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  1. Size9Hex

    Venus from Thursday (10th) in UV

    Terrific stuff, thanks for sharing these. It’s great to see images (and such good ones too) of Venus which seems to be a rare target compared with others. I’m visual only in this hobby and hoping that with some persistence Venus might offer up a hint of the detail you’ve captured. Nice one!
  2. Size9Hex

    2018 Venus season begins

    @russ Fingers crossed for good weather again soon. Hope you get a chance to see Venus again this time around.
  3. Size9Hex

    Snow & Ice!

    Thanks for the update. With this weather, there’s no prospect of star gazing for a while with or without any kit that may or may not turn up, so a delay is not the end of the world. If I’d ordered a sledge from you though, I might feel differently...! Hopefully we all get a chance to get out and enjoy the snow!
  4. Size9Hex

    2018 Venus season begins

    Was looking at SkySafari and it seems like compared to last apparition Venus will be higher in the sky early on and lower in the sky later on. So maybe better views than last time while the disk is fairly will illuminated early in the apparition, but worse views than last time when it’s just a thin crescent late in the apparition? Not sure how well I’ve described that. Hopefully these screens make more sense (or not)! Early last time, 75% disk, low in sky... Late last time, 5% disk, high in sky... This time, 75%, high... This time, 5% disk, already below the sun!
  5. Size9Hex

    Venus in the evening twilight

    Nicely done. Double concern now we know it’s a snowy roof!!
  6. Size9Hex

    Lunar 100 targets for tonight

    Definitely agree about the clear skies. Best lunar views I’ve seen in the few years I’ve been at this. Almost enough to forgive the moon for the annoyance it normally causes us...! The resource I was using recommended to check for Mare Frigoris on day 5 which was maybe a week off. I wonder if it’s just a simple longitude based calculation rather than a genuine best day to view. The Alpine Rille was the slenderest of slender white threads. Only ever hinted at, and even then only 10% of the time and only in one or two places. Good to hear your description. I’ve also never seen it (and still not sure I saw it last night!). Let us know how you get on with the lava flows. I’ve also hunted, but not sure what I’m looking for! I thought I had a loss of detail going from 360x to 500x even though the view was stable. Wondered if the small exit pupil was responsible. Maybe binovewing is the way to go!
  7. Size9Hex

    Lunar 100 targets for tonight

    Nice one Stu. That sound like a belter of a session. The Tak with bino viewers sounds a winning combo. With great seeing conditions in the 10" dob at 360x I was able to get 9 craterlets in Plato but the alpine rille was only suspected rather than a definite despite much scrutiny. Stocking views though. I have been using a lunar 100 best-day-to-view list a found on t’internet and also find it to very often be off by about a day.
  8. Size9Hex

    Lunar 100 targets for tonight

    Seeing conditions are astonishingly good here at the mo. It’s taking 250x easily. Worth braving the cold for!
  9. Size9Hex

    Venus in the evening twilight

    Just caught it too. Sure is nice to see it back with us. I think the view looks particularly exotic or even alien in the evening twilight. Stay safe on your roof!
  10. Venus emerged from behind the sun in early January into the evening sky. One of my observing highlights of last winter was observing Venus as the planet raced to overtake us on the inside, growing in size, but the crescent becoming ever thinner. Caught it for the first time this year tonight, very low in the west just after sunset. Clear horizon essential! A beautiful winter sunset with deep intensity to the colours. Venus a pale naked eye dot, shy rather than obvious. Binoculars would be ideal. At 90x in the new grab and go, Venus was small disk, still 250 million km distant on the far side of the sun. A rainbow riot, refracting through the atmosphere. Looks like the nature of the apparition will be quite different this season to the last, but still looking forwards to seeing what it brings. Would love to see some cloud details. Anyone else looking forwards to Venus and any tips on kit/technique? Mercury is nearby but wasn’t seen. Looks a better bet in mid March.
  11. Had a chance to try some white light solar with the 1.25" Lunt wedge. No activity to speak of, but some nice textured granulation visible, which I wasn’t sure would be possible at this aperture. Again, nice and sharp and no false colour to my eye at 90x. Couldn’t reach focus in the Baader zoom with the 1.25" wedge though...
  12. Size9Hex

    Any detailed lunar map recommendations?

    I think I might follow your lead on that. I’ve saved them to my phone, but not the easiest to use in that format.
  13. Size9Hex

    Any detailed lunar map recommendations?

    Moon Map on iOS is decent. These maps are terrific too; https://www.lpi.usra.edu/resources/mapcatalog/LAC/ Looking good for lunar observing tonight in fact!
  14. He he, I’m not sure they have the attention span to start comparing them all! I think you’re right about ED fracs if this one is anything to go by. Stunning views and felt like there was no telescope in the way with all it’s optical quirks - just looking straight out of the window of the spaceship - if that makes any sense at all!
  15. Size9Hex

    SW Ed72 test

    Hi Trevor, great images. Thanks for sharing them. I’ve just landed a 72ED too and it’s nice to hear what other folks make of it. I agree with you - seems like a belter of a scope, although I’m visual rather than imaging with it. Hope you enjoy it as much as I’m enjoying mine!

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