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  1. Don't know where the "lol" came from. I did type that. I might love my MAK 90, but I hate this phone. Rob
  2. LolGo for the MAK 90. It will not be a disappointment. Even if you had a bigger scope, you might still find yourself grabbing the 90, even at home. I love my MAK 90! Rob
  3. Sure! One of my favorites is Astronomy Cast, http://www.astronomycast.com/ They have a huge archive of past shows. Another favorite is Richard Pogge from Ohio State University. I dont have a link for his podcast lectures, but they've been on every podcast app I've used. These are his actual college lectures that he records for his students. Rob
  4. I like to listen to various astronomy podcast. I usually pick a podcast discussion that matches my targets for the night. Rob
  5. Try knocking out some of the Lunar 100. Always a good time! Rob
  6. Was looking at my first day covers a few minutes ago and came across this. I had forgotten I had it. Sad thing is, it's a recent addition. Oh how the mind goes as we age! Rob
  7. Very nice! That's a good size chunk! Thanks for posting! I still want to get a few more pieces of this. Rob
  8. I had completely forgotten about that series of post! Thanks for the reminder! Rob
  9. As an astronomer and a stamp collector, this topic is right up my alley! Ive never heard of that book , but heading to Amazon now to look for it! Thanks! Rob
  10. Before I found these, my notes were a mess and no hint of organization! Rob
  11. I've got those sheets too and love them! Rob
  12. I log every session. Periodically I read through my log book and its like being at the EP again that night. Unfortunately I can't remember the web addy I found them at. But if you google "astronomy logbook sheets" and go to images, you can find them. Rob
  13. I think it was from the higher initial breakup before the lower explosion. I've seen a couple like it. It is different than the usual shrapnel specimens, plus its not been polished like many to get the shiny black appearance. It was one of many the observatory was selling. Rob
  14. There are amateur radio net groups out there that do astronomy. They will wire their telescopes and computers to the radio. Then they all view the same thing and discuss it in real time. The net control can control all the scopes at once. Very cool set up! Rob
  15. David, I would definitely be interested if I wasn't across the pond. I'm also an amateur radio operator. Astronomy was one of the things that got me interested in radio. There are astronomy nets on VHF and HF. I think you've got a good idea about an astronomy program there at the shacks! Rob
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