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  1. Thanks for sending the old drivers through Unfortunately I could not get the older driver to work (v1024) at all. The only one that worked was the more recent 2013 driver, which presented the same problem. Worth a shot though! - Jason
  2. Hi Steve, Apologies for resurrecting an old post, but I am having exactly the same issue myself. My QH5Y was working perfectly until I needed to re-install XP on my laptop, where it has started doing exactly the same thing in PHD with the horizontal bands and random noise. QGVideo works absolutely fine, which is quite bizarre! I also found that the noise reduction option in PHD improved the issue, and I have actually been guiding successfully with the issue present however it is an annoying issue which I would like to resolve. Did you every try out one of the older QHY5 drivers from one of t
  3. I can never seem to get acceptable results when I try to get rid of the blue hue (it is on most of my images!). Can anyone suggest which way to push the colour balance to give a truer colour? Thanks for the feedback! - Jason
  4. Howdy all, I have been a tad unhappy with the processing on my M42 capture from the Kielder Star Camp in October, so thought I'd start from scratch to see if I could get a more natural looking image. Results as follows: As always - constructive feedback welcomed! cs, - Jason
  5. Hmm... Had not planned on any more star camps this year, but if the weather forecast clears up then may pop along. Thanks for the heads-up! - Jason
  6. It's a lovely clean image - is this because of your cooled DSLR or the number of darks you took?
  7. Well done - that's a beautiful image - no idea how you made it to page 7 with no comments! - j
  8. 5 x 10 min subs 1 x dark no flats (still not fully got to grips with these yet!) ISO 400 Setup (as per my sig)
  9. If I had known you could get images like that with the ST-80 then that would have been my first scope purchase to be honest - a much cheaper and sensible way to test the water before jumping in a purchasing an 8" SCT! cs, - Jason
  10. Thanks for the comments all! Hi Mike - we ended up sticking around until 5pm on the Sunday as the weather was so nice. Who would have thought you could get a suntan at a star party! - j
  11. Nice detail in there - good work! - j
  12. That's excellent considering it's a £90 scope, and single subs! Must give mine a try for imaging some time soon :-) cs, - Jason
  13. Nice image! Good call with the saturation; it's surprising how much more detail comes out when you reduce the colour levels! - Jason
  14. Thanks Alan My Sony NEX 5N was used for this shot
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