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  1. It was quite difficult to see V392 Per last night at the time I was trying (11.30pm). The summer glow of the northern horizon had reduced the limiting magnitude of my telescope. However, eventually I could make out the star and comparing it to a reference star I reckon that the nova is now at mag 10.7. It is considerably dimmer than the 9.3 magnitude star next to it. I'm not sure if I'll get another chance to see it with the summer solstice fast approaching.
  2. I had a look at σ CrB last night. I could see that they were slightly different shades of white but I couldn't really assign a colour tinge to them. I thought that one of the pair was dimmer than the other. This is a really interesting star system as I have read. The brighter of the pair, the A star, is also a binary system. In addition there is a red dwarf C star. So a 4 star system in total. I also had a look at the beast as well, ζ Her. It's a double star? No even a hint of it for me last night.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. Perhaps I can get rid of my drink association and stop calling it Alcopops now.
  4. Great perseverance! You had some good views in that 45 minutes.
  5. Yes, it can be a slog if it's only hard targets all night. I too throw in the odd classic, like M5, to reduce any stress. I also failed completely to find the Antennae Galaxies from the Brecon Brecons last week. Not even a hint of them.
  6. Nice report. Good to hear your experience of using binoviewers for the first time as I'm thinking about buying a pair. I had a view through a pair a week or so ago and it was my best ever view of Jupiter and M13. On the latter object there was a perceivable 3D effect. Having said that the views were also helped by being through an APM 152 ED refractor.
  7. Thanks for the link James @jkwhinfrey That's excellent. I'll shall check the page after making my own judgement and hope that I can train my eye in doing so.
  8. I've just looked up those 2 Messier objects. They are low in Sagittarius. I haven't set out to complete the Messier list but now that I'm up to 77 objects it has suddenly become something to aim for. I'll take it easy though, I hope, and not get too obsessed about completing the list.
  9. I was out at a dark sky site in the Brecon Brecons again last night. I knew that I wanted to check on the progress of the nova V392 Per but apart from that my only instructions to myself were to trawl the seasonal low elevation Messier objects. My first target was the nova. This meant having to set up in a different part of the field from which the rest of the session would take place as northerly views are obstructed by trees apart from one location and at that point you don't get a great view of the south, once again due to trees. The nova was visible well before the sky was fully dark but I hung around it for about half an hour just trying to see if I could decide it's magnitude and whether a dark sky would help in this matter. After I had had enough of it I was still filled with doubt about my visual magnification estimate but comparing to other stars in the region I reckon that it is now about mag 10. While I was looking at the nova I moved the scope away for a few minutes and got a great view of M57, the Ring Nebula in Lyra. I could just make out the 13 mag star close by with averted vision. After moving the telescope set up about 50m I was ready to tackle the southern sky. Moving from west to east I observed these targets: I had somehow missed the Sombrero Galaxy M104 during the past few weeks and so I corrected that omission. I could easily see the long flat southern edge (top in my setup) that I imagine helps form the brim of the sombrero. Globular Cluster M68 in Hydra just below β Corvi. Galaxy M83, the Seashell Galaxy in Hydra. The worst view of an object during the session. A small, very faint concentration of light surrounded by the faintest of faint fuzziness. Globular Cluster M107 in Ophiuchus. I also viewed the nice red carbon star V Ophiuchi, mag 9.3, colour index B-V 3.41 which was close by. Globular Cluster M9 Globular Cluster M80. Tremendous concentration of stars in a dinky cluster. Really liked this one compared to the much of a muchness faint globular clusters with no resolved stars. Globular Cluster M4. Big and faint. Apparently one of the closest globular clusters to us at about 7200 light years away. Globular Cluster M19 Globular Cluster M62 After these quite faint targets I treated myself to a brilliant view of the Globular Cluster M5. I know we always say it but this is just a stunning cluster. The mixture of individual stars and fuzziness to intoxicating. I visited Jupiter a few times through the session with the best views, of course, being at the end of the session when Jupiter was close to its meridian and the sky was really dark. It took 200x magnification without too many problems and I could see some slight detail in the southern hemisphere below the Southern Equatorial Belt which is quite rare for me. The SEB seemed to have a couple of sections where the belt was denser and fatter than elsewhere.
  10. Apart from the nova V392 in Perseus and obviously Jupiter (how can you ignore it) I didn't plan much last night either but from my dark sky site I had a general idea of catching some low elevation Messier objects. Which I did.
  11. Lovely report and sketches yet again. The first five lines of your report could be a poem.
  12. I had another look at this nova last night. It would be good if someone else could take a look as I don't trust my magnitude comparisons, being inexperienced. The star is still easily visible and I estimate that it's about mag 10, maybe a little bit brighter.
  13. Nice report. I like your basic reporting system and layout as well.
  14. If you go to Connemara then a ferry trip to Inis Mor is a nice little adventure. I also enjoyed a visit to the prehistoric monument at Newgrange, County Meath.
  15. I had another look at V392 Per last night. It seemed visibly dimmer than my memory of it 2 nights ago. The star next to it appeared to be about the same magnitude in my untrained eyes which would make V392 about mag 9.3 at the moment.
  16. Fantastic report Neil. Thanks for taking the time to look for NGC 5053 for me. I keep looking in the correct area as well but apart from this perhaps imagined slightly less black area of sky (imagined while wiggling the slow motion controls) I've yet to have conclusively seen it. It's good information that you are struggling with this target using a 10" dob. I'll keep checking the area though just in case some superb clear night comes to my assistance.
  17. I'm inclined to agree with the definitions but recreational sky observer is a bit of a mouthful. Perhaps something like recreational astronomer would be better.
  18. Yes, my Newtonian delivered some of the best views that I have ever seen of Jupiter last night. Amazing, since I've been complaining about how bad the views have been this year so far. The Northern Equatorial Belt had some great festoons along it's southern edge and the South Temperate Belts showed as several pencil line bands.
  19. Great sketches again. Last night gave my best views of Jupiter this year. I saw the transit of Ganymede (moon and shadow) and the GRS. The views were really steady once the planet got to its meridian and it took 200x magnification without a problem. I saw some fine detail on the equatorial and the southern belts. Very steady seeing.
  20. Great report and sketches. I saw the shadow of Europa transiting last night as well. I obviously missed a trick though as I didn't spot the moon itself during the transit.
  21. Yep globs are great. I had a look at the globular cluster M9 in the constellation Ophiuchus last night for the first time. Low down in the sky it was surprisingly bright. A classic globular cluster with no resolvable stars in my 8" scope. I also failed/struggled (depending on my imagination) again to see the globular cluster NGC 5053 in Coma Berenices. Have you tried this one yet Neil? It's close to M3. I would be interested to know if you can see it in your 10" telescope next time you go to a dark sky site.
  22. Observed V392 Per for the first time last night. It just looks like a reddish star. The interest comes from monitoring the star as it fades. If it goes back to being a mag 15 star than it will disappear from my view. Hopefully there will be enough clear skies to follow its diminishment.
  23. An exciting report, sounds amazing. The NV is obviously adding another dimension to observing. Thanks for the picture of the setup. I was wondering what it looked like following your first report.
  24. Just to add to the Jupiter woes, I haven't had a decent view of it this season yet. It's good to know that I'm not the only one questioning their scope set up when the views are this bad.
  25. A fantastic report John, both the equipment and observing parts. As an inexperienced observer, having only ever owned one telescope, it was great to read what sort of astronomical objects could be seen with this type and size of scope. Thanks. I look forward hopefully to reading something about your southern hemisphere sky experiences.
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