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  1. Thanks! I thought I'd attach a 100% crop of the galaxy (0.94"/pixel) - which is fairly unforgiving for most images, especially mine. The answer is infrequently and with a collimation cap - I have a laser collimator but have never used it. When I received the 'scope it was fortunately well collimated and I only adjusted the primary. Still happy with the collimation, although the 460ex isn't a huge sensor.
  2. *of the year* - my second ever image was awful! ? Thanks though - yes I really like the combination of MN190/460ex.
  3. Having only finished my first image of the year about a week ago, incredibly I now have a second one. We should try to remember that we do get decent weather in the UK sometimes after all! NGC 2841 is a neat little galaxy in Ursa Major. I say little, but it's actually similar in size to the Milky Way. The tidy appearance suggests that it hasn't had any recent interactions with its neighbours and apparently has a low rate of star formation. There's a nice variety of faint fuzzies in the background, which I particularly like about this area of the sky. Capture L: 38x600s RGB: 3 x 20x300s Total: ~11hrs Equipment SW MN190 Atik 460ex AP Mach1GTO Guiding: QHY5L-ii + 50mm finderguider
  4. Stunning result! Your first LRGB? The colour balance looks great, I wish I could process my own LRGB data this well.
  5. Very nice. You now have even more sky-hours than the rest of us!
  6. Looking like you may have some really nice data but I can't help but notice the galaxy has an unusual appearance, almost as if it's through stained glass window? Perhaps some of the processing steps have been a little too harshly applied?
  7. Shibby


    Brilliant - so much excellent structure to admire!
  8. Sorry to post again, but I realised I'd messed up the core with my Ha layer, now fixed. Why can't I get it right first time! Maybe you didn't notice, but it's really bothering me since I realised! Also forgot to mention - I really like that little galaxy in the bottom-right corner
  9. Thanks all. I feel the image got a bit noisier when I exported, even though it is .png which seems to give the best results. @SamAndrewThanks - I'll be very interested to see what your result is like!
  10. Here is my completed image of NGC 2403, captured in LRGBHa. It's taken some time to get all the data together and process. In fact, I think this is the first image I've managed to produce at all this year due to some circumstances. Strangely, you don't seem to see NGC 2403 as frequently as it deserves - it's actually quite a decent size in the sky and is visible all year round from the UK, albeit a little low in the summer. It's part of the M81/M82 group and, being face on, it does look somewhat like M33's little sister! The Ha really adds a lot to the galaxy, there's lots of interesting HII regions and I've tried my best to blend those in. I also tried capturing some shorter colour data for the stars, but my haphazard processing skills have let me down as it didn't seem to add much. Anyway, thanks for looking. Here's the details: Capture L: 39 x 600s RGB: 12 x 600s each Ha: 20 x 300s Extra RBG for stars : 20 x 60s each Total: 14.5 hours Equipment Camera: Atik 460ex Optics: SW MN190 Mount: AP Mach1GTO Guiding: QHQ5L-ii & Orion mini guidescope Processing DeepSkyStacker Photoshop
  11. Superb - the fine detail is excellent!
  12. I used to use Skywatcher's own coma corrector on a 150PDS and was very happy with it, even with an ASP-C sensor.
  13. Awesome vista - would look good on the wall!
  14. Excellent! I don't know how you achieve so much excellent detail & colour without much data. I might have to copy your obsy cam - I do have a Blink camera pointing at the scope but can only view it intermittently on my phone. What have you used for yours?
  15. Very nice - more of a "6" than a question mark imho! I've been meaning to try out NINA for some time, but find myself stuck in the "it works, don't fix it" hole at the moment!
  16. Good work, would be very nice to halve imaging times in this country! Must take a lot of setup, though!
  17. Welcome - a great first image! Very interesting and unfamiliar.
  18. Very nicely indeed your Ha layer is shaping up Sam - I really like the framing resulting from your mosaic. Keep going with it!
  19. Superb detail and processing - a very tasty M101
  20. Fantastic! It's absolutely packed with excellent structure. The upload has suffered a bit from compression - I can see it's a PNG now, but was it a jpeg at some point?
  21. Sorry to bump an old thread, but I was considering my options as to using an LP filter (such as the newer IDAS V4) to improve my luminance data. I have fairly heavy LP and currently just shoot through an L filter. I find it difficult to extract faint details due to this, even with large volumes of data. However, some reading around leads me to believe it's a bad idea because an LP filter can actually reduce your SNR and also affect the sharpness of your images. Take a look at this thread
  22. Very nicely done indeed. Added to my home screen, thanks! Do plan to add DSOs to the atlas?
  23. Hi @ecuador, is there a problem with the US server at the moment that you're aware of? Edit: Sorry - ignore that, the problem was my end!
  24. Now that is a classy image - I think it could be perfect!
  25. Excellent. Love this, particularly seeing it in so much context!
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