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  1. I had a phase where I decided to forget the AP and concentrate solely on observing. I sold off all the camera gear and spent the money on a larger scope . That was a good move from an enjoyment point of view less frustrating and more relaxing and have seen many more deep sky objects since. Lately, I have been thinking of AP again and perhaps getting a modded DSLR. I was wondering if my GP can give me some tablets to make me forget about it. Whatever, the weather is the weather anyway...Dave
  2. Is the inside of the dome treated with that black anti- condensation paint ? (the brand name escapes me ) but it works well. My dome came already treated with this as standard...Dave
  3. I also use a tubular greenhouse heater in my fibre glass observatory in conjunction with a 12 volt 6 " diameter fan. This seems to work as well as the mains operated dehumidifier which I run as well if the conditions are really acute. Dave
  4. On the evening of the 21st December Jupiter and Saturn will be at their closest for 800 years (only about a 10th of a degree apart. This will not occur again until 2080. Let's hope it's cloud free in the UK for a change.....Dave
  5. You did the right thing. You can't be too careful with Cardio. The problem is the signs of indigestion and pending heart problem are much the same. The night sky will not go away. hope you feel better soon and that you will be ok....Dave
  6. Hi, No doubt many of you will remember those magnificent (3" diameter ?) Charles Frank setting circles. They got you within a couple of degrees of your target and with a bit of scanning and some good luck you could find the object you were looking for in the finder. The numbering on these circles was a photographic process They ran out of stock when the camera broke down. At least they were machined alloy disks. Lovely to look at and delightful to own............David
  7. Looks very posh! a private nursing home no doubt for astronomers suffering from late night syndrome ....Dave
  8. The Light Hearted Astronomer is new to me. Looks interesting tho . Possibly American or Australian judging by the hat!..........Dave
  9. The Charles Frank Book of the Telescope has been accepted as the Bible on this thread. But one must not forget the supporting Hymn books such as: The Observer's Book of Astronomy by Patrick Moore published by Fredrick Warne & Co 1962. pocket edition hardback. ....Dave
  10. Yes Charles Frank made everything needed in those days except observatories. These you had to cobble up yourself. was fibre glass invented then ? Dave
  11. It was June 1963 when I ordered mine and was delivered end of August with apologies for the delay. I also ordered a small EQ with plastic setting circles
  12. OoopS! my mistake the Small EQ with the plastic setting circles came from Fullerscopes the following year....Dave
  13. It was June 1963 when I ordered mine It was delivered towards the end of August with apologies for the delay. I also bought a small EQ from them with 5" dia plastic setting circles. All very primitive compared to modern kit but like you say it worked! and I had a lot of pleasure using it in those days.......Dave
  14. I have a copy of that book which came free with my scope a Charles Frank 4" Newtonian took two months to deliver it . I used for about three years before selling it on getting all my money back because scopes were generally not plentiful.It was a case of we make it but you try to get one!.......Dave
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