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  1. I think I will name mine The Wet and Windy Telescope........Dave
  2. That's a practical solution. I am sure it would work well. . Night time might scare the people who live nearby and tempt them to put their security lights on though ...Dave
  3. Strangely enough there are parts of the world where light pollution is an offence which carry severe penalties. Canary Islands, Azores, Argentina, Peru, Unfortunately the UK is not on the list and never will be..........Dave
  4. A WW11 message to all those people who live nearby (with one or two exceptions) Dave download.jif
  5. I have seen all sorts of observatory stickers over the years from N.A.S.A , Hubble, Sky at night , and so on, this one is the latest................Dave
  6. According to reports,I see the Chinese have discovered a mysterious gel like substance on the far side of the moon? Probably tooth paste left behind by a previous Alien mission.............Dave
  7. New Hobby Satellite imaging...............Dave
  8. I like the reference to concrete base. I made the sad mistake of erecting mine on decking. Although there has been no rotting for five years now. It requires constant attention including wood preservative by brush and filler to keep our lousy damp climate out. Dave
  9. My first pier was a length of 8 " diameter steel sewer pipe with a steel flange at one end. These circular flanges have pre-drilled holes. It was originally a 12 ft length which was cut down to a suitable size by the scrap dealer. Although modern sewer pipe is plastic,the old metal pipe can still be seen rusting away in scrapyards....Dave
  10. I suppose eventually, our hard worked for astro gear will be unsalable and worthless although the dome may be useful as a Hide for bird watchers.................Dave
  11. I like it .You like it. but unfortunately the people next door would'nt...............Dave
  12. Who won it ? good question. Interesting link www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/1m-pulsar-fibreglass-observatory-537518175. Must be a bargain....Dave
  13. OOOH! It's bid is £88 now.............. Dave
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