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  1. Welcome back I took a break also, but guess what, the sky never does
  2. Wow! That some awesome stuff! Thanks for sharing
  3. A typist chair does make a decent observing chair. Not only are they adjustable, but the wheels allow you to wheel about. I observe in perpetual mud here, so it won't work for me. However, mud can be a good accessory it acts a a vibration damper, just plop your mount down in it
  4. Telrad and Rigel finders I hate normal finders, they make me dizzy SCT FR/C, gives a wider field in SCTs Rocking chair from front porch perfect for astronomy, as the EP goes down lean forward, or lean back when when needed
  5. PXR-5

    Just to say hi :)

    Welcome to SGL thanks for joining us
  6. PXR-5


    Welcome to SGL thanks for joining us
  7. PXR-5

    Hi everyone 🙂

    Welcome aboard thanks for joining us
  8. Good catch!!! I remember the first time I identified it also that was in my 127 Mak
  9. Very nice sketch Thanks for sharing with us David I can't sketch for the life of me, I enjoy looking at the talent here
  10. PXR-5


    Hi Rob, Welcome to SGL glad you joined us
  11. Victim of a Necro post LOL I type on a phone, so I missed it. Just assumed it was recent. Oh well,
  12. Wait! Not sure if this has been mentioned yet; There is a tiny Allen set screw on the knob, maybe 2, loosen, and pull the knob back about 1mm. It is probably rubbing against the rear of the scope. This is VERY common, they push it on way too hard at the factory. My 127, and my C6 had this issue.
  13. WOW! That is really nice! Your beautiful image on a shirt. Love it!
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