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  1. I don't do imaging at all. But you ask a good question, I saw someone post some solar images with binoculars. Like, how the heck did you do that?
  2. I generally recommend an 8" to start. Providing it can be easily moved and stored. Right now everything is backordered, so I recommend just about anything to get started, of course do not over look binoculars I use my binos more than my scopes
  3. I Know the feeling, frustrating isn't it? And it's not just astro stuff in my life, seems like everything is backordered, or delayed in shipping.
  4. PXR-5

    Howdy from NC

    Just 7 miles up the road, small world indeed.
  5. PXR-5

    Howdy from NC

    Welcome to SGL Virtus, I'm also in NC (Union County)
  6. Welcome to SGL Adam, thanks for joining us
  7. Welcome to SGL, thanks for joining us
  8. Welcome to SGL, thanks for joining us
  9. Welcome to SGL, thanks for joining us
  10. Welcome to SGL, thanks for joining us
  11. Welcome to SGL Bill
  12. PXR-5


    Welcome to SGL Chris, thanks for joining us
  13. another one of our heros gone. RIP sir.
  14. Great capture Yes, the sun is just starting to get active again
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