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  1. Hmm, consider the Stellalyra 6" classical cassegrain. The field of view won't be more than 1.5 degrees, but the weight is only about 5.5kg for a 6" OTA.
  2. I think what you're paying for with the Pan 41 is the edge of field correction across 100pc of the field even in scopes below F5, that is really difficult to do. If you're on medium and higher F ratio scopes this isn't an issue. I've been happy with the transmission and sharpness.
  3. So here it is - the FC100DC! I've fitted the 95mm Hercules rings (and a black 160mm dovetail whilst I wait for a new silver 228mm). I've already removed the light blue tube section from in front of the focuser and installed a Baader clicklock. With a 2" diagonal and a 50mm 2" extension tube after the diagonal, all my EPs come to focus just like on the FC-76, so 1.25" EPs just need the 2"-1.25" adapter, and the Ethos 6 and 8mm need to be used with the adapter rather than in 2" mode. The brilliant thing is that if I place a standard Celestron 1.25" diagonal and a binoviewer strai
  4. Yep I just checked and it's on sale for the price you quoted above, the regular price is circa 1500 Euro plus taxes. I've noticed TS sales prices tend to dissappear as the stock level drops.
  5. I've just tried this in a 100mm/740mm F7.4 apo in daytime and it worked great - nice wide field. If I get the chance to use it in my 127/952 F7.5 I will report back but it should work just as well since the F ratio is the same. I know Ive got it to focus in that scope in the past.
  6. Great things come in absolutely enormous packages (60" TV for scale)... Note how the certificate alone was packed in a dedicated box of packing peanuts! I present to you the last Takahashi FC100 in the western hemisphere (well, for a few months at least)...
  7. Tip: don't try to recollimate it until you've star tested it on real sky. In day time testing with a laser or similar, the collimation will seem to be off by several cm on the primary. This is because the focuser is mounted on a slant. These scopes are usually perfect out of the factory. Don't change it until you've used it at night...
  8. Managed to order a Baader Clicklock and suitable dovetail from TS in Germany. I already have a set of the lovely Hercules alu rings.
  9. Great post, thank you! I'm planning on removing the light blue tube section at the front of the focuser (thus giving the DC the same tube length as the DF, as I understand it), adding a Baader Clicklock and the a 2" diagonal - although at some point I will experiment with bringing a binoviewer to focus with a 1.25 diag or prism. Perhaps some extension tubes may be necessary for one set up or the other, but once the clicklock is on I can extend using standard 2" and 1.25" extension tubes, of which I have one or two kicking about...
  10. I know, I know, but as I mentioned, my wallet wasnt ready for that reality at the time! Now that I'm 50kg of VX16 lighter, it's not quite as far fetched as it once was!
  11. I wonder who swiped the other one? Looks like no more FC100s hitting these shores til June/July...
  12. Maybe Seriously after last night's lunar I am totally convinced by flourite Taks. I also noted just how useful the quick cool down is as well as portability. The CC6 has relatively fast cool down, but my time on target for the moon was very limited and the Tak showed just how perfect it is for immediate use grab and go. Now imagine the FC76 and the FC100 next to each other on the Mini Giro Ercole for grab and go, one set to wide field and the other set to whatever mag works best for the target
  13. Last night I had some epic lunar views with the DC-76. Now I don't know who else noticed, but yesterday FLO had two FC100 DCs listed on their website. I've been monitoring the page for a while and tonight in the last couple.of hours or so someone ordered one, leaving just one. RVO still have none. Short version; my credit card hurts. Also, does anyone have a Baader clicklock M56i or Tak.2" visual back they can sell me ?!
  14. Had an unexpectedly clear night last night and had some time on the moon with the FC-76 and the CC6 on a Mini Giro Ercole. The FC-76 was ready to view immediately and I was able to push it to x190 with the Televue Zoom. Lovely crisp sharp views with lots of contrast and huge amounts of serial, totally outperforming what could reasonably be expected from 76mm of aperture. The CC6 struggled at magnification at first since I started viewing immediately with no cool down, but ended up giving good detailed lunar views but perhaps not quite as sharp as the FC-76. However, where the CC6 did
  15. Pretty sure I've used it on my 127/952mm triplet and it was good. I'll try that combo when there's some clear sky! Would give a big field at x20 and 3.4 degrees.
  16. This is my beautiful 115m F7 Triplet (800mm FL), bought new from Telescope Express just a year ago. Really excellent triplet FPL51 and Lanthanum which gives super crisp contrasty views. I can easily get well over three degree fields out of it. It's only been used for visual so the beefy 2.5" rotatable rack and pinion focuser has hardly noticed it's been used. It has a dual speed focus control that has a very nice weight to the knobs, so I've never even considered moving to a Feathertouch even though I'm a big fan of them on less well spec'd scopes. The optics are clear and almost com
  17. Lovely "Really Perfect Lens" 45mm Stellalyra Kitakaru 2" with a whopping 62 degree AFOV in a beautiful metallic red finish, as new in original packaging complete with lens cloth (never opened), dust caps and original box I preferred this to my Panoptic 41mm as it doesn't kidney bean anywhere near as much. I bought this brand new from FLO about 2 months ago and I've enjoyed using it in my long FL scopes, most of which are now sold/being sold to fund a very expensive Takahashi habit. Moving to short FL scopes means I don't really need this EP and it ought to go to someone who will use
  18. Introducing the Silver Red Dot Finder! Premium RDF to match latest model Takahashis
  19. Price reduced to £14 each or £25.00 for the pair
  20. It's very good, only selling as i have other plans to fund...
  21. Just used the Panaview 38mm in better skies (very little cloud, still at home with LP) and it was very good. Sharp 80per cent of the field and then minor coma, but I have to say minor and not distracting. I noticed because I was looking for it. Even though it was only at x15 it was a fairly dark background.
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