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  1. Thank you Neil, that’s a great perspective on it. I have a similar experience with orthos at shortly focal lengths. They just squeak out that extra bit of texture on Mars, pull out slightly fainter/closer double stars, and scatter less light. Made me realise I value optical purity at short focal lengths more than wide fields. I didn’t get on with a longer focal length ortho though - even though it was a lot more comfortable to use than the short ortho, I think I value wider fields more at longer focal lengths. But around 10mm (give or take) I think there’s a transition. Overall, than
  2. Thank you again Piero, useful perspective on it. Apologies I didn’t put the question in the context of my existing eyepieces originally - although I view these as somewhat fluid, as viewing personal preferences and observing styles become clearer or change over the years... and finances allowing of course. Sadly I’ve never tried a 100 degree eyepiece. My largest is the 82 degree 24mm at almost 900g. You make a good point. I was pretty shocked when I first saw the size and heft of it, although I’m very happy it now. I’m not sure when (or if!) I might replace the 14mm yet. Short of a lotter
  3. Thank you everyone for all of the latest replies and help. @michael.h.f.wilkinson Do you mind me asking whether you wear glasses with the ES92 please? Trying to get a sense for how many of the ES92 fans are non-glasses wearers. @Piero Thanks that’s an interesting point you make. I wondered about a 10mm Ethos. For me, it feels like this focal length is around the boundary between two observing styles. Longer than this is big wide relaxing and enjoying the view and less than this is getting into coaxing out tricky detail - and generally small detail, not requiring big fields of view. M
  4. Thank you Louis, John, Paul, Iain and Don. It’s absolutely brilliant to be able to draw on such experience and advice. @John I don’t have a coma corrector, and perhaps naively, hadn’t thought about it in association with going with an even wider eyepiece. I’ve not found coma bothersome in my 24mm which has a lovely accessible 82 degrees - although in this EP, I’m usually nebula hunting which perhaps doesn’t draw attention to coma in the way other targets might. I suppose if I study the coma at the edge of the 14mm more critically I might get a better idea of how it would be. When you say
  5. Hi everyone, I would welcome your experience and advice on an eyepiece decision please: In short, which eyepiece for my "lives in the focuser" DSO sessions? Ethos 13mm, ES92 12mm or should I stick with my existing ES82 14mm or something else? Main scope is a 10" f4.7. I'm wondering if one the alternatives might give me a more comfortable view with more of the field visible. Slightly more: I realise I'm lucky to have an ES82 14mm. It's a great eyepiece that I've been using for years. Mid power DSO viewing, high quality view, wide enough for star hopping, but deep enough for great
  6. Little Sagitta is a new one to me. Looks pretty cool. Another one to add to the list!
  7. Nice one Kerry. Great to hear that you’ve split it. Sterling effort! Glad I’m not the only one to view it as a nemesis! For no good reason, it’s bugging me in a way that others (e.g. Sirius B ) aren’t. Thanks for your comment about a previous attempt on it too. It’s nice to hear of another similar experience on this.
  8. Thank you @John that’s a very helpful sketch and notes on where/what to look for. What I saw (or thought I saw) was less bright, and also further out from the primary. As I think about it, although I’ve observed perhaps a few hundred double stars over the years, very few stand out as having had a primary with a diffraction pattern that interferes with a fainter secondary. There have been plenty that are very close/touching, but these were faint enough to not have visible diffraction patterns, or plenty of others with a visible diffraction pattern, but the secondary being far enough out to
  9. Thank you @Stu, kind words. I’ve recorded the occasion below so I can look back and chuckle!
  10. This is uncomfortable, but I’ve had to conclude I was mistaken in believing I’d seen it. It’s a 5" scope. After reading your comment, I’ve looked a bit more into how large the diffraction pattern would actually be in my scope, vs. the separation of this double, and it just doesn’t stack up with my observation. I thought there was an intermittent grey speck, consistently appearing in the same place. After making the observation, I confirmed it matched the position angle in Sky Safari (which I deliberately hadn’t checked beforehand). But, it was too far from the primary. I’m rather confused by w
  11. Hi Ags, commenting for visual only, I think it’s optically superb, versatile, and lovely to use too. It’ll do wide field, high power fine detail (within the laws of physics for its aperture), nighttime and solar.
  12. Hi Mark, I use a 72ED with a 1.25 Lunt wedge for solar. Reaches focus with all the eyepieces I’ve tried (ES82 mostly). However, inward focus travel is too limited on this scope with some other combos (e.g. adding a focal extender if I recall correctly).
  13. Thank you John. I’ve taken a large amount of inspiration from you and your posts on this one for sure.
  14. The constellations really whizz past quickly in the spring as the evenings stay light for longer. Lyra, Cygnus and Ophiuchus already stepping up by the end of the evening. Beautiful and peaceful out there last night, and pleasantly warm for April. A small bat on manoeuvre above, silent except for a few clicks. Started in late twilight with a quick look at the crescent Venus and then latched onto Polaris for a star hop across a still blue sky. Super happy to split Zeta Herculis at the end of the evening. Have tried a number of times over the years without success! [edit - After a
  15. Smashing report. I love your enthusiasm for doubles! Inspiring as always.
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