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  1. Just doing a bit of reading and the OVL Aero 30mm ought to balance nicely at just 350grams but may show minor coma at the outer edges. The APM UFF 30mm would be lovely (at twice the price) but weighs about 560 grams. That should still balance as it's lighter than the Ethos 17mm Hmmmm...
  2. Contrast is a little hard to assess as the sky background is lighter in the 38mm at just x15, compared the the Ethos 17 at x33. But it does seem good considering the low mag. I like it in my CC6 and 8 where it has higher magnification.
  3. It's really very, very good at F7.5, as sharp across the field as EPs priced many times as much. I have considered buying the 32mm Panaview for this reason, but I can't see many reviews about, other than a general consensus that the 38mm is the best in the series.
  4. One nice widefield EP I've found that does balance with the FC-76 is the Panaview 38mm. I haven't spent too much time with it and the FC-76, but it's sharp across the field to my eyes (although my eyes may not be as fussy as some). It only weighs 500g. It produces x15 and 4.7 degrees.
  5. I see it as having two set ups; one travel set up based on 1.25' (scope balanced to the middle of the dovetail) and a home set up for 2" (scope balanced at the back of the dovetail). Travel: Pan 24mm, Ethos 8mm, Nagler zoom 6-3mm Home: Ethos 17mm (liking this more and more for the FC-76), Ethos 10mm, Ethos 6mm, Ethos 4.7mm Definitely try your 13mm
  6. You're damn right! I may hate Tak green but the whole scope? Some things are just sacrilegious.
  7. Apologies to offer an expensive solution but I was experimenting with the medium to short FL Ethos last night between gaps in the clouds. The 6, 8, 10 and 13mm all balance pretty nicely and give lovely sharp views across the field. The 17mm Ethos might be my new favourite in the FC-76, it's as wide a field as the Pan 24 but at x33 instead of the Pan's x24, so the background is darker. To balance the 17mm the dovetail does need to be as far forward in the clamp as possible (flush with the back of the clamp), but it does balance without counterweighting. The Ethos 21mm is too heavy to balanc
  8. Yep I have the Stellalyra CC6 which I use for Grab and Go visual alongside a Tak 76. I use it on a Mini Ercole Giro which holds it well. Cool down is fast due to open tube, it's sharp and contrasty. Not as sharp as a Tak 76, but then nothing else I've used is! Great for getting some aperture on small DSOs like open clusters, small nebs, galaxies. For really grabbing faint fuzzies I use it's big bro the CC8, which is now my main high aperture scope (even though I also have a good 10" dob, I prefer the CC8 alongside a 127mm Apo).
  9. The Hercules tube rings are a good colour match. They also have various mounting options. I've added a matching aluminium finder bracket to mine. For aesthetics the RDF should probably be on the back ring, but for practicality it's better on the front. Now to dig out a can of Alfa Silver car paint and spray that RDF to match!
  10. They are really nicely made and finished rings and light too. I don't know.the diameter for the TSA I'm afraid.
  11. Well if you give FLO £1228 of your cash (and they are currently cheapest) they'll happily supply the OTA but no clamp... But fortunately all the accessories are freely available... At a price
  12. Update: last night I found it was easy to locate open clusters M36 and M38 in Auriga, and I actually detected M37 which is much fainter. I then viewed it in the CC6 in which it was still faint. Auriga was low in the west above some flats with their gardens light up Also got a quick view of Mars which was a bright orange 7/8ths disc, low between tree branches and hard to get any quality out of. More views of M3, M13 and random asterisms popping out all over the place...
  13. Yep. Not going to change the focuser at this point. Likely to put the Feathertouch on my CC8, which has a decent stock dual speed focuser but annoys me as I feel it's too low geared, takes too many turns to focus - which in theory is better for precision but does my head in. Its like someone changing the steering rack on a sports car to a really long one so i can't corner fast!
  14. They are alu tube rings exactly matching the rings on the dewshield and also the clamps Also I hate Tak green, and whilst Tak blue is much better I still don't like it
  15. Over the weekend I finally got some partially clear skies. I live in the London suburbs, SW19 with Bortle 9 skies, though possibly not as bad for me in my immediate locality as I live between a common, a park, a golf club and some tennis courts, plus the streetlights are those new down-only LEDs. There was no moon light on these nights, which really helps. The FC-76 is my smallest scope ever, having been preceded by an ES ED80 triplet apo and an ST80. The Tak 76 is much lighter than the ED80, coming in at 3.1kg including a 2" diagonal, Pantoptic 24mm, tube rings, dovetail and RDF. Th
  16. No I really like the tube rings, I'll sell the clamshell on here when I have time!
  17. Update on weights, diagonals and mounting rings: Changing the Tak visual back and adapters to a Baader clicklock and 2" Explore Scientific diagonal added 400 grams, so the total weight including Panoptic 24mm EP and lightweight RDF was 3.2kg. I've just changed the Tak Clamshell to some Hercules aluminium tube rings. Although the tube rings feel much lighter, my kitchen scales say there's only 60 grams in it - 480g for the Tak clamshell and dovetail and 420g for the tube rings and dovetail. So the whole set up (without mount) is around 3.1kg.
  18. For those quick opportunistic views you want a light scope which you can carry out preferably already mounted. Definitely go for an Alt Az.mount, not an EQ. A Giro like those from Teleoptiks works great. Keep an.eye.out for.a.uaed wooden.trupod like a Berlebach. Light, sturdy, absorbs vibration - but a cheaper aluminium one will do if the scope is light and short enough. You want a scope that will cool fast, so a doublet. At your budget (especially buying used) you can probably get one with high end glass like FPL51 or even FPL-53, so.youre basically looking at an Apo doublet. I woul
  19. How does the 60 compare to the 76 for wide fields?
  20. What do you use the FS60 for, Jeremy? You have so much choice!
  21. Thanks Mike, bang on! That's a kilo and a half of Ethos and 2" diagonal hanging off the focuser in the vertical with no slippage or image shift
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