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  1. Meteor shower

    We are out camping. On the 12th when it was at its peak i saw about 6 over roughly 30mins. It was a bit cloudy now and again so did not see as much as i would have liked.
  2. Time to build some blackout screens

    I might have a word with them, we do talk in passing. I do not use a dew shield. Does this work by effectively extending the entry part of the scope??
  3. Earlier on in the year i had a problem with a neighbours security light in that it was on most of the night! Right I said time to make a blackout screen that fixes to the concrete fence posts that are in line of sight of the light. Got the materials sorted but the light is hardly ever on now so i have not bothered making a screen. Fastforward to summer and where i site my scope now to get a better view there is another light that the neighbours on the other side now leave on all night. I tried to do some observing last night but alot of the objects i want to observe means pointing the scope towards this light so just shielding myself i.e. a towel/ bag type thing over the head will not solve the problem. Looking through the eye piece showed pretty much nothing towards that area of sky due to the security light basically shining down the scope tube!!! So its time to construct a washing line type arrangement with blackout material that can be pulled across like a curtain. The idea being that there will be a pole attached to the concrete fence post and then a steel cable will attach from that to the house with the curtain hung between. Right that feels better having a moan (sorry everyone). I will post a picture of my creation when its done
  4. 00:00 - 00:10 Just another quick session last night with my new Olympus DPS-1 binoculars. As we are away camping soon where there will be good dark skies i thought i would take the time to get used to using the binoculars before we go away. I have set skysafari to show a display circle of 6.5 degrees which is the FOV of the binoculars. From this i could see that two stars, Mu Andromedae and Mirach of the constillation andromeda would fit in the fov of the binoculars. Fortunetly even with my light polluted skies i could make out these two stars with my naked eye so they were quickly in the fov of the binoculars. A slight move upwards then brought M31 into view. This is not visable to the naked eye from where i observe with the light pollition but through the binoculars apperars as a small faint smudge. Next was the moon, this looked excellent throught the binoculars. A bit further round was saturn which was quite faint to the naked eye but through the binoculars showed a golden colour and I could just make out it was not round but a bit squashed/flattish. Looking forward to the dark skies when we are camping. I will be going armed with the binoculars, skysafari, my copy of sky and telescope pocket sky atlas and of course a crate of beer
  5. Another Raspberry all sky camera

    Think i will have a go at this. I have a pi thats not being used currently. A couple of others are running plex and an arcade machine Awile ago i had one of my pi's set up to measure the temperarure outside and log this to a graph which i could view on a website. So I might set the temperature logging back up again along with a camera. I need another project to do and this seems ideal, alot better than all the decorating i have got to do!
  6. 31-07-2017 Observation report

    Well I set my alarm for 00:40 to try and see this -8.1 iridian flare. I got up looked outside at the black clouds and rain and then went straight back to bed!
  7. Clear and soggy session.

    Sounds like a good session. I managed about 10 seconds last night which comprised of me looking outside to see black skies and rain
  8. 31-07-2017 Observation report

    Looks like there is going to be an -8.1 magnitude flare at 00:43:10 on Thursday. Should be nice and bright, if theres no cloud mind.
  9. 31-07-2017 Observation report

    Just noticed on the ISS detector app i use its got a Iridium satellite tracker which shows begining flare time, end flare time, direction etc.. I have it set to notify me next time one is due. At least now i will know what it is when i look up
  10. Sky safari 5 plus help

    I have just started taking a notebook out with me. I think i will then type up or at least re-write the notes and sketches in a different book as the one i take out with me is not very neatly written.
  11. This ones more of a naked eye report than anything else. I decided not to bother taking the scope out last night so i just sent out for 5 minutes with the binoculars again. After a quick look at the moon I noticed a bright light over head travelling approx north east. A satellite of some sort perhaps? It was very bright, this was with the naked eye by the way. It was brighter tham the ISS which after a check on my phone was near australia anyway at the time. Could it of been that new crowdfunded thing they sent up recently. It certainly very bright (definetly not a plain šŸ˜)
  12. Sky safari 5 plus help

    It just would of been nice to email my observation lists with the comments. I will have to start typing them up somewhere else an just use the skysafari lists as a tick sheet.
  13. Sky safari 5 plus help

    I have just had a reply from tbe support forum. The plain text emailing of observation lists is only available in IOS. On skysafari 6 it will be available.
  14. Sky safari 5 plus help

    I have just started a thread on the support forum so i will have to see if i get a reply.
  15. Sky safari 5 plus help

    Yes i have scrolled to the bottom but there are no options there. I am using the android version so maybe its not possible?