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  1. yeh I'll be working on it too... Just come from London to the dark skies of Devon for my hols but fear the clouds won't allow much astro fiddling. Let me know if you find a solution. Many thx Rory
  2. i've just come in from a night of imaging and had exactly the same thing... Did you figure is out. I'm guessing tilt either on my filter or the lens is dropping slighly in the adapter.
  3. thx whistlin bob... ... it was 4 x 1hr ha with the FS60 + atik and 6 x 30 mins with the esprite + OSC camera fitted with a bi-colour filter... there were more subs but most were pants due to clouds and/or other cock ups ?
  4. I was bad this year and bought myself an esprit 80 ed and an ASI 071 OSC camera which I've paired with my little tak FS60 and atik 383L+ for some dual scope imaging. The theory is with all the crappy weather in the UK and with so little time for geeking out having two scopes means I can get everything done in half the time. That's the theory... in practice it means twice as much goes wrong BUT... I did get everything working (ish) and managed to bag some one and a half nights of data in Jan and the begging of feb from my roof in London zone 2. I processed in APP and GIMP which seems to be better than photoshop version 2 which I have been using and its FREE.... yay! FYI I have a youtube channel : astrobiscuit
  5. Merry Christmas tree nebula everybody! Some (achem) of the data was captured in January but come on people... it was wall to wall clouds in Jan. Surely a little bit of February data can creep in too... (alright alright I know , I'm disqualified) Shot with my xmas present to myself : Skywatcher esprite 80mm bought from flo and taken from my roof in London. btw if anyone has any tips on star colours for narrow banders like myself then I'd love to hear them.
  6. good idea... but my computer is pretty slow and startools is quite RAM and processor power hungry. I'm gonna have to sort this out I guess after all I've spent a lot on scopes and stuff, probably time to spend a lot on computers and software too!!!
  7. thx roland. I use gimp to remove the noise and it is a bit of a struggle with that software. Not sure im ready to shell out on pix... But maybe the time has come. Fyi I'm looking to buy a 135 samyang.
  8. looks like a great scope... I can't help myself I have to post the second outing with my telyt lens... its much better than the first but please bear in mind its shot from central london. click here for the link thx rory
  9. Ahh, you've got a ccd sorry thought you had a nikon camera. At least that makes things easier. I wonder if there is a leica to t2 adapter?
  10. Hi John, I bought an adapter for my canon and even though the adapter is thin I can't reach focus without the cls filter in my astro modded 600d. I had similar problems with another lens I used and ended up shoving a uv filter between the lens and the sensor - I think it was a 37mm one which happened to fit pretty snuggly. Obviously this only works when the focus is very nearly there... you need to check the flange distance of the nikon and the Leica. If the Leica is a couple of mm longer than the Nikon then you're in business. I've got a feeling the nikon has quite a long flange distance which is potentially bad... here is the adapter I bought for my canon. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Leica-R-lens-to-Canon-EOS-EF-Mount-550D-DSLR-Camera-Adapter-Ring-LEICA-R-EOS/272574259217?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 thx rory
  11. Thx Dave, I take your 12 mins and raise you 55mins. This is from last night. 115 x 30 sec, Leica 180 telyt, canon 600d, cls filter on an unguided star adventurer from my roof in London. (should have been more intergration time but the tracking was poor and I had to throw half of the subs away). This has been processed in app and rnc color. Looking forward to seeing other images from scopes/ lenses of similar focal length. thx ?
  12. So I've actually just put in an order for a 135 samyang (the only good thing about working so hard is that I have a bit more cash to spend on astro stuff!). My plan is to dual rig with the samyang 135 and the leica 180... but a comparison video would be good. Also really we should throw in the Borg 55FL F3.6 which is double the price but also about 200mm Focal length... and no I didn't get one of those! Maybe we'll start to see some camparisions on this this thread ?
  13. Hee he thx for the mention. The biscuit man is currently in hibernation due to a to the day job taking up way too much time. But I follow this thread with interest having just bought something that might outdo the red cat: Leica 180mm f3.4 apo telyt lens which I got on ebay for 400quid. If nothing goes wrong (weather/kids/wife/mount/computer/camera/cables/remembering to keep the power lead plugged into the laptop) then I will test it tonight on Orion. I think it'll be clear till 11pm tonight in London. https://www.youtube.com/astrobiscuit
  14. Thank you. Much appreciated. I'd not thought of using the riccardi reducer I'll look into it right now. Excellent.
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