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  1. Hello, I recently acquired the following equipment: Skywatcher EQ5 Goto Mount, Skywatcher 150P Newtonian, Orion 50mm Guidescope & Starshoot Autoguider and a Canon Astro Mod 450D Camera. I am comfortable with the initial set up - Tripod & Mount orientation, Home Position, Balancing and Polar Alignment. I am guessing that after that you would do your Star alignment with the Synscan, but do I use the Guidescope or the camera for this? Then what? Also what software do I really need for the above? I currently have the following installed: Backyard EOS, PHD2, Stellerium, Ascom and the Astrophotography Tool, but which ones are best? Dave
  2. Where to go next:

    So I have the following equipment - Skywatcher EQ5 Goto Mount with a Skywatcher 150P Newtonian Telescope, Orion 50mm Guidescope with a Starshoot Autoguider and a Astro Modified Canon 450D camera. 

    I can comfortably set up the equipment, including putting it into home position, balancing and polar alignment, but after that I am a bit stuck. I am guessing I would do the star alignment next then set up the guidescope and then the question has to be which software to run everything? I currently have Backyard EOS for the camera, PHD2, Ascom and the Astrophotography tool all uploaded onto my laptop plus the Stellerium programme as well. But not sure which one to use. 


  3. Hi, I have walked across most of Cleeve Common and the surrounding hills, but yet to take my equipment up there. It does get dark up there at night but couldn't say which area is best at the moment.
  4. Hi Mike, Thank you. I live in Prestbury so just around the corner. I used to belong to the Bristol Astronomy Club for many years, but that was quite a few years ago. It would be good though to rejoin one. Dave
  5. Thanks Peter, l was thinking that was the correct order, but needed to be sure. The primary camera is a astro modified Canon 450D and the autoguuder is a Starshoot mounted to an Orion 50mm Guidescope
  6. Thanks Lee P I hail from Bristol, but never really took much interest in Astrophotography when I lived in the city, not until I moved to Cheltenham did I become interested in this subject. Dave
  7. Hi Ady, Thank you. I suppose I can count my blessings when it comes to budgets I have only had to purchase a few items to complete the set as it were. I must admit though when I first saw the equipment laid out on the floor I was a little bit overwhelmed and even considered selling it on, glad I didn't but instead decided to grab the bull by the horns and go for it Looking at the night sky through a telescope is something I have always enjoyed but the photos I have seen recently from people like yourself just blows the mind. I can't wait to get stuck in as it were and will not hesitate to ask for advice and help when I feel the need. Dave
  8. Hello everybody. I have been interested in Astronomy and photography for many many years but never thought to combine them until quite recently when I came to own equipment that a dear friend had left to me. I also moved to Cheltenham a couple of years ago and that has given me direct access to the magical Cotswold Hills. My friend never really took the hobby to the next level, something that I am hoping to do, but to be honest, despite reading books and watching countless You Tube clips, I find that there is so much I still don't understand and so this is why I joined this forum in the hope of getting some helpful tips and advice from you all. I understand the setting up of the tripod (levelling, orientation etc) adding the EQ Mount and all the accessories, putting it all into the home position, balancing including East Bias and polar alignment etc etc but I then hit a bit of a wall because at this point I am still not sure as to which comes next - do I do the star alignment using the Synscan, if so which camera the primary one or the guiding one, or do I set up the guidscope first? so many questions I have but now is not the time as this is supposed to be an introduction lol. Anyway, I look forward to talking with you all in the near future and who knows, one day I hopefully will have some Astrophotography images to share. Kind Regards Dave
  9. Hello, I am Dave from Cheltenham in the UK. I am new to the field of Astrophotography and whilst I have a decent set up (I think!!) I am not sure about some of the setting up so hoping you guys will be able to help me on that, there is only so much reading and watching you tube clips that one can do!  Looking forward to getting involved on this forum and eventually showing you some of my images (fingers crossed!)

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