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David Levi

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  1. David Levi

    The mighty Heritage....

    That's very impressive. I'll have to have a go at splitting Pi Aquilae. I've never tried it.
  2. David Levi

    Why Did You Start??

    That about sums it up. As the lyrics to the song 'Australia' by The Shins says:- Born to multiply, Born to gaze into night skies. It took me 52 years mind you to get my first telescope!
  3. I hope it wouldn't say that. It's basically telling you that it isn't dangerous to look at the sun with that telescope. The dangers of Google translate I suspect.
  4. David Levi

    The dynamic sky

    Lovely descriptions of the night sky. I've just started frequenting a dark sky site offering panoramic views where the last two nights it was possible to see Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars all visible at the same time spread out across the ecliptic. Worth going there just to see that.
  5. David Levi

    Very Nice Summer Dobsonian Session

    Nice report John. I viewed the Saturn Nebula and M73 last night as well. I could just about make out the slight bulges on NGC 7009 that give it its moniker. I viewed them at 59x magnification but neither seemed to take more magnification very well. Not sure if that was the viewing conditions though.
  6. David Levi

    New light through old windows

    Excellent report. Sounds like a wonderful session. I was wandering around M16, M17 and the Small Sagittarius Star Cloud last night before the clouds rolled in. I'm jealous of your binary splitting power .
  7. Nice report. I'm interested to read your comments on using a Dobsonian mount compared with an equatorial mount as I can see that in the future I'll probably be going that way as well.
  8. David Levi

    Jupiter Double shadow transit 2 Aug

    I missed Europa, but the shadow of Io looks good. Going back out to see if I can see Io itself.
  9. Superb report John. I have nothing but admiration for you in the time and effort you've put in to giving us all this valuable information. Thanks.
  10. David Levi


    Yes Stu that would be the proof of the pudding. I'm happy with the ones that I have now that the whole set up fuss is over. Thanks to people like you who recommended them.
  11. David Levi


    @Beulah here are the binoviewers I mentioned earlier. https://www.teleskop-express.de/shop/product_info.php/info/p10297_TS-Optics-Binoviewer-1-0-magnification-zero-optical-path-and-erect-image.html I have the cheaper ones and use the 1.6x GPC together with a shortened focus tube adapter to achieve focus.
  12. David Levi


    I've recently started using a pair of TS Optics binoviewers for planetary, lunar and double star viewing. With Newtonian reflectors, on initial set up, it can take a bit of experimentation to get the binoviewers to come to focus. You may need to experiment with various spacers and glass path correction lenses to get the focal plane at the right position, correcting for the increased light path in the binoviewers. Teleskop-Express, and others I believe, sell a pair of binoviewers where the internal design means that the light path isn't increased and they should work with no adjustments like a normal eyepiece being fitted in the focus tube. After setting them up I have found that binoviewing is far more comfortable than using a single eyepiece.
  13. David Levi

    First sketch of Mars 2018

    Great sketch. That's pretty much how I saw Mars last night.
  14. Looking at Mars now and when the annoying high cloud permits, some ill-defined grey smudges can be seen on the surface. The polar caps are more easily seen than my last view a couple of weeks ago. Observing with binoviewers at 160x magnification.

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