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  1. rorymultistorey

    What is the BEST 200-300mm telescope / lens?

    Thank you. Much appreciated. I'd not thought of using the riccardi reducer I'll look into it right now. Excellent.
  2. Thx for taking the time to read this post. I'm trying to figure out what wide field 200 - 300 mm scope to get... I want the best possible although I'm not very keen - who is - on breaking through the £1000 barrier. I actually have one 255mm scope that I'm very happy with. A tak fs60cb paired with a borg 0.7x 7870 reducer bringing it to a nice F4.1 But I want another for dual rig imaging. I tried dual rig imaging out last saturday from a field nr Basingstoke with the Farnham nights crew - it was fun - results below. I used the Tak for luminance and a Tokina 300mm f2.8 lens for RGB. While the Tokina performs as well as any 300mm lens (its as good as the canon 300mm L series I once owned) for astrophotography the stars are still a bit too bloaty and the CA is a bit of an issue. So I want to replace the Tokina with something else... Maybe a Borg? If so which one? Are there any other options? Below are images from last saturday... I'm also experimenting with intagrams tiltshift filter - please let me know if you hate the tiltshift before I post on astrobin !!!!
  3. rorymultistorey

    astrobiscuit pics

  4. Thx buddy... I love your solar work. BTW I think I can trump you shooting solar system through a window... how about shooting from a BEAN BAG!! (this is a very very silly video!) Any excuse to plug one of my vids!!!!
  5. Glad you liked it thx for the encouraging comments NO WAY... brilliant stuff Charley boy!!! Really good quality images,
  6. HI All, I have an entertaining video to share with you which is perfect for those just starting out and wanting to taste a bit of astrophotography without spending a lot of money. I image from London and managed to get a pretty good shot of Orion for just £150. This video runs through where I bought the equipment, why I bought it and how I used it to capture a Orion and some of the trials and tribulations I had to deal with on the way. Any questions please ask! Enjoy! FYI I shot this last year but with Orion now beginning to rise over the rooftops of London I thought this would be a good time to share it.
  7. Yeh i was suprised by that too. It useful to know when not to bother... Like the last 3 weeks when mars is closest have been lousy. Thx for watching
  8. Thx JimothyC Nothing makes me happier than someone having a go after watching one of my vids. The next vids will be shorter and less polished as i think more vids will help my low subscribers count. Curious to know if anyone likes Pink Bunny? Its useful to have a sidekick as otherwise its just me talking all the time... but obvs if she/he isn't working then i'll have to think of something else. many thx for watching and thx for the encouragement
  9. Thx for the encouragement everyone. Glad you like it. And Yes it was v cool having help from mr peach Gina you're the reason i bought my M42 lenses! glad you watched it. Chaz: its true bunny does have a problem deciding whether to go to the ladies or the gents...
  10. Hi Stargazers, After a lot of work and help from the great Damian Peach I managed to get some really good images of Jupiter Mars and Saturn despite a total spend of just £100... and I made another bonkers Astrobiscuit video about it which I hope you enjoy. Mr Peach really helped me pick my nights to image and the other big surprise was how good the canon 600D is at planetary. All comments/ advice/ criticisms most welcome...
  11. rorymultistorey

    DAMIAN PEACH interview - good seeing (or not) in the UK

    FYI full crazy astrobiscuit video is now on youtube
  12. rorymultistorey

    Some NLC activity

    I love it when the clouds give way to the stars, nice shot
  13. rorymultistorey

    DAMIAN PEACH interview - good seeing (or not) in the UK

    Thx again everyone. Most appreciated
  14. rorymultistorey

    DAMIAN PEACH interview - good seeing (or not) in the UK

    Well that's just silly isn't it... Now a tenner and we could be in business fyi i did pick up a nice orion f8 6inch newt on ebay auctions "pick up only" for 24quid... Its helping me get jupiter for under 100
  15. rorymultistorey

    DAMIAN PEACH interview - good seeing (or not) in the UK

    Thx all. Everyone is so nice on sgl Unfortunately work and fiddling with astro stuff tends to get in the way of making the videos BUT next one should be done in the next few weeks. Thx for watching

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