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  1. PXR-5


    Welcome to SGL thanks for joining us
  2. Welcome to SGL thanks for joining us
  3. Welcome to SGL, thanks for joining us
  4. Yes, as the LP gets worse around here, and I don't like driving at night, I have rediscovered the Moon It's really awesome, the details that one can see, it can keep you real busy
  5. Yes, didn't think about facilities, that certainly is an issue.
  6. Welcome to SGL, thanks for joining us Oh, a dew shield is a must in many areas
  7. I would talk to an attorney first, and have his office draw up the waiver. I have a neighbour that does cornhole games on his land, an I believe that's what he did. How awesome to be directly in the path That emoji got me thinking, you want to make sure everyone has eclipse glasses and is fully aware of danger to their sight. So you have that issue also. Otherwise sounds like a great idea Maybe I'll see you there
  8. Welcome aboard, thanks for joining us
  9. Welcome to SGL Dave, thanks for joining us
  10. Welcome to SGL thanks for joining us
  11. PXR-5

    Hi folks

    Welcome to SGL Jon thanks for joining us
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