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  1. Chefgage

    Watch out, watch out, the Moon's about!

    Ah i see now, thanks.
  2. Chefgage

    Watch out, watch out, the Moon's about!

    That looks amazing . This may be a daft question as i am very new to imaging. I have only done single shots so far. When you say you shot 5000 frames, how did you achieve this? I cannot imagine you sat there and pressed the shutter button 5000 times.
  3. Chefgage

    Valentines night moon

    Thanks for the tip
  4. Chefgage

    Let's see your 1st DSOs

    Heres mine of the orion nebula. It was taken using a skywatcher 200p on a dobsonian mount with a canon 200d camera. This was just a single shot with no post procesing done (you can obviously tell).
  5. Chefgage

    Valentines night moon

    I did not go out for Valentines day as my girlfriend was at work. So out i went into the back garden armed with my new canon 200d and my not new skywatcher 200p on a dobsonian mount. The idea was to just try and get a few single shots of the moon with no post processing to get used to all the settings. The single shots came out well i think, heres and example.
  6. Thanks for confirming that for me. Just need some more clear skies now. I was amazed when i bought the camera and tripod, that usually means weeks of cloudy skies (it certainly was when i bought my scope). But last night was good for me for a couple of hours.
  7. Finally got myself a dslr and i tripod so i can try out the tutorial at the begining of this thread. Quick question, from what i have read the quick picture i took as a test last night has the stars as small discs rather than points of light. Is this a focusing issue? I just set the camera (canon 200d) to manual and changed the iso and exposure settings. Iso was 400 and exposure was 30s.
  8. Total cloud cover at about midnight so i wasnt very hopefull. I set my alarm for 5am and would you believe it not a cloud in the sky including the moon! I soon realised my mistake that as it was now morning and not evening the moon would be at the front of the house not the back d'oh. Anyway i went out armed with only my 10x50's and i was very glad i did. Nice red colour covering nearly all of the surface. I just wish i had bothered to get the scope set up for a few afocal images with my phone.
  9. Chefgage

    Choosing a dslr

    Hello everyone. One thing i want to do this year is get a dslr camera for both telescope and wide angled photography. I like the idea of getting some good wide angled shots just with a tripod. Anyway, are there any good guides out there for helping me to choose a camera? Budget wise - there isnt one really. I will choose a camera that suits my needs. I know sky at night magazine sometimes has reviews but i was wondering if there are any good product guides out there showing new and older cameras? Thanks.
  10. I have one of these. Really is spot on. Very easy to adjust in the dark. It can also be adjusted so you are nearly flat on your back, good for binocular work. https://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/geoptik-nadira-astronomy-observing-chair.html I would avoid the metal type where you just lift the seat to adjust. I bought one of them nd nearly broke my back sitting on it. It would not hold its height position. So it got sent back as not fit for purpose.
  11. Chefgage

    Moon, Venus...

    Here are a couple of mine of the moon and venus from this morning 07:30 ish Done with a galaxy S8+
  12. Chefgage

    RACI finderscope

    Thanks for confirming that.
  13. Chefgage

    RACI finderscope

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I am going to get the skywatcher one from flo.
  14. Chefgage

    RACI finderscope

    'Out of need or just fancy the upgrade?' The answer to this is both :) i have no trouble using the standard straight through finder using both eyes etc.. It is purly the fact it hurts my neck and back using the straight through finder.
  15. Chefgage

    RACI finderscope

    Just been doing a bit of reading and the skywatcher right angled erecting image finderscope is described as providing the image the right way up and correcting the left to right image. So it looks like they are both the same but just named different. I agree a erected image is just one that is turned the right way up. Can anyone with the skywatcher right angled erecting image finderscope confirm it indeed does correct the left to right image?

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