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  1. The Rugby to Leamington train line has sadly long gone. Two trains via Coventry now......
  2. From experience- build as big as you can. About 7'x7' is the minimum operating room. More room is always better and don't base your plans on your current equipment- allow for possible upgrades like a 12" Newtonian...........
  3. Bit windy here (Warks) but better than yesterday.
  4. I've been avoiding Windows 10 for as long possible........... Good images though.
  5. Use the ED70 as the guidescope for your 'proper' scope i.e. the Newt! It's what I do........
  6. Nice star colours- the watermark detracts though. Maybe leave it out altogether.
  7. There are a couple of campsites in the border area that I know about with potentially dark skies: Powis Arms site at Lybury North (good pub & fishing too) https://www.thepowisarms.com/camping.html# Foxholes Campsite at Bishops Castle (good pubs) http://www.foxholes-castle.co.uk/index.html Kempton Farm https://www.freedomcampingclub.org/campsite/Shropshire/Lydbury-North/Kempton-Farm/4735
  8. Keeps the Oceans moving - probably should leave it where it is.....
  9. Nice image- I think the California can be a bit 'boring' for want of a better word. I think your rendition has great contrast.
  10. Nice to see a widefield version.
  11. Good to see these Southern objects
  12. Got a new radio in the collection a TECSUN PL-380. If anything I like this better than the big Tandy base station- it's nearly as good and also handheld (can use this in bed!) Tried it out connected to the obsy long wire antenna (25m) and logged a staggering 60+ separate FM broadcast signals (although many were duplicate stations e.g. Classic FM three times) including a French station from Wales! Not too shabby on shortwave and medium wave either.
  13. Sounds nasty- got to keep an eye that kind of thing!
  14. Most gear is from China- therfore the USD$ to UK£ ratio is more important than the Euro. The Euro is less important than various scaremongers would have you believe.......
  15. Nice concept but probably not cheap.........might even be more than buying a house in a Dark Sky location?
  16. The tripod/pier top/mount does not need to be pefectly level for good PA- the polar axis of the mount just needs to be stable & pointing along the polar axis of the earth.
  17. I suggest as part of their tour they measure they altitude of Polaris at these venues: Newquay lat 50.4155° N John-O-Groats lat 58.6373° N And then try and explain the observation...........
  18. Wow- expensive stuff. The £539 stereo on the front page would set you back £2,500 in todays money. I bet it probably wasn't even that good- Realistic are not really a respected/collectable audiophile brand. Good link though!
  19. Thanks- I'll look into that. Apparently listening to the astronauts on ISS is possible too.
  20. I set up a proper 75 foot longwire antenna now- running down from the chimney to the observatory and rigged up a propper ground wire. Reception is much better now,
  21. Thanks- gives all something to look forward to!
  22. Nice to hear a good dark skies report. Been in Mid Wales since Thursday- between the clouds the views of the Milky Way have been stunning. Not worth setting up the scope but definately worth a quick binocuclar session!
  23. Yes- laziness! I should re-focus between imaging runs. There is always the possibility that focus will shift or the main mirror will tilt after slewing from one target to another. In theory a re-colimation and focus check should happen. In reallity , at the end of a session, this might not happen! Hence metal tube Newts are bit too twitchy for easy use..... Also bear in mind I have posted the full APS-C frame. The corrected area of the coma corrector reducer I used does not cover the full frame.
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