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    Apart from astronomy,Rugby League, past player, present amateur coach, Dinning out, and holidays as often as possible.
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  1. What is the best I can expect to see through my skywatcher 1114p telescope and the best way to see it, i.e how to combine lenses etc
  2. At the moment I do not have any image software on my computer. I was thinking of Registax or Stellarium or both. Any suggestions on either, both, others or none would be we welcomed. PS complete begineer at this.
  3. Hope this is not a stupid question, but how do I find the sun in my telescope witout blinding myself. i have had one go but to no avail. By the way i do have a sun filter attached.
  4. I was intending weather permitting, trying to take some photographs of tomorrows Solar eclipse. Is it better to piggy back my canon 1100d onto my telescope or just attach a telephoto lens to the camera. I have made up some solar filters from Baader filter paper for both camera and telescope. What shutter speeds etc are recommended?
  5. I have a digital slr camera that i would like to use for capuring images of the sun especially with the up and coming eclipse. I have never tried to photograph the sun before but i am well aware of the dangers. Some advise on exposure times / apature size etc along with any other help would be very much apreciated, and is there any particular software (easy to use) recommended.
  6. Anyone any advice on imaging software available for a beginner. I have a Canon EOS 1100d. Also is there different software for planets, nebula, stars etc ?. Keen to get started but this is a whole new ball game to me, any help would be greatly appreiciated.
  7. Thanks to everyone for your replies. I am removing the camera lens and attaching the camera to my telescope via the T Ring and Barlow lens then lining up images ( the Moon) through my red dot finder scope. I have just purchased a Synscan AZ-GOTO mount but have yet to set it up. Not even read the instructions yet (I believe this mount can track an object). Too many questions so little time. Like others I would like to take photographs of planets, nebula etc. The equipment I have is probably up to he job now it's a case of educating the user. Source: Help with getting started in Astro Photograp
  8. I have a Skyhawk - 1145p 114mm telescope and I recently purchased a 2 x Barlow lens and Canon EOS T2 ring to use with Canon 1100d DSLR camera. What i didnt realise was that to attach the t2 ring to my camera i have to remove the Canon18-55 f/3.5-5.6 DC III lens that came with it. Unless anyone knows different there seems to be no way that i can use my Canon lens and moon filters etc whilst using this setup. is there any equipment out there that will allow me to use my Canon lens and filters and additional magnification etc, Any help would be appreciated.
  9. How do i upload photos from my canon camera to share with other members?
  10. Steve, thanks. All I need now are some clear skies, and a big coat. If your passing through Wigan I owe you a drink. Many Thanks
  11. I recently recieved a Skywatcher Synscan AZ GT mount as a present but as a complete beginner i do not have a clue how to set it up properly eg stars, dates and times. i have read the instruction manual (several times) and come to the conclusion i must be thick. Unfortunatly as far as i know there are no clubs in the Wigan area so i can't ask anyone to come and help. Does anyone know if there is a DVD or something that might help me to set it up.
  12. frosty

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    Hi, at the ripe old age of 55 i've just got into astronomy. Still trying to get my head around star charts and trying to find what i want to look at and where it might be in the sky. As a present this christmas i recieved the SKYMAX-127 SynScan AZ GOTO.(as if my head wasn't cabbaged enough). I live in the northwest of England, Wigan to be precise and would be grateful if anyone can suggest which stars to line it up with and where i might find them. Many thanks
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