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  1. come on Marv you'll be able to buy the bloomin observatory for that. I'm getting my time for free bc the owners want the publicity.
  2. I'm pretty sure we're not the same person and I'm hoping Mrs biscuit can tell the difference lockie posted the link to my vid. I just jumped on the thread.
  3. yeh. I sent him a transcript of the interview - and I messed up the first sentence (I was diagnosed as dyslexic at school but that's no excuse) and he sent that exact reply back to me word for word. I said that we didn't speak in grammatically correct sentences but then decided to not to push it as he is a genius and I didn't want to waste his time. Nothing in the film that I say about t'hooft is different from what he says onlione or in his published papers except that I am continually trying to relate things to the pixel metaphor in the hopes that the audience will follow what is going o
  4. Wolfram says so. At 35.33 he mentions it briefly but I don't unpack it. It is in my rushes, the long interview which only my patreons have access too (sorry but I'm trying to figure out how I can make videos full time so making certain things available to my patrons who pay a £3 a month is one experiment I have to monetise the channel). I will try and explain it. His computational model of the universe is mostly unpredictable... in the same way that the weather is unpredictable. But there are some mathematical structures in his model which are predictable. These mathematical structures align
  5. Very true but one important tweak Wolfram's theory keeps quantum mechanics and general relativity just as they are.
  6. Hey Chris thx for posting my video and spreading the word. And I'm very pleased you liked it. Its very hard to make a video about the universe accessible to the lay person. I am not a prof - -obvs- and there is no way on gods earth that I'm not going to get a barrel load of it coming at me after making a video like this. And in all honesty I don't mind if I do. At least it means the brain boxes are watching it. And if we're going to change the status quo then we need the brain boxes to start to think in new ways. Big picture is that the fundamental physics community has become blinkered and e
  7. hey Martin, many thx I'll look into these. Current favourites for doing a time lapse image are: hubble variable nebula and corona Australis because they change relatively rapidly but hubble variable nebula is quiet at the moment...
  8. Hi all, Help needed! Nasa took this great timelapse video of RS Puppis... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=geAjufAYAow I'd like to try and do something similar in one of my astrobiscuit videos (www.youtube.com/astrobiscuit). Does anyone know of any other variable stars embedded in reflection nebula? I was thinking of using telescope live's 1m newt in Chile to capture the variable star over a period of days and seeing if the varying light from the variable star altered the nebula. Any help most appreciated. Tricky one I know. Many thanks Rory
  9. thx fellas glad you liked it... not sure spending a long time making a quality video wins out over someone just yapping on youtube but I'm gnna find out.
  10. Hi, This video is intended to be for someone who is thinking of buying their first scope but isn't sure which one is best. I would love it to be a good jumping off point for discussion and I hope some wise heads will wade in and answer questions and offer alternative opinions. Thx to astrostace and helena's astro and deddy dayag for contributing. I fear I'm going to have my head down making my next video as I'm currently astrobiscuiting full time (or at least till my loan runs out!). So all help much appreciated. https://youtu.be/Na-aBhc_gTY
  11. As I never, ever cock up I'm going to run with the idea that i was actually just randomly and spontaneously thanking white dwarf. He is a very fine, nay one of the finest moderators (oh dear... where is that Glenmorangie?)
  12. Ha... did I mention I like single malt. Also $25 is the most I've ever earnt in one day thanks to this video being so popular. So it seems 18000 views turns into $25. It'll probably go back down to the regular which is more like $25 a month.
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