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  1. Having purchased a AF2 focusser around Oct 2018 the service received then was exemplary. On arrival all was good but after about a month the usb port on the focusser detached from the control board. No problems. This was replaced without question and within the week I was up and running again. Now 2.5 years later following some issues with my AF2 DeepSkyDad provided a free upgrade to AF3 that addresses the issues I have been having. This upgrade arrived and within the week I was up and running again. Awesome service all round. Thank you.
  2. I think there needs to be a bit of extra work on the UI. Being able to save stacking projects.
  3. Try an A3 tracing light off Amazon.
  4. Sharpcap is great for polar alignment.
  5. The tripod being level makes no difference. The polar axis has to be aligned regardless. I would suspect that the polar scope reticle is not aligned in the polar scope. I use to scope to make sure the polar axis is roughly aligned and then sharpcap to align.
  6. Let me know if it doesn't sell as I would be interested.
  7. Startools is regularly updated. +1 from me. I stack in DSS Process in Startools. Tweak in Gimp The image attached is doing just this.
  8. Many thanks. I have been using ascom apt sharpcap on a laptop with 15m usb 3 lead and was just trying an alternative. Sounds like I should stick with my current setup.
  9. Forgive my terminology but when using Astroberry when running Kstars on a remote (to the rasp pi) pc images can take a number of seconds to download. For my ASI1600 this is about 5s. Does this sound average (obviously WiFi dependent)? Also do people run like this or do they run EKOS on the Pi?
  10. I would suggest that many ppl would want just a rotator and not necessarily a derotator, that would simplify things. Fantastic job. Well impressed.
  11. You should go into production. I would buy one.
  12. ASTAP has a free ccd inspector feature.
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