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  1. I had 9 scopes, some had to go to fund a Flourite addiction! The 115 Apo is very good, mine is sold, it's on special offer at TS now but that won't last once they've sold one or two. 115 is an odd size, people usually buy 100 or 120. 115 is actually a brilliant size as the FL is only 800mm and the weight is only 6.2kg.
  2. I have an ES ED127 triplet which was hand selected for me and subjected to a battery of tests by Teleskop Specializten in Munich (booklet full of tests still in my files). It's a particularly well figured example and gives lovely sharp views, which are comparable to my FC-100, but it weighs about 2.5 times as much and is 952mm FL, so not grab and go like the FC-100. It's also almost as expensive these days. I do wonder whether each one off the production line would have this good a set of optics. But I'm planning on keeping mine
  3. My blue extension tube was tighter than the black extensions, yes it could well be the black paint that does it (no sign of glue or other fixings), and indeed the trick is to keep the silver ring tightly screwed to the white main tube to give yourself more grip on the silver section. I might have used a towel for extra grip on the white/silver section too. Give it some Welly, it's just a stuck screw fit.
  4. Welcome! Get a small scope and check out Orion's belt and sword regions. So much more going on than the eye alone detects. Viewing a single asterism without a scope, I'd say the Pleaides is lovely. But get a simple scope like a used 80mm refractor with an Alt Az mount, your world will change
  5. Still available - two 5.4kg counterweights available too.
  6. No worries! I didn't know there was an SW version, though it's just a different software as I understand it...
  7. Yep this was sold as Celestron, not sure if you need a software update for SW?
  8. Thanks, it is pretty epic - best rich field scope I've had - but needs to be sold for Flourite Taks sadly. It's not that big with the dew shield in...
  9. So would that connect straight onto the back of a Tak without an adaptor or clicklock?
  10. That could be great, but it's for a male SC thread... What did you connect that to?
  11. Thanks. I would definitely need 2" to T2 adapter at the telescope end (where there's a Baader 2" Clicklock). My binoviewers (your old binoviewers, since supercharged by Denis L) have a 1.25" nosepiece. Guess I would either need a T2 to 1.25" adapter at the Eyepiece end OR a T2 to 2" Baader clicklock and then a 2" to 1.25" adapter. The Clicklock would be more versatile. I imagine there's not a lot of difference in the lightpath between a T2- 2" clicklock (36.6mm plus adapter) and a T2-1.25" nose piece (lighpath not listed)?
  12. What diagonals do people.use with the FC100 (and FC76) to bring binoviewers to native focus (ie without a Barlow/OCS)? I think it has to be a prism for the light path length, but what is good for holding binoviewers securely? Does the Tak 1.25 prism do a good job securing the load or does it need to be the Baader T2 prism? Also, would the T2 be wide enough to take 2" wide field EPs like TV Ethos without vignetting?
  13. Just double checked and it definitely is just a matter of unscrewing, just needs sufficient grip, which is easier with the silver ring still screwed on to the OTA. There are definite advantages to shortening the OTA by removing the blue extension tube!
  14. On the FC100 it's just screwed on tight. A firm grip will unscrew each section.
  15. Are you looking at astrophotography use or just visual? Comparing to triplet apos, I'd say the FC-76 DCU is worth the money at £1,250 because it is the sharpest scope I've ever owned and never fails to give razor sharp, crisp views. Both the FC76 and FC100 have very high contrast with darker sky backgrounds than other scopes of their size. I think the FC100 is harder to justify at £2000+, but it is very capable and shows many objects very well. Both are a lot more portable than an equivalent sized triplet.
  16. Just tried the RPL 45 in the 127/952 Apo. It was very good indeed, sharp to the edge, or at least 95 per cent. Good transmission and clarity.
  17. Hi there, Celestron AVX, no tripod. Was all working perfectly last week until the motor control board started smoking - I may have attached the voltage cable the wrong way round after pulling it out accidentally. Component C3 on the motor control board is visibly heat damaged. Someone who is handy with a soldering iron could probably replace this. No power lights coming on the mount at all. £275 plus Courier
  18. I'm not an imager but I have been impressed by how very little CA there is. There's noticeably less than on my old Evostar 120 F8.3. Must be witchcraft (or rather, good optics and FMC coatings). I've only noticed CA on the edge of the moon and even then it is very thin indeed.
  19. Manfrotto 405 Geared Head complete with quick release plate and two photo thread screws. Great for mounting smaller scopes or binos. Can screw a Vixen clamp straight into the quick release plate. Mounts to standard photo tripods. Has three axes (Alt, Az and tilt), spirit level bubbles, has slow motion control knob at the end of each axis, or unlock an axis using the collar and rotate freely. I have more mounts than I need and this now isnt being used. Price reduced to £249 plus postage (RRP £399)
  20. Interesting, I also use a comfortable view of the width of Orion's belt as a minimum measure for a wide field set up!
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