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  1. First light report to follow; first, does anyone know how to adjust the tension on the stock focuser (other than the big silver lock knob on top)? Cheers!
  2. That hand truck is way cooler than mine!! Looks.like it's extendable too?
  3. Focuser and EP update: Baader Clicklock M56i (0.75") has arrived and been installed on the stock focuser. With an Explore Scientific Carbon Fibre 99pc reflectivity mirror diagonal, all of my eyepieces come to focus with just the 30mm travel on the stock focuser! Clearly the 1.25" EPs need a 2" to 1.25" adapter (I'm using a self centering one which effectively functions as a twist lock). EPs which come to focus: - All Ethos (caveat - the 6mm and 8mm need to be in the 2" to 1.25" adapter rather than just dropped straight into the 2" diagonal like the rest). - Kitakaru 4
  4. Yep. The cloud is still thick. Sorry!
  5. What do you use the most for say open clusters and objects like M42? Just wondering whether around x65 is good for DSOs like these given the limited aperture.
  6. Those of you using 1.25" eyepieces on the FC76 and FC100, what are your most used eyepieces? I have the Pan 24 and I've ordered a Nagler Zoom. I have the ES82 14mm which looks really sharp on this scope but isn't parfocal to the other two. Looks like the Nagler 9mm would be good at x63 and 1.3 degrees.
  7. I also have a Giro Mini and usually use it on a Berlebach Report. I'll try it on the photo tripod with the Tak at some point...
  8. Works great, just check the screws holding the extension heads from time to time so the heads don't rotate. Not a big deal.
  9. The Berlebach has far more stability and is top notch. I usually have an 800mm FL triplet and a 1846mm Cassegrain on it, weighing about 16.5kg altogether including the Mini Giro Ercole, diagonals and 2" EPs and it's all nice and stable. The Manfrotto, head and Tak only weigh 7.5kg so truly grab and go.
  10. Hi Nicola, just wondering what mount this is and whether you find it stable at Nagler Zoom mags on your photo tripod?
  11. Grab and go set up: Manfrotto 405 head and 055 tripod weighing 4.6kg. FC76 DCU clamshell, dovetail, diagonal.and eyepiece weighing 2.8kg. About 400g heavier with the Ethos SX which does cause the vertical axis to shift but is parfocal with the Panoptic 24. Nagler Zoom and Baader 2" connection coming tomorrow; I'll experiment with bringing the EPs to focus with a 2" diagonal tomorrow.
  12. Yeah sorry about that... And it's going to get worse. Manfrotto tripod coming tomorrow, Nagler Zoom and 2" Baader clicklock coming on Friday. Silver tube rings and dovetail at some point...
  13. I haven't installed the Starlight yet as the adaptor is out of stock. I am impressed with the current focuser and have a Baader clicklock 2" coming on Friday along with a Nagler Zoom. As you know, the current focuser is only 30mm travel but Im sure I can make it work to.some degree. Feathertouch may go on the CC8, we'll see...
  14. Oh look, wall to wall cloud! Tak FC-76DCU, as new in triple box with clamshell, Feathertouch 2015 (not installed), RDF and 1.25" diagonal and EPs. This set up needed the 20mm(?) extension with the stock focuser. Cloud will be prolonged as tomorrow brings a Manfrotto Tripod and Friday brings a Nagler Zoom 3-6mm and a Baader 2" Clicklock. Silver tube rings and dovetail also ordered. Note: using my kitchen scales, the stock focuser weighed 450g and the FTF2015 weighed 540g, so only 90g more. The FTF 2025 is listed as the same weight on Starlight's website.
  15. Alert all stations: Prepare for heavy sustained cloud
  16. I have a 4.7mm Ethos SX so getting the 2-4mm makes more sense than the 3-6mm provided the exit pupil doesn't get silly, which I suppose isn't a concern on the moon.
  17. Thanks Jeremy. Do you feel like the scope is being pushed at 3mm/x190? I gather they can go very high on the moon. Ever feel like 2mm/x285 would work?
  18. I've noticed people use prisms on these scopes sometimes rather than mirrors, is there any particular reason for this? Low light path distance? Also how do you rate the Nagler zoom? I'm thinking about getting the 2-4mm for the DCU although I imagine it would only be useful on the moon and planets. Also, I am tempering my expectations for first light, as I don't live on a farm with dark skies!
  19. Thanks Holly I appreciate your help and I am glad to be joining both the Tak club and the DCU club! Whilst extra aperture is hard to turn down (FC100, if there were actually any available), I do currently lack a true grab and go scope, my lightest currently being the CC6 at about 5.5kg without EPs and my shortest FL being the 115mm 800FL Apo triplet. The DCU is only 1.8kg plus EPs, bracket and and finders. I think the DCU will get a lot of use and as lockdown is being eased I might well take this further afield from time to time. Yes I'm very interested in whether your Ethos c
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