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  1. Its always been a Salmon colour to me mate,
  2. I have the 6mm tmb planetary II ep and its on the border line as well..
  3. There's a skywatcher skyliner 200p up for grabs in the buy and sell section mate, cracking scope and offers loads for the money.
  4. Always a pleasure buying and selling here for me, You can always trust your fellow astronomers.
  5. Thats good to know, And is 12" enough for the 300p? I have a camping mat I could cut up..
  6. When is Mars visible anyway?
  7. Jupiter does have a ring system as do all our gas giants, But to faint to see from earth, So I take it you mean the cloud belts, I use x180/200 and see them fine, But I can also see them at x60/80.
  8. Wow not bad at all mate, great detail there.. In fact its fantastic
  9. I would say Meade 5000 or some TV plossls secondhand will cost 40/50. but to be honest you dont need expensive ones for the 200p dob
  10. I had one and Jupiter was stunning with it, clear bands and the GRS was easily seen. I even saw the moons crossing the planets surface creating a shadow many times.. Its a fantastic scope mate. Saturn was lovely too with a clear cassini division
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