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  1. I have not heard of any event where an Observatory has been broken into. I pay an extra reasonable free added to my home insurance which covers theft and damage where the Obsey is concerned. It's not always the theft it's the damage they do whilst they are at it. Also fortunate enough to live in a doggie neighbourhood. Next door's Alsatian would sink his teeth into an intruder without hesitation,and they would'nt tear themselves away either.....................Dave
  2. My friend Edwin who lives Gran Canaria, never even locks the Observatory and comes to the UK to visit relatives stopping for about three weeks. Never had any problems. His Spanish neighbours seem to keep German Sheperds though. I live in the UK and therefore move everything into the house. If you can't lock it up nail it down and my neighbours also keep big dogs......Dave
  3. Hello Notty, Attatched is the recticle design on the new polar scope supplied with my NEQ6 pro which was rather different to the older EQ5 which showed polar star patterns. This new one seems acurate enough for imaging, although i have not tried exposures over 2 mins.........................Dave
  4. Thanks Gordon, I see you have some great solar gear.......................Dave
  5. Good advice as usual. I have just ordered it. 6-9 days delivery from California. It should be raining here by then.......Dave
  6. Yes I was looking around for a secondhand one at £400 or so but have been unsuccessful. The Amazon deal is purchased through Amazon UK with stock supplied by the US parent company with the usual Amazon protection. It seems they sell around $650 new in the U.S.............. Dave
  7. The recticle is the same as the current polarscope supplied with the Skywatcher EQ6 mount. There is a PDF that can be downloaded "Using the polar scope for EQ6" Acuracy between 2-3 arc minutes is about the best you will get.......Dave
  8. Hi, I see now on Amazon Global Store. The Coronado PST is being offered new for £589.46 plus £17 postage includes all custom charges and import taxes paid up front. Must be good value considering the £ is little better than the Rouble. Whereas at £880 this exceeds my finances.At £589 worth some serious thought....Dave
  9. Hi All, I have the last 20 issues of Astronomy Now Magazine All in excellent condition.They are free to any one who is interested enough to collect them. Too heavy to post. I live in the Nottingham Area my email is Dave
  10. I would think F5 Dave
  11. Hi all, what would be the largest Dob that could be used comfortably in a 2.2 metre dome Observatory bearing in mind that the observer is slim build. Is this a question for the Dobsey or Obsey men or both ?..............Dave
  12. This one should keep you out of the kitchen. I think it's now being used privately under Spanish skies......Dave TELESCOPE FOR SALE Research Grade 12&quot_ F12.2 Achromatic .mp4
  13. Hi, My local HandiCentre had these in stock and were selling at double that price. Good quality heavy duty as described. I bit big for C8s or C9s but OK for C11s. As you say the larger SCT. Some interior padding foam would be necessary tho....Dave
  14. I think that's a pretty safe wicket Steve, My info on not needing planning permission was obtained from the FAQ section on the Pulsar Website......................Dave
  15. Planning permission seems to be needed if the building is a permanent structure. One way out is a 2.2 metre fibreglass dome. According to Pulsar planning permission is not needed because the building being bolted together is of a temporary nature and can be dismantled and reconstructed elsewhere.. ??