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  1. I think I'd prefer the slightly shorter FL of the DC over the DZ as the fields are that little bit wider. I do prefer the look and feel of the feather touch too. So I think these scopes are all good solutions but I'll probably go for the DC and Feathertouch. I also suspect the DC and FT is going to be a little lighter and slightly easier to mount stably. Really for portability they should have made a 100dcu!
  2. That is super helpful Stu! So, the DC model will be available in a few weeks but the DF won't.be available til June. I am probably in the minority but I really don't like the Tak light green or even the new light blue, so a feathertouch is quite appealing. I do like the silver rings though. I can currently pick up a used FTF 2015 at a more reasonable price though that only has 1.5"/ 38mm travel. Still better than stock. I've done some calculations using one of my exisiting fracs which shows I need 30mm travel to get all of my 2" EPs to focus (except one Kitakaru 45mm which I w
  3. That is marvelous info Stu! I like the silver ring and am going for silver OTA tube rings too. Sounds like the 304 adapter might give slightly more in focus than the 302 - does anyone know if using the 302 still gives enough in focus for most 2" EPs with a 2" diagonal?
  4. Is one of the solutions to insufficient infocus on the DC with 2" diag to install a Feathertouch? Because that's the way I'm leaning...
  5. It's 1.2" for the DC and 2.5" for the DF and DZ with stock focusers
  6. Mark, which adapter is that on your Feathertouch? It looks silver, but the Starlight ones appear black on the FLO website. PS, I mentioned to Ian that the Feathertouch focusers are scandalously expensive and I *think* the price just dropped £45... Could be wrong
  7. Excellent, thanks Holly and Mark, that's super helpful. Mark is that a Feathertouch 2025 or 2015?
  8. Has anyone got 1.5" travel on their Tak FC focuser drawtube, for instance from the shorter Feathertouch FTF 2015, and is it enough travel to bring your 2" Eyepieces to focus (Ethos, ES 82?) I know some of you have the FTF 2025 with 2.5" travel which seems ample. I gather the stock DC focuser is only 1" travel so the FTF 2015 would be a small improvement but not sure if it's enough?
  9. Good idea, but i want something lighter and with faster cool down than a triplet, hence thinking about a Flourite Doublet. I have had an ED80 Triplet before, it was very good but heavy.
  10. Very useful Stu. Because I have the CCs, most of the time planetary would be through those. But wide fields would be a common target as would big DSOs. Would the 100 provided a significantly richer field? Probably. It would also provide more light grasp for DSOs. I just wish the dew shield retracted without having to spend almost £3k!!! Stu, how easy is it to remove the dewshield? Is it something you could screw on at the beginning or each session without spoiling the cosmetic or mechanical finish?
  11. Noooooooooooo I know I'm going to end up with two Taks but my wallet is not prepared to accept that reality
  12. The weight is an issue, yes. A Tak doublet would also cool quicker. But you're right in that it wouldn't have a viewing advantage over a 115 triplet. Also the FC100 is actually longer than the Triplet when not in use, and I don't have a small grab and go and I would like a Tak... Hence the suitability of the FC76 for wide field alongside the CC6 for aperture. But the FC100 would be great for general viewing on its own on a phototripod... Oh I don't know!!
  13. Pretty sure that's either a Pacific island, a cocktail, or both.
  14. Right so having spoken to Ian at FLO (the legendary Ian King I presume?), I reckon the FC100 DC would actually fit the bill - I could run 2" EPs off the back using either a Tak 2" VB or a Baader clicklock. Apparently, you can also remove a ring from between the focuser and the tube, bringing the light path down a bit for binoviewing - there's a thread here on SGL explaining how. However, a re-think is in progress. I have no grab and go scopes smaller than my 115 triplet and CC6". The Triplet is 6.2 Kg without diagonal and EP, is too much for a photo tripod, and has a long cool do
  15. Just to update, a took the VX16 into my front garden the other night (for the first time since I moved house) and despite having to dodge the streetlight shining in my eyes I had some epic views of the Orion Neb! Really really detailed and very bright. Collimation was barely off and very easy to perfect with a laser. Star fields were rich and contrast surprisingly good, all that flocking definitely paid off! Had a wobble and almost took this off sale, but my front garden with the streetlight pouring into my eyes is just not the right place for this
  16. Ah very useful info! So instead of buying the Tak 2" visual back you bought a Baader Clicklock which will allow you to use a 2" diagonal? Looks like you'd have enough travel for binoviewers with a 1.25" diag maybe?
  17. Same. I have all Ethos that can be set to 2", set to 2". The 6, 8 and 13 are simultaneously 2" higher up and 1.25" lower down the barrel. The 8" sometimes goes in a 60mm Antares finderscope for full-on tail wagging the dog (physically and in price) action.
  18. I have been fantasising about using an FC-60 as a super finder/widefield scope alongside an FC100 - please let me know how you find it in use! Surely your 76DCU can go on hols with you - or do you mean to take both 76 and 60? I know I would...
  19. Excellent, let me know how you find it, whether the feel on the big focuser knob feels right to you, as per decent aftermarket focusers. I think your DCU has the smaller focuser with the 35mm travel, how are you finding that and are you using any 2" EPs?
  20. A short review. I'm used to Televue Ethos and Panoptic eyepieces, Explore Scientific 82 degree EPs, and also various less expensive options I've owned in the past. I've tested the Panaview 38mm 70 degree on 115 F7 and 127 F7.5 triplet refractors, and 6 and 8" F12 Cassegrains at night. All showed sharp fields edge to edge, in focus. I'm very impressed. The daytime view in the fracs was also great, very sharp and clear, though not good around the edge of the Cassegrains - maybe too much aperture? The top lens of the eyepiece is huge. Doesn't seem to cause problems much, as the twist
  21. Yep I had read about off axis issues. Not cool at all. Hmm it's between the FC76 and the FC100. I think the FC100 may make more sense in the long run. My grab and go pair is a little heavy at the mo with the 115mm triplet and the CC6. I could compare the Fc100 against the 115 and see if I could bear to sell the 115, which in my opinion is both awesome and good value. But given I'm selling my VX16 and about to list my AR152 for sale as well, I could do this...
  22. Any thoughts on a used Sky 90 instead? It seems they are sensitive to collimation and not as sharp as the FS for planetary...
  23. Now this is quite telling. The optical quality and contrast must be really exceptional to be using a 76mm on those objects. I'd really like to try a flourite scope as I suspect from everything I've read that I'm going to love the quality of views. But as you both say, they're not miracle machines so aperture counts. Although I love wide fields, oddly I don't like them TOO wide. I never used my ED80 wider than 4.4 degrees (Ethos 21) as I actually found it too wide to find my way easily as the sky is too full of stars, plus the sky is darker with higher mag. I don't much like going low
  24. Yes that's exactly my finding - a good dual speed focuser has a very nice, weighty feel to the large focuser wheel - quite a lot of resistance - which makes it easy to reach the exact focus spot. The little wheel (1/10th the turn rate) doesn't have that resistance and just doesn't feel as accurate and satisfying to use.
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