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  1. The seeing is excellent in Cardiff tonight. As you said @John , a bit blustery but not affecting the view of Mars. The best I've ever seen it. Binoviewing at about 250x (100mm refractor), the dark feature Sirenum (?) is very well defined and the south polar ice cap is bright and round.
  2. I couldn't see the shadow of Callisto. The seeing was awful where I was. The humidity must have been in the high nineties. At the end of the session it was like someone had chucked a bucket of water over the telescope. It was dripping wet.
  3. Yes Tim you are correct. My laziness in not checking!
  4. I was out last night in the Brecon Beacons with my 12" dob. One of my aims for the night was to witness the moon Io (It was Europa - thanks @AstroTim) emerging from it's eclipse by Jupiter. I had experienced this before but did not know about this phenomenon at the time and missed the moment of the moon revealing itself. I only noticed that, one minute the moon wasn't there and then after being away from the eyepiece for a few minutes it was quite a way from the disk of Jupiter. Before going out I had checked the website Javascript Jupiter to see what events were taking place on and
  5. I can make out the GRS but the atmosphere is very wobbly.
  6. Thanks for the info about gibbous Mars. I observed it last week when it was quite low down in the gunk and dismissed the less than round observation as an atmospheric effect.
  7. Hi Wouter, I like the site. Simple and clear. I'm working my way haphazardly through the lunar 100. When I am observing the moon for the lunar 100 I have been using Wikipedia but this requires going back and forth between pages to get from the list to the photo of the object so I think that your layout is a winner. P.S. I've just book-marked the site for future use. Thanks.
  8. Hi @WanderingEye. Yes. The red LED is the smallest circle in the picture. The main white LED is obviously the large circle and the medium circle is the dimmer white LED.
  9. Here's my Black Diamond Spot 325. I think it's excellent. The fact that it turns on in the last mode selected rather than having to cycle through them was the clincher for me when I bought it a couple of months ago. I haven't found that I've noticed the battery charge state LED's (there are 3 of them on the side)
  10. Approaching the topic from a less serious angle, any telescope that you can't lift on your own. That's a serious telescope.
  11. I'm going on Saturday as well with a ticket to see Carolin Crawford.
  12. I heard recently (can't remember where - that's another age problem) that age related focusing problems are due to the lens becoming stiffer rather than the muscles attached to the lens becoming weaker.
  13. Great report. Amazing dedication to getting out and observing.
  14. I'm glad you've mentioned that because I've been thinking the same thing about Jupiter during this year's apparition (but failing to mention it!). It's almost as if the north and south equatorial belts are giving off clouds into the area between them making it "less clean".
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