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  1. What is really needed is a GOTO Cloud Zapper. It could take the form of a small fire arm. you fire a few shots upwards and all clouds dissolve for an hour or so.They only return after you have packed your gear away. There's a fortune to be made in there somewhere. I'm sure with the rapidly advancing tec......................Dave
  2. Interesting. Light pollution has very strict laws which are rarely enforced. What about the local leisure centre with their floodlight sports areas. Beyond reproach.Sport comes first. You cannot object. Gloomy thought...............Dave
  3. Hi all, Shopped around on Thursday for an NEQ6 Synscan mount. A number of suppliers have no stocks. Managed to locate one at Tring Astronomy which I ordered at 2pm. It was delivered on a next day basis and I received it at 10 0clock this morning by DHL free shipping at a total cost of £999. You could'nt do better than that. Well done TRING ASTRONOMY................Dave
  4. Thanks Peter for the info. Good news for a change.............Dave
  5. Hi, Anyone know if the Skywatcher Eq5 Synscan Handset (current version) would work with a NEQ6 Mount. It looks the same, but tongue in cheek about trying not wanting to damage anything. If so, I will keep my EQ5 Handset as a spare....Dave
  6. Thanks for the comments Fellas. Keep or sell privately then is sound advice. I must confirm that it is not FLO that offered the poor deal. A word about the NEQ6 Synscan, there is another one on Amazon at £676 Previous ads at that price were removed by request as a possible scam because of the low price.....................Dave
  7. Hi All, I thought I would like to upgrade my Skywatcher EQ5 Synscan Mount to the EQ6 Synscan (£999). but the deal offered was only £125 on my gear which is in very good condition plus AZ & Alt bolts upgrade with an extra unused Handset all current upgradable software version. Plus wait for it, I pay the carriage. I will not mention the supplier, and hope to sell the EQ5 privately....................Dave
  8. Thanks for the info. Hassle free and no need to level
  9. Hi All, At present I have a Skywatcher EQ5 Mount fitted To an Altair Astro Pier Adaptor. I wish to upgrade to an EQ6 and would like to know if I need to use the flip side of the adaptor for the EQ6 .If so it will mean removing the Pier Adaptor turning it over and re levelling. The correct info here would save some work here, and being as the EQ6 is rather heavy some exersion as well. Comments always appreciated..........Dave
  10. Hello Spill, A few years ago, I went to a scrap yard and obtained an 8" diameter steel pipe with a flange attatched. You know the flange is a 10" steel circular disk with about a dozen 3/4" holes arranged in a circle welded to one end. I then obtained a 1/2" thick alloy plate and drilled matching holes to the flange and bolted the flange to the plate. I then mounted an eQ6 to the plate using the eQ6 Tripod head which has the Azimuth bolt. The pipe was 8 Ft long with 3 foot concreted in to the ground. It was a very solid arrangement and cost me £30 altogether approx. Should be able to do the same thing for less than £100 today. It only took a few hours to do.The most time consuming part was getting the rust off the pipe..................Dave
  11. Thanks Michael, I can imagine that procedure would be a P,I,T,A. but at least the dome section is made in one piece and so I only have the walls to worry about..................Dave
  12. That's a relief. Thanks for the comment. Judging by the number of replies to this thread that info is not widely known over here in the UK. The only difficulty will be getting the stanley knife into the well machined slots............Dave
  13. Hi All, With regard to the 2.2 metre fibreglass observatory,is this easily dismantled if you want to move house?. These are bolted together in sections and advertised as not a permanent structure,but the sealer which is applied liberally between the joints can act as a strong glue making it difficult to separate the sections ? or am I wrong ? Any comments would be appreciated.........Dave
  14. Thanks Peter will contact Astronomiser..........Dave
  15. Hi, I have a Nikon D5000 DSLR which I would like modified. The Websites I have visited only seem to offer this service on Cannon. Can anybody point me in the right direction with a link?....Dave