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  1. The 8mm TV plossl is an outstanding eyepiece. I like the warm tone it gives which help features stand out by providing contrast.
  2. Wow, bringing the thread back from the dead! Just to add this is a fantastic eyepiece and the 8mm is also a gem too.
  3. Loads of great collections on here. Love the wooden case!
  4. Original posters in the galaxy reunite. I ended up getting a star travel 150 in the end instead for a bargain price from scopes'n'skies. These fracs were / are great. by the way thanks for the write up Sky Daddy!
  5. Joking aside how does the Vixen perform. I know it's the widest fov possible in a 2" barrel but whats it like in an f5 scope at the edge. I've always been mildly tempted!
  6. Wow! What have you got in all of those. I manage with 1 case!
  7. I have the 24mm panoptic and here are the reasons I think make it a worthwhile eyepiece to own. 1) comfortable to use with long eye relief although I can live with virtually zero eye relief 2) Biggest possible field in a 1.25" format. Hence good for binoviewers, small maks or travelscopes limited to the format. 3) nice and compact so again relating to the point above it's good for travel. On a completely separate note I just like the way it feels although thats just personal opinion
  8. I agree with this but I use my Nagler 31 more than the Ethos 21. I think I just prefer the wider field of view it offers but it's definitely worth owning both.
  9. lol I took it with my phone. I was going for the bokeh effect!!!
  10. Hi Pal I thought I might as well take a photo of my setup so you can see for yourself (see below). I use a CG5 mount which is nice and sturdy. Regarding planetary I have a C100ED for that although I don't use it as much now as I prefer the light gathering power of the Startravel !!! Make no mistake the CA on this scope out of the box is bad but it can be managed. For one it has a special lens cap which comes is 2 parts. When you remove the inner cap to reduce the aperture you double the focal length to F10 should you desire which reduces CA but the image is somewhat dimmer as you would expect
  11. Kef9


  12. Just to add my 2ps worth I have a 150 startravel frac and use it as my main scope. It can literally go from inside the house to outside for viewing in the space of seconds. I just pick the whole lot up on the mount, take it through my french doors and point it at the north star straight away when outside. If it wasn't like this I don't think I would ever use a telescope to be honest due to all the faffing around and the changeable weather. I don't bother with goto or any power supplies either. Hence its fracs only for me but then I don't have any patience and would have nowhere to store a dob
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