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  1. Brilliant, can't wait to see what you can do with a bigger scope
  2. The view from the SpaceX website:
  3. Pushed to within an inch of it's life in processing, but not too bad. Crisium, Langrenus, Petavius etc showing off well.
  4. Thanks both. Mike I think I agree..
  5. Is it time to get the solar gear out again? Fab shots Steve.
  6. Captured with the Skymax 102 & Nikon D7000. 25% of 250 still frames aligned in Pipp, stacked with AS!3. Deconvolution with IMPPG. Original image, then one with linear contrast added in PS, and another with more contrast again. This feels like a decent image to me, now I feel like I'm getting back into the Lunar imaging properly after a fairly long break. Click through to full size. Original Linear Contrast More contrast Then a little bit of fun. Annotated view Pseudo aerial view of the terminator.
  7. I had a really good visual session tonight, enjoying good views of some of the craters right on the SE limb thanks to favourable Libration. Seeing was a little poor at times but with patience there was lots of detail to be seen at 200x. So after I put the eyepieces away I captured some full disc images and then decided to put the Revelation Astro 5x Barlow between the D7000 and the Skymax and see if I could make a half decent image. Half being the operative word thanks to dust on the Barlow lens which shows up tracking across the final stacked image (thanks to capturing the surface d
  8. This is 20 frames shot handheld with the D7000 and Tamron 150-600. Aligned, stacked, Deconvolution applied. Then time to play in Photoshop. Mono RGB RGB Saturated Mono Inverted RGB Inverted Pseudo geological map
  9. A good start Dave, here's to many more
  10. Oh yes, I should have said, SER files all the way through.
  11. Hi UkSpacenut. I've done this often, although I don't let it drift as much. I've use a Mak on an EQ3 mount so can carefully track it a little bit, roughly by hand. My suggested workflow would be as follows: Use Pipp (Planetary Image Pre-processor - https://sites.google.com/site/astropipp/) to split your AVI files into segments, you can do a preliminary stretch (this will help in the next step) to set which range of frames to export, so with a bit of trial and error you can batch it all up into your separate avi files by eye. You are not aligning at this point, just splitting the fi
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