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  1. I have actually decided against a setting circle and have gone down the digital route. I have a digital rotary encoder with a display similar to the wixey. I was going to create a new thread with all the nodifications i am doing. Just waiting on an encoder coupling to connnect the rncoder to the centre setscrew.
  2. Sorry to jump on the thread but what version of the sky safari app do you use?
  3. Finally got round to modding my dob with the lazy susan bearing. I found I did not need the slide guides, by adjusting the center nut and bolt I can get the right amound of tension needed to make the base not spin too freely. I also stuck a sticky foam pad on the inside of the OTA mount where the base of the OTA meets the support. I found if i am not carefull when effectively parking the scope when not in use it tended to bang on the supports. The foam pad cusions this if it happens. I have also added a wixey gauge to give me an alt reading. I just need to decide on either a setting circle or my prefered choice of a digital rotary encoder of some kind.
  4. Thanks for that.
  5. Excuse my lack of knowledge but what do you mean by prom?
  6. I have to put it down to light pollution then. I wish i could take a decent picture showing how light the sky is Its got to the point where I am struggling to even make out constallations now!! Anyone want to buy a telescope
  7. Well I think its time to throw a dust sheet over my scope for the summer. Just came in (didnt even bother getting the scope out of the garage where it was cooling). The light pollution is rediculous. Or is it light pollution, I am begining to wonder. The sky towards the north sort of is very bright almost as if the sun will be rising soon. The sky safari type app i have on my phone shows the direction the sun takes when it sets and then where it is at midnight (below the horizon obviously but below where the sky is bright). So basically there is a patch of sky towards the south which I could class as dark enough to see the stars clearly but as this area of sky is not visable from my observing location (due to the house) i cannot point the scope this way. So any ideas what this could be, is it just very bad light pollution or is it due to the sun. I am trying to observe at around midnight. The sun will rise at about half 4. It is very frustrating not being able to take the scope out untill winter
  8. Bit of a trek for me unfortunitely (an hours drive).
  9. I must say it was mostly just trying to keep ahead of it. It was abit jerky but i could sort of move ahead just out of the field of view then let it travel across the eye piece then move ahead just out of the field of view etc etc. I need to do some more mods to the dobsonian mount as it is still not very smooth to move.
  10. Its north lincolnshire and we have a steelworks in our town so that adds alot of light pollution. I have started to look at a few sites that will offer better viewing ie less light pollution. To be honest i was not sure if what i was seeing in the finderscope was sulafat and shellak but consulting the star chart it looked like it was, and as there was another star inbetween them both in an almost line which gave the impression it was the star 648. What I need to do is use my finderscope viewing ring ( or whatever you call it) more often. Its actually the middle out of a small roll of sticky tape but the centre is about 5 degress which matches what i see in the finderscope. That way i can put it on the star chart which should hopefully help me.
  11. I saw it too last night. I managed to manually track it for a short while.
  12. To view saturn i have to be outside at about 2am. So I dont get to see it very often.
  13. Had a good night last night, lovely clear skies all night. The scope I am using is a Skywatcher Skyliner 200P Dobsonian. Albireo - My first target of the night was to be Albireo. For some reason i have never been able to see the star with the naked eye so finding it had proved difficult. Last night however i could make out most of the constillation Cygnus. So following a line down from Deneb and then Sadr I could just make out Albireo. I managed to get Albireo in my finderscope and then there it was in the eye piece! A nice bright yellow star along with its fainter blue companion. So thats that one ticked off the list. M57 - This was to be my next target. Quite close to where I was observing Albireo. Right first job get Vega in the finderscope, no problems there. I then got Vega, Zeta and Epsilon all in the finderscope. I could observe the double stars of Zeta and Epsilon through the finderscope (had a quick look through the eye piece as well). From here on it became a bit frustrating. I could only just make out the stars Sulafat and Sheliak through averted vision. So finding these in the finderscope proved most difficult. I think through perserveriance I eventually managed to get both Sulafat and Sheliak in the finderscope with the star 648 in a line between them. I know that M57 is then between 648 and Sheliak but I could not see M57, ah well try another night Saturn - Whilst all this was going on trying to find M57 saturn made an appearence over the horizon. So that was worth a look, and I am glad i did! This was my best ever view of Saturn. The rings and planet were in a good position in that you could see a big distance between the rings and the planet as opposed to seeing it tilted the other way so you cannot see the gap (whats the proper term for that??). I could also quite clearly see the cassini division and also I could see a band on the planet itself . I have made a sketch which i will post up in he sketching part of the forum. A Bonus - I happened to look up after looking at Saturn and what did i see, the ISS. A quick turn of the scope and I could sort of follow it in the finderscope. I think I had the 4mm eye piece in the scope at this time. I put the finderscope ahead of the ISS's path and quickly looked in the scopes eye piece and there it was!! I managed to very clumsily 'track' it for awaile. It was a sharp small image but I could clearly see the main body and the solar panel 'wings'. I have also done a sketch from memory so i will post that up to. Conclusion - The light pollition from my position is bad from around NW through North and round to East. So I guess most of my viewing will have to be from East round through South and back to West. The bad light pollution is where M57 is so I guess i might have had it in the eye piece but just could not see it.
  14. The biggest issue i had with collimation was what JOC has just said. You get it lined up and then when tightening the screws it moves out of alignment. But after a bit you will get the hang if it. One thing i found that hrlped me alot was my red led head torch that i use to read star charts with outside. I found that when collimating with a chesire in the house some of the images i could see were not very clear, i put this down to the lower light levels in the house. My shining the red led head torch into the side of the chesire were the reflective part is I could then see the images clearer which made lining everything up easier. This works well for a quick check before i take the scope out as well.
  15. Excellent sketches as usual