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  1. I am the same. There are many upgrades I want to do. I think maybe a new filter is the next one. Something like an optolong perhaps.
  2. I have read a few posts about people leaving lens/scope caps on and every time I have thought that seems a bit daft, not something that I would ever do. Cue me one night spending 10 minutes wondering why I could not see anything in the LCD display of my DSLR. Stars on the LCD display are always quite dim and few and far between but this was ridiculous. Hmmm let me just look at the end of the scope, maybe it's dewed up. Nope scope cap is on. Just a little bit of quiet swearing and then on with the imaging!
  3. Heart and Soul Nebula's in Ha. Star adventurer pro ASIAIR pro Samyang 135mm lens Canon 200D modified Astronomik Ha filter (12nm) ZWO ASI120mm mini guide scope ISO 800 EXP 300s Lights 24 Darks 15 Flats 40 Bias 40 Moon percentage 89% Half way through image session moon angular distance 70° 40' 08.3" Total exposure time 2 hr
  4. So to rotate the camera you undo the two thumbscrews on the rotator and then rotate? What's the difference then in just undoing the thumbscrews on the telescope and rotating the field flattener? Unless I am missing something??
  5. Just been reading this month's sky at night magazine. In it is a review of the newer type of mount, the star adventurer 2i. There are some results of their tests showing exposure times achieved (unguided I assume) which seem very good compared to what I get with the mount (I am using the star adventurer pro). So I was wondering what other users of this mount are achieving exposure time wise. The magazine's test results are for an 18mm lens they got 20 minutes with no star trailing. With a 100mm lens they got 5 minute exposures. With a 400mm lens they got 2 minute exposures. These se
  6. I have read people having issues with rechargeables. With the rechargeable being 1.2v so giving 4.8v total this has caused some people some issues. I do use rechargeables and have no issues (maybe some makes are definitely better than others). I did start using one of my power packs to power the mount using a usb output on the power bank. I then noticed I was getting very bad star trails after a certain time. I believe this was because if what you mentioned about the mount not drawing much power so the output on the power bank shuts down. I went back to the rechargeables and have not had a pr
  7. Bear in mind the star adventurer mount can take quite a bit of weight. I use mine with a dslr attached to an skywatcher ed72 scope. The scope has a dual bracket attached which to that is attached a finderscope and guide scope. So a fair bit of weight there and it still tracks nicely. So my bet is still a power issue not helped by the load being not balanced.
  8. Interesting. Might have to have a look at installing this at my house. If you can get it to tell you when the 'green' nights will be in advance then you have cracked it!
  9. Very nice image. There are not many nebula's that i can say the image looks like the name. Definitely looks like a monkeys head.
  10. They are, but.... The issue is trying to balance in that combination. For the tracker to 'track correctly/accurately the payload needs to be balanced. By having the camera and lens attached directly to the tracker (with the round green attachment I assume?) the payload center of gravity will be well forward of the mount. If using a camera and a small lens this will be ok but for bigger lenses such as your 135mm this can cause problems. However it does seem like something else is going on here. Even with that unbalanced load the tracker should still appear to track/rotate ok with
  11. With regards taking your flats I now use one of these. There nicely illuminated right across the screen and has three brightness settings. Good as it is usb so can be run off my asiair pro. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/A5-A4-A3-A2-Ultra-Slim-LED-Light-Box-Panel-Professional-5600K-Daylight-Light-Pad-/182188561408
  12. I am on a slow connection at the moment so cannot really download all the image (i will later). When you say you cannot get anything out of it have you managed to stack all the images? If you have managed to do some processing in GIMP for exmple can you post up the image here so we can see.
  13. Same here in North Lincolnshire but I cannot remember what clear outside said. The other day clear outside and xc weather were both showing 0% cloud cover all evening and night. Got everything set up in the afternoon for clear outside to change its mind to something like 60% cloud but xc weather still showed 0%. Turned out great and got a good couple of hours of imaging done. Seems like if either app is showing no cloud I am good to go
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