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Skywatcher CQ 350 Mount - First Impressions Review

Roy Foreman

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Skywatcher's first center balanced mount with 35Kg load capacity.  Not had a chance to use it yet but the attached first impressions review may answer some questions that prospective purchasers might have.  I have to say that so far I am very impressed.


850_2613.thumb.jpg.9b22536335062b929f2641809d33691a.jpgCQ350 Review.rtfCQ350 Review.rtfCQ350 Review.rtf


CQ350 Review.rtf



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Hi, I have the same mount and tripod.  Not used it yet (due to the usual British weather).  I really like the clutches as they lock completely.  However, I did wonder what would happen if the scope accidentally hit the tripod leg - would the clutch somehow slip or would the motor keep trying to move?


Interested to hear your thoughts.





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Thanks for your review and I look forward to hearing more as you get this mount outside and test under some clear skies.

I’m on the verge of upgrading from my 15 year  old EQ6 Pro, which I’ve seriously struggled with when loaded with a 250mm Quattro. On paper the EQ6 should cope with Quattro, but cameras, paraphernalia and it’s 1000m physical focal length have been a significant challenge in the guiding department😞
My finances just stretch to an EQ8, but clearly at £1k less the CQ350 clearly appeals. My gut says EQ8 which would easily cope with my setup, but if I could save a grand I would be seriously happy. I await your subsequent review…and thanks again.


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On 07/02/2023 at 15:37, rorymultistorey said:



I've done a review. 😁 https://astrobiscuit.com/2023/02/07/cq350-mount-review/
I think its pretty good.

Tar Rory

Thanks for a nice review, well done. Looks like a decent mount for the price. I would have liked to see how it preformed with a lighter load (60-80mm scope) also. Some big mounts can struggle with light loads.

Question: what was the image scale on the Horse head neb?

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