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  1. The biggest issue i had with collimation was what JOC has just said. You get it lined up and then when tightening the screws it moves out of alignment. But after a bit you will get the hang if it. One thing i found that hrlped me alot was my red led head torch that i use to read star charts with outside. I found that when collimating with a chesire in the house some of the images i could see were not very clear, i put this down to the lower light levels in the house. My shining the red led head torch into the side of the chesire were the reflective part is I could then see the images clearer which made lining everything up easier. This works well for a quick check before i take the scope out as well.
  2. Excellent sketches as usual
  3. I have the same scope as the OP. I have a 4mm eye piece that came with a very cheap telescope. With this eye piece. I get very good views if jupiter, plenty of detail including the GRS and moon transists. So might be worth investing in a 6mm or 4mm.
  4. Although quite wierdly i had my best viewing of Jupiter
  5. No i could not see it at all be it with my eyes or the finderscope. The seeing was really bad regards the glare from the moon and light pollution last night. I struggled to see most stars with the naked eye!. I could only see one star of lyra which was vega with the naked eye. Most constillations could not be made out with the naked eye last night.
  6. The one i was looking at was Zeta which i believe is just a double. I was trying to look at the double double (epsilon) but could not see it.
  7. I managed just over an hour outside but the cold beat me back in. Note to self I must sort out a hat and gloves! I seems everyone scopes were turned towards jupiter last night due to the full moon. I myself had very good seeing for jupiter. I could make easily make out the GRS and alot more detail than usual, i wish now i had done a sketch. My plan was to take in a couple of DSO's near Hercules, but I could not see ONE star in the constillation of Hercules with the naked eye so that proved impossible!!! I then turned to Lyra for M57 but again I coukd only see one star (Vega with the naked eye) so again star hopping was pretty much a no go although I could see both Vega and the double star next to it all in the FOV of the finderscope which looked nice
  8. Just been out, lovely clear skies but the moon making it difficult to see alot of stars but then i only popped ot for a couple of minutes. Hardly time for the night vision to kick in Might have to try getting a few photos of the moon using my iphone and phone/telescope adapter. Tried it before on my other scope but the tripods that unstable i could not get a good picture. Now i have the dob along with the headphones to take the pictures i should be good to go.
  9. Good idea that, might have to take a few beers out with me
  10. clear outside app showing 4% cloud at 10pm and then 0% at 11pm for my area. Just taken the scope oit to the garage to cool ready for later. Just need to plan a couple of things to observe as the full moon is out
  11. Clear outside is showing 100% cloud for my area at 4pm and it is correct. So i am hoping it is equally reliable tonigh at about 11pm
  12. I am of course relying in what the weather data says for my area but this is not always reliable as we all know
  13. I have a rare night of no cloud tonight. It will be a full moon (98%) which will be up when i am out observing. Any thoughts on what I could observe other than the moon and jupiter. Both of these will be getting a look but i was wondering if its worth looking for anything else, such as clusters etc.. (This is observing from the UK)
  14. Plus if you enjoy 'tinkering' there are many inexpensive modifications that can be done to the 200p dob.
  15. You will enjoy the 200p, I certainly do