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  1. Hi all, Help needed! Nasa took this great timelapse video of RS Puppis... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=geAjufAYAow I'd like to try and do something similar in one of my astrobiscuit videos (www.youtube.com/astrobiscuit). Does anyone know of any other variable stars embedded in reflection nebula? I was thinking of using telescope live's 1m newt in Chile to capture the variable star over a period of days and seeing if the varying light from the variable star altered the nebula. Any help most appreciated. Tricky one I know. Many thanks Rory
  2. thx fellas glad you liked it... not sure spending a long time making a quality video wins out over someone just yapping on youtube but I'm gnna find out.
  3. Hi, This video is intended to be for someone who is thinking of buying their first scope but isn't sure which one is best. I would love it to be a good jumping off point for discussion and I hope some wise heads will wade in and answer questions and offer alternative opinions. Thx to astrostace and helena's astro and deddy dayag for contributing. I fear I'm going to have my head down making my next video as I'm currently astrobiscuiting full time (or at least till my loan runs out!). So all help much appreciated. https://youtu.be/Na-aBhc_gTY
  4. As I never, ever cock up I'm going to run with the idea that i was actually just randomly and spontaneously thanking white dwarf. He is a very fine, nay one of the finest moderators (oh dear... where is that Glenmorangie?)
  5. @white dwarf thank you most appreciated
  6. Ha... did I mention I like single malt. Also $25 is the most I've ever earnt in one day thanks to this video being so popular. So it seems 18000 views turns into $25. It'll probably go back down to the regular which is more like $25 a month.
  7. Yeh i hear you but i think even astrobackyard admits he's not a pro. I'm not a pro either. I think mr backyard is good at processing but in all honesty i haven't watch that many of his vids. In general i have sympathy with anyone trying to make a living out of astro youtube videos. Im actually going take some more time off work to make some more. Currently im earning $25 a day from adds. Enough to feed me but not the rest of the family and certainly not enough to pay the London mortgage.
  8. Maybe I shoot from London and you shoot from your gorgeous pad. Ha target PLEASE!!!!
  9. Yeh a lot of people have been experimenting with smart phones including me, I've bought some orthoscopic eyepieces which I think will work well with phones ... I did do a very cheesy video about shooting jupiter with a phone and a beanbag! I found recording the video of Jupiter with a relatively low compression "cinema 4k "app was essential. Also I'm tempted to try and take the lens out of my knackered HTC phone and use the lensless phone directly on the end of a telescope - no eyepiece required. As always many plans but no time... here is the CHEESY video. (FYI I did take the optics out of the newt before chucking it around - I was trying to get more views with this little stunt but it didn't work!)
  10. Hey Knight of Clear Skies. Thx for that. Very useful. I will be reading with interest. I'm not going to say anymore bc I don't want to go off the topic of the thread.
  11. Funny. Thx for watching Olly. I've been reading and learning from your posts for some time. Lets do an astro fight off! Obviously you'll get extra points for being so goddam handsome
  12. Red Dwarf thx. I hope you take my thoughts in the right spirit. (This is good practise for the video if it ever gets made) I think Physics needs a kick up the behind. Over the last 20 years a lot of money and experiments been pumped into dark matter. Thousands , probably tens of thousands of research jobs depend on dark matter being the leading theory. Millions of pounds worth of grants rely on it too. Cern was suppossed to prove dark matter. Now the physicist are saying that they need another 10 years (long enough to be paid until retirement perhaps) to prove that dark matter actually exists... which is exactly what they said 10 years ago. Particle physics could well be a victim of its own fantastic success. In the last twenty years you'd be forgiven for believing that the answer to every new physics problem has to be a particle. There are other theories like MOND which get nothing like the cash or research time which dark matter gets and yet MOND believers claim their model works more elegantly over a broader range of galaxies than dark matter. A case of a small band of physicists battling the establishment like David versus Goliath. (TBH I don't know about draco dwarf galaxies but the MONDS team have mud to sling at the Dark matter crew too) Surely if Dark matter was true Goliath would have stomped all over the MONDs team by now. My broader point is that physics promotes the status quo which is why the greatest breakthoughs have not come from the establishment but from outsiders... So am I be credulous... or is the system closed minded? And does that closed mindedness come from a desire to protect jobs and funding. I have the right to question. It is after all our money that pays for dark matter research... and string theory and other theories that seem to be banging their head against the wall.
  13. Hi all thanks so much @Super Novafor sharing my vid. Finally got one to fly... only taken 3 years!!!! Really appreciate the nice comments. I hope you understand that this video is aimed at getting more people into this terrific hobby and that I had to cut a lot of stuff out bc unless you are a true geek (which lets be honest everyone here is) collimation and modding the camera is a bit boring. However I am currently in negotiation with Mrs biscuit thinking about taking some time off work to make some more vids. I'm not a big fan of my job and I'd love to do this full time but money wise its just not feasable. Next video plans are... Ultimate Shot of Mars : Brits vs Yanks - I was chatting to a chap who had a 24" newt in his garage. Annoyingly I can't find his email but I'd love to joint forces with someone and resurrect a big old newt and try and take on some of the guys with Big Newts in the US. I know they'd probably win - better weather / better declination (in florida anyway) - but it would be fun. Astrophotography shoot out part 2: we now have an amazing mount courtesy of Peter Napper and i'm planning on pimping up a 6 inch newt (in fact the newt I chopped - the Edmund Scientific - has an extraordinarily nice f6 mirror (I now regret cutting it down. I know. please don't rub it in). I think that mirror with a smaller secondary will be good. Possibly upgrade to a 6D if I can find a cheap one. In a way this video will be refractors vs reflectors. The Answer to Life the Universe and Everything - I got in touch with Dr Stuart Clarke and it turns out we have something in common. We don't like where physics is heading at the moment. We think dark matter and dark energy are follies and I think that we're missing something fundemantal about the way the Universe works. I'd like to meet the rogue scientists who are trying to find out what that thing is. various small vids for geeks - to modify or not to modify, free post processing, astrophotography with your mobile phone etc anyways any other ideas most welcome. Take care all and thanks again.
  14. Very good post thank you. I tried to show people what space objects looked like through x7 binos in this video. I used a 135mm lens and a apc sized sensor to get the same field of view as the binos but found that the experience with your eyes is quite different to what the camera records due to the human eye's incredible dynamic range.
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