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  1. Hi All This pic was taken by my 10 year old nephew using my 6" F5 refractor with a Nikon D5000 DSLR at 400 asa at a semi-urban site. One off snapshot 20 secs. I left him to it while I went for a coffee because he seems to handle the equipment well on his own. He is not into processing as yet.Too young?. But time will tell...................Dave

    It's the Scope holder bolts with the nylon type tip.................Dave
  3. Hi All, Anyone know the thread size of the bolts supplied with the ADM GUIDE SCOPE RINGS. Seems I have lost one.........Dave
  4. Feeling dejected, another neighbours lights thread

    On the other side of the village is a well known character who has been to prison a couple of times for breaking and entering. He always said that security lights were one of the most useful things on any property. They helped him find his tools and see the house and garden plan. On one occasion the security light illuminated a faulty window lock beautifully and helped him gain entry. Without security lights he would have had to shine a torch which looks suspicious and always attracts attention. The places he avoided were places without security lights and where a german Sheperd resided. Food for thought...........Dave
  5. Build: My Roll-Over Roof Observatory

    With Roll off Roofs generally the roof rolls back on to two vertical support pillars.This is the first time that I have seen a design where the roof rolls back over the warm room. Very progressive thinking. So simple a design that it has been missed by most of us.................Dave
  6. Build: My Roll-Over Roof Observatory

    Excellent job. You will soon be ready to observe and image. ....Dave
  7. Feeling dejected, another neighbours lights thread

    This info may be useful. But what is marvelous in theory does not always follow in practice especially where councils are concerned...Dave Artificial light nuisances_ how councils deal with complaints - GOV.UK.html
  8. Little Observatory Build

    Good thinking Neil , My first Obsey was on similar lines to your plan. I got too ambitious and motorised the roll off roof with some bike chain cog wheels and a 24 volt lawn mower battery. it worked well as regards opening and closing but what a noise it made at 2am. What steel pier are you using for the NeQ6 Mine was 8" diameter steel sewer pipe with a flange on the top. Look forward to seeing your progress...............Dave
  9. Feeling dejected, another neighbours lights thread

    A Dome, be it rather expensive answers a lot of stray light problems. I have one street light which is like a search light in the south west. about 100 metres away It is only a problem if the dome opening faces in that direction. No way is Rushcliffe Borough Council going to do anything about that light even after repeated requests (I have given up on that one now) Any adjacent garden lights, and there are some, make very little difference. The overall sky is still dark enough to see the milky way. Unfortunately LP is a growing menace as more and more houses are built. It seems to be part of the overcrowded UK way of life....Dave
  10. Where would you live?

    Spanish skies are the best in Europe. Canary Islands even better....Dave

    Thanks Buzzard Your suggestion works no problem. New Bern North Carolina. A place everyone should visit. I have not been there as yet,but I'll get round to it....Dave

    Yes you would think so, However not found any evidence of delete ect as yet. the manual does not cover this issue...Dave
  13. With regard to the User Menu on the Synscan Hand Controller. Is it possible to delete previous entries and replace them with new ones.There are only 25 channels in the User Menu.Any comments always appreciated...........Dave
  14. SCB-2000 with C8 at F6.3

    There is quite a bit of info on Cloudy Nights Astro Forum on the SCB-2000 and also the earlier Samsung models.You would think that F6.6 would have yielded better results................Dave
  15. buying used from the states?

    It was'nt so bad a few years ago when the pound was strong against the dollar. I remember buying a number of items direct from Lumicon and other US suppliers in those days even with customs duty. But nowadays with the weak pound,it's not really worthwhile