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  1. I think that the 12 Ft high and too near the adjacent boundary is probably the main issue. It probably looks taller than 12 ft being that near. The 2.2 metre full observatory is approx 8ft high and the planning permission states must be no nearer the boundary than 14 ft. ...............Dave
  2. Seems to me If you have planning permission or not the Council if they have a mind can revoke it and deal with any complaints genuine or otherwise. The article in the Mail will give other people the idea of complaining if they live anywhere near a dome. When I bought my dome I was told that I did not need planning permission as it was classed as a non permanent structure. I got planning permission anyway. You never know when new people move in near you which way they are going to jump. The article will make people more wary about purchasing a dome in future..........Dave
  3. Man told to tear down 12ft-high observatory after neighbour said needed sunglasses because of glare _ Daily Mail Anybody see this article? Surely spray it dark green or even matt black is the answer...................Dave
  4. I was interested in shortwave radio for some years. Didn't have a licence but used to like to listen to Amateurs on ssb and foreign broadcast stations on A.M. using a Trio R5000 receiver. This was hooked up to 180 feet of long wire antenna the supporting pole meant loss of night sky and so as interest in Astronomy grew the antenna and pole had to go...Dave
  5. Ah sorry about that, thought you were going there on a one way ticket so to speak as so many have already done. At leat the kit will be rust free...Dave
  6. Good luck Andrew ! My friend Edwin went to live in the Canary Islands just after the referendum. His community there is made up of Europeans from a host of different countries and Brexit is rarely if ever mentioned . They live in a different world to the UK................Dave
  7. The answer to condensation on the dome interior is a coat of rubberised bitumen paint.( I have no idea where to get this?) My dome came from the manufacturer treated this way in a flat black finish. it seem to be directly applied to the rough matt side of the fibreglass by brush. I never have condensation on the inside of the dome.However, I have condensation on the NEQ6 and on the pier I run an electric dehumidifier for about an hour which usually cures it... Dave
  8. Possibly the main benefits you will experience apart from permanent set up is freedom from stray light and wind. I gave my ROR to a friend when I got my dome. I would love to see some pics posted when you have assembled it and up and running. May it give you many happy hours...............Dave
  9. I can see that's going to be a great observatory once assembled. It seems to be a later model and much improved. This will probably be the best piece of kit you will buy and you will love it. My 2.2 metre obsy is a different make but I have no regrets purchasing it and would hate to be without it . It has been operational for three years now...Dave
  10. Hi , Thanks for the LP link ref Nottingham County Council ( I was searching within Rushcliffe borough and found nothing) Looks hopeful should make progress there...........Dave
  11. You were lucky there. My next door people have garden fairy lights (Xmas tree style) and balloons with led lights in them. they are on every night and all night. They would never switch them off. I have combated this by hanging a large campers ground sheet on my clothes line which fortunately is just the right height and angle which keeps 95% of the light out of my garden. My biggest worry is they could be a fire risk as the lights are close to my fence and garden shed and are transformer operated. I don't think Nottingham council are bothered about light pollution as I could not find a web page dealing with this ?....Dave
  12. Thanks Olly, I will give the longer exposures a try although this does tend to lighten the sky back ground as with the Veil shots. My conditions are semi urban with a small percentage of light pollution. We have the new led street lights here in Bingham with the lights of Nottingham about 8 miles to the west..............Dave
  13. Good one for Croatia. Doubtful if it would work in the UK though, as many laws of a similar nature are rarely or never enforced...............Dave
  14. That's a great compliment coming from an imaging challenge winner. Hope you are coping with the floods OK over in Alicante.....Dave
  15. Last nights efforts followed the advice and were ISO 1600 at F10 20 exposures at 30 secs each 15 darks with Registax. focusing is critical on the C11.............Dave
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