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  1. Thanks for the info Dave. Seems logical to me. therefore I plan to switch to 2" for my C8
  2. Hi All, This question has probably been asked before. Is it possible to use a 2" diagonal, 2" plus 20 mm wide angle eyepiece with the 6.6 focal reducer, bearing in miind that the 2" diagonal is a greater distance from the focal reducer than the 1.25" set up. Would this cause vignetting or distortion at the edge of the field or would a cut off result..........??? Dave
  3. You could try the Canary Islands Daz. You would like it there.............Dave
  4. Return the Handset to Factory setting and re enter all co-ordintates all over again. Providing all information is entered correctly you should have no further problems........Dace
  5. Yes It's a V4 Handset supplied with the NEQ6 and as stated it has no DC power socket. Probably a cost saving exercise. See Pics. Making up a cable lead as suggested seems a good idea. Dave
  6. Hi All, I have a Synscan Handset which does not have the DC power socket. The handset must be connected to the mount to draw power as well as to the laptop to upgrade firmware. I would like to know if there is any way of powering the handset without being connected to the mount. I suppose I would need a special cable. Any comments would be appreciated.................Dave
  7. Great videos, especially Sir Patricks visit to the amateur observatory with the wire netting dome. The A&E mount engineering is out of this world on the other link. (Mobberley) They did not need Goto then. they knew their way around the night sky. Times have really changed which you would expect...Dave
  8. All good sound advice on here as usual. If the market is small.All is not lost by any means
  9. That's a very good question.I have a friend who moved from Wales to the Canary Islands two years ago in search of darker skies and better conditions. I remember at the time he searched the web for the very information which you seek. He found nothing and did all the leg work himself. He was helped by the Spanish local property agent and eventually settled on a villa that suited his needs. I would imagine that the market is small,but maybe wrong....Dave
  10. What is really needed is a GOTO Cloud Zapper. It could take the form of a small fire arm. you fire a few shots upwards and all clouds dissolve for an hour or so.They only return after you have packed your gear away. There's a fortune to be made in there somewhere. I'm sure with the rapidly advancing tec......................Dave
  11. Interesting. Light pollution has very strict laws which are rarely enforced. What about the local leisure centre with their floodlight sports areas. Beyond reproach.Sport comes first. You cannot object. Gloomy thought...............Dave
  12. Hi all, Shopped around on Thursday for an NEQ6 Synscan mount. A number of suppliers have no stocks. Managed to locate one at Tring Astronomy which I ordered at 2pm. It was delivered on a next day basis and I received it at 10 0clock this morning by DHL free shipping at a total cost of £999. You could'nt do better than that. Well done TRING ASTRONOMY................Dave
  13. Thanks Peter for the info. Good news for a change.............Dave
  14. Hi, Anyone know if the Skywatcher Eq5 Synscan Handset (current version) would work with a NEQ6 Mount. It looks the same, but tongue in cheek about trying not wanting to damage anything. If so, I will keep my EQ5 Handset as a spare....Dave
  15. Thanks for the comments Fellas. Keep or sell privately then is sound advice. I must confirm that it is not FLO that offered the poor deal. A word about the NEQ6 Synscan, there is another one on Amazon at £676 Previous ads at that price were removed by request as a possible scam because of the low price.....................Dave