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  1. Hi Merlin, What time was that image taken? Nicolàs
  2. Hi Steve, Here is the lower prominence using the same Lunt, but now in combination with a TeleVue 4x PowerMate: Sadly enough I had the framing wrong by which the prominence was not fully captured at the lower left. Both images were taken with a ZWO ASI174MM and FireCapture. Processing done in AutoStakkert3!, IMPPG and PSP. Nicolàs
  3. But there were! Here is what I captured with my Lunt LS80THA at 11:19am UTC: Here seeing was not terrific either, but still managed a few nice shots (more to come). Nicolàs
  4. Hi Paul, may I first suggest to read my article as well (if you have not already done so)?: http://www.starry-night.nl/stap-voor-stap-collimatie-van-een-rc/ It is in Dutch, but should translate reasonably well in a browser like Chrome. Ad 1): I too have seen this discrepancy in barrel distortion at various sites and checked and double-checked it using the C8 I collimated. For what I have seen, figure 8 in above article is correct. I do need to add that the Ronchi test is not very sensitive, so the focal length of the RC8 was tested using plate solving and then adjusted again. We
  5. I use TeamViewer, which works quite well. The only downside of it is when I want to reboot the NUC, TeamViewer is closed before a log-off script (which waits 30 seconds to shutdown my mount) has been executed. If I want to stop that log-off script (in order to keep the mount up and running), I need to reconnect (yes, that is possible at that stage) and stop that script, after which the reboot commences without problems. A friend uses Remote Desktop, which disconnects after the script is executed (he uses that same script). I have configured TV to only accept local LAN connections, so that
  6. Hoi Peter, welkom vanuit Castricum, mooie opstelling heb je! Enjoy SGL forum! Nicolàs
  7. Hi Nikolas, Just found out that the Ring LED is only featured on the 6 and 7 models (I have a 7): https://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/support/articles/000023554/intel-nuc/intel-nuc-mini-pcs.html But I remember I could also change the colour of the power-button, so it is worth giving it a look in order to get rid of the blue light. Nicolàs
  8. Oh yes, they are quite small. And the colour of the illuminated front can be changed in the bios. I made mine, which lives on my mount, red: Nicolàs
  9. Did you use it at it's native f/5 or with an extender? Nicolàs
  10. Hi Brendan, very nice capture of JE1! Which scope did you use? Last April I imaged JE1 myself. I found it a challenge to capture, being quite dim and my observatory being under Bortle 5-6 skies. So I ended up with some 46 hours of data. Seeing your result made me to reprocess my data, which turned out more pleasant now (here is the old version), so thanks for inspiring! Nicolàs
  11. I never power up my NUC, it is always on. I just give it a reboot prior to imaging to ensure it runs smooth. Indeed my NUC uses 19V, never tried it at 12V, but in an observatory that is no problem. Nicolàs
  12. Hi Nikolas, I have a 64bit Intel NUC7i5BNK, i5-7260U with 8Gb RAM and 500Gb SSD. The latter is slightly too small, I have difficulty keeping approximately 200Gb available for sessions. This sounds like quite enough, but when doing planetary imaging this is barely enough for half an hour data (so when doing RGB, it is just enough to create a 10 frames animation). The advantage of a NUC is that I also do all the processing on it using a remote-desktop connection: simply start the processing, close the connection and look a few hours later if it is done. Speed-wise this NUC is fast en
  13. Hi Knobby, I use one of these rubber strap wrenches. Nicolàs
  14. The collimation of a RC8 has recently been discussed on this forum. Based in that discussion I made a step-by-step procedure for it, which I tested on a RC8 of a friend and gave very good results. The procedure is on a Dutch forum, but it will translate well when opened in Chrome. Nicolàs
  15. Of I understood Padraic well this is M2 of Messi's list, so two more to go..... Nicolàs
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