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  1. Yep, it is quite different from the UK. Especially in Delhi there is lot of variation and you are absolutely correct. Today was yet another clear night. Spent few good hours with the scope and managed to hover around M42, Pleiades, Uranus (once again!) and Taurus. It was amazing. Took some poor quality cell phone photographs by putting it over eyepiece. Attaching some PS: Apologies for these bad quality pictures. But I thought it would be fun to share.
  2. This is so heartening. Thank you all Well it was only yesterday I realised that majority of members are from UK I am from New Delhi and it is just pure luck that I got clear sky last night. And if forecast is anything to go by, then I have two more days of clear skies. Not only light pollution, we have really bad air pollution too. Normally this time around weather is pretty fine so ya. Just two to three days before the sky was awash with clouds and the surface was covered with thick fog. One of the main reason I got this scope was to travel along with it. I love traveling and Delhi is sur
  3. Hello all! First thank you for this amazing response. It is very encouraging. So the scope is here! I have spent good six hours with it already. Now where do I start from! Ok, so the scope first. I am overall quite thrilled with the whole package. For my beginners requirement I think it is very (very) good. Yes, there are some places where you can see manufacturer has tried to save money but overall this package seems to be excellent. The mount is shaky to start with but the image stabilizes itself slowly and when it does it stays there. The scope came with one 26mm plossl (Bresser) eyepi
  4. "Turn Left at Orion" and "Stellarium" boxes checked. Also found 'Nightshift' app on Android - it seems quite handy when it comes to figuring out viewing conditions. Will get the scope today sometime soon. Thank you for all the lovely encouragement. And yes, I want to take slow on that learning curve. I have a job which I love and that keeps me very busy 24X7. It would be just lovely to spend some quite time under clear skies. And it feels like I found welcoming community here to share my experience and get better at it. I am excited
  5. Thank you for your reply! Yes, I have downloaded the Stellarium and now just waiting for the telescope. I shall share my views on SGL on it for sure. The problem for me is also that I have no one around to discuss these matters. I have to go back to rely on internet which is not always the best source of inspiration. No one (up until now) said what can I do with this piece of equipment. Instead, I was told the list of issues which would 'destroy the experience' and would be a 'hobby killer'. Then there is a tendency to push for more expensive gear on people without really understanding t
  6. Hello all stargazers, This is my first post and I hope it won't be last. I'm an absolute noob when it comes to telescopes. Yes, I have been interested in anything space related but it is only now that I want to take one step further (in a semi-serious manner) towards visual astronomy. So before wasting anymore time I will come straight to the point. After reading lot on telescopes, somehow (and perhaps instinctively) I purchased Bresser AR-90/500 with altaz mount. It has not been delivered yet but soon it will be. I live in a very high light polluted area. Refractors seem to be bett
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