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  1. Its Fab to be in the UK. Today, tomorrow and Saturday... Its lucky we have a sense of humour here! One savin grace - we get some needed rain and its cooler on Saturday.
  2. I know what you mean and really feel your pain. i moved into Solar imaging last year. For various reasons it's been a good 6 months since I've been out... It was finally sunny on Sunday, and guess what...? Yep I was buy. 5 hours in the car, to spend 60 seconds being measured for a suit. I mean really of all weekends It has to get better... It cannot get any worse!
  3. Using the baader solar film you'll be able follow the transit no problems. i think some sort of variable polarising filter would have made visual observing more comfortable - but for imaging you'll be fine. cheers
  4. That's very interesting. On a side note what does RBI stand for?
  5. I too would be very interested to hear ideas on this. I got so fed up with Flats that didn't always work as they should that I started taking 3 or 4 sets of flats at differing exposures and producing a final image with each of them and used whichever result was best. I never found out what I was doing wrong, as far as I was aware I was doing the same thing each in the same order etc (just like you). The well depth of my old camera was 65000 (give or take), Sometimes an ADU of 20K would work great. But I used to take 18K, 20k, 22k and 25k just to be safe... it never seemed consistent. Cheers
  6. Welcome to SGL. The 8" Dob is an excellent place to start. You could keep that scope for your whole life and it would continue to show you new things every year!
  7. Can you post up a picture of the finder and parts that you already have. I'm struggling to visualize which part you may need. Cheers
  8. @michael.h.f.wilkinson I've tagged you Michael as I know that you are able to take full disc shots... I am mainly into solar imaging. I have a standard PST, a ST102 with Lunt White Light Herschel Wedge and a Lunt CaK Diagonal (B600). I would really like to be able to have a camera with a large enough chip to take full disc shots with ALL of the above setups. I have a DMK21and a Neximage5, the Neximage does have a large enough chip I think for full disc shots, but being colour it just doesn't work well with narrowband (Ha and Cak). Don't really have a budget in mind, if I do not have enough then I'll save up ! Thanks
  9. The full normal theme, works fantastic on my Iphone5s, Android S3, Ipad and Laptop(s). The white on black is a brilliant combo - and helps a little when viewing the forum in the dark. Thanks Grant
  10. Loving the new "look" :icon_biggrin:

  11. Click the arrow next to your username at the top of the page. Then clicK - Account settings > signature (on the right). cheers
  12. Amazing the amount of people that are already talking about leaving a wonderful FREE resource within hours of a major upgrade - before they have even had time to look / investigate to see if the problem is a setting they can change, I for one LOVE the new look. Thanks to Grant and Steve for the hard work, time and effort they have put in. Plus all the mods for testing the new software before it went live. cheers
  13. Nice one @Grant, well done . Site looks fantastic - really looking forward to looking around!
  14. I really didn't like SPM - not the person, I'm sure that he was a really nice chap, by all accounts he was a really nice chap but I really didn't like his presenting style. However he did have an immense amount of passion for the subject and this clearly came across in the shows that I've seen. Brian Cox and Dara O'Brien are both very passionate about the subject and I think that they are great ambassadors for our hobby - they are not trying to fill SPM boots. I for one am quite pleased that they aren't.
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