster to help the signal get through or make it stronger, i don't know really, just wondering if this is even possible, either way i am going to keep an eye on this thread to see how you get on. Good Luck Mate, hope you get to have a chat with them as that would be really cool. Mark.
  2. Hi All. Well here is mine. I made it on the cheapo with the cardboard my 12" Skywatcher Flextube came in, I knew i would find a use for all that cardboard ?, Still, it actually made for a good project when here in Nottinghamshire i had been about 3 Months without seeing the Stars, i was getting a bit Depressed to be honest so i thought sod it and decided to make this cardboard cover, that way i can use the plastic one that comes with the scope for the primary mirror and the cloth cap for the bottom of the scope, and on the top my cardboard cover seems to fit and do its job nicely I'd
  3. Hi Les Crikey's, the scope is as old as me now, I was born in 78 lol.
  4. Hi Phil I would be feeling very Humbled about now if i was you, Very generous gift and one that will always be a reminder of one of the greatest minds this planet has ever had and also lost. May Stephen Hawking soar amongst the stars for an eternity R.I.P. Mr Stephen Hawking you will be missed.
  5. Hi Laurin Dave. I'm a good few clicks north of you, i am near Nottinghamshire. Welcome to Stargazers Lounge, it is the 1st & best place to come regarding Astronomy and meeting real nice like minded people. Mark
  6. Firstly to the OP, Amazing image, look forwards to any more you process and upload, will be keeping an eye out, i like the bit of detail on Ganymede. I know right, I'm on the outskirts of Nottinghamshire area and i haven't been able to look at the sky for at least 4-5 months, that was until last night, i got some lovely views of Jupiter visually and the atmosphere was relatively still last night where i was viewing from, my only downside was that i was having to look through the bedroom window as couldn't really get out plus on top of this we have a scaffolding up at the moment an
  7. We saw this too in Mansfield, My sister came running in going on one about how weird/strange the Sun was looking, so i got my Trusty DSLR out and went out to look, i was surprised by what i saw, i just thought she was being paranoid about it all but man was i wrong, still i got some decentish shots of the sun and its apparent to my sister "Weird Color" LOL. It really was a sight to behold and witness, felt quite humbling to be honest, Although we did have a strange event where all the birds near the Meridian about 200-300 of them all started swarming in a circle and chirping be
  8. What a Beautiful Chance encounter. Me and the missus see allsorts normally where we live, as we have a brilliant woods and farmers fields opposite where we actually live so we are lucky in that department of what we get to see. We have noticed however though that there is less and less hedgehog's being seen about, i believe that in the last 5 Years i have In all honesty only seen at most about 4 hedgehogs, last time i saw one was when i was walking my mum's dog our Jess "West Highland Terrier "White"" which was a good few years ago. Still encounters like this leave you humbled t
  9. been to chapel st Leonards and Mablethorpe so will ad some images soon of the stars what i could get, thank you.


  10. It was a Brilliant & Spectacular End to an Era i would say. Cant wait to see what they do with follow up missions to the moons Titan and Enceladus though, could be very interesting. Mark.
  11. I think and believe in situations like these that it all comes down to how well you know your neighbours, Whether they are friendly and helpful, or just maybe the opposite and the local trouble on the street/area, if they are troublesome then you could be opening yourself up to even more possible light pollution in which case you could argue with the council that it is infringing onto your property and disturbing your hobby along with also not being good for Nature and environment that surrounds us. That being said on the other hand, if they are good Neighbours and friendly and you
  12. Loving the new forum changes here @SGL.

  13. Hi Paz, I'll be getting the book no doubt about that, like I said I love to read, I also do look around the forums especially in the astrophotography sections, I've been looking at what kind of scopes some of the astrophotographers use in there signatures, there is certainly a very broad range that they do use, I do like the looks and specs of some of the celestrons though, I aint going to just jump/dive straight in without taking any of the advice on board, afterall I have actually been mulling over this for about a good year literally so I will take my time and see what FLO have to say
  14. Hi Grotemobile. I've been having a browse over on FLO and was actually looking at some of the Celestron series of scopes that they have, the CPC-800 was one i was looking at also, there is a few to choose from and for my needs this would more than well in fact it would fulfill all my needs for planetary imaging viewing, there was also a very good review on there by a guy who had a larger version but had actually downgraded to one of these, It sure does looks very interesting, thank your for commenting and offering your own advice about Celestron SCT's. Mark
  15. Hi John. I'm 100% not getting that from Facebook that's for sure, I understand mate about the mounts I'm just going to have to have a good luck and see what some of the imagers on here and what FLO have to say would be a good SCT for the kind of Budget that I'm on. Mark
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