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  1. Taking my next step!

    I hope so, that thing is like a sail on a 🚢, and the weight really is pushing the mounts capability for imaging. thanks
  2. Taking my next step!

    Sorry missed that off the list, I have ordered the dedicated .85 from FLO as well. thanks
  3. Hi all, Just placed my order with the lovely people at FLO 😁 SW80 ed ds pro cls filter bahtinov Already have an HEQ5 canon 100d. I’ve been imaging with my SW200 p on the above mount so really looking forward to using a frac for the first time. any advice is welcome. thanks
  4. Hi all, my daughter just celebrated her 5th birthday today and grandma bought her this Lottie doll, comes with a little info sheet with details on Caroline Herschel, Annie Jump Cannon and 6 other v important notable female astronomers. Really pleasing and refreshing to see a strong female role model toy for both girls and boys. I’m impressed and even had a little play myself. hope this helps
  5. Telrad finder

    Hi Chris,I think you will be fine with the finder suggested. If you think about it this way, the finder gets you in a close enough location to move to the eyepiece using a low mag you can then star hop to your desired location. the fact you can only see a limited number of stars means you have fewer starting positions to star hop from, but also means you are less likely to start in an incorrect position. Hope this helps
  6. Looking to dive in

    I’m not saying a smaller/cheaper mount would not work just that it would be so much harder. For example if you are taking even a modest 20/30 second exposure the mount has to be absolutely still. The smaller the mount the greater the chances of wobble and thus producing an unusable image. That said some of the shots you take on an evening may be useable. But the aim is to gather as much usable data as possible on a given target. this problem is compounded when you add more weight to the mount. OTA, camera, finder, guide scope and diagonal this will all push a mount beyond is practical capability, factoring in the bigger the setup the the more the wind can spoil your shots. For $1300 (£975 ish) you should be able to source secondhand some very capable kit? please don’t take my words as criticism I started off with a Celestron 76eq on a 2/3gem and took some IMHO breathtaking shots with any iPhone jammed up against the eyepiece but nothing compared to even a 15 second exposure of M43. hope this helps
  7. Anyone around Stalybridge

    Hi Chris, im on the other side so can’t help directly but have you looked for a local astronomy club? There are 4 in and around Manchester if you search and they will I’m sure be more than accommodating/welcoming hope this helps
  8. Astrozap Dew Straps on 200p

    Hi Mike, just checking are you talking about the SW200p dob? i have the same scope and never had a problem with dew? however the principal behind the dew heater is that it warms the lens or in your case the mirror so that dew can not form. So in short it would go around the bottom but as above I’m not sure it’s needed hope this helps
  9. Looking to dive in

    Hi McWaffles and welcome, my first thought was you are coming at this the wrong way, the first thing you should be focusing on is the mount as without a stable reliable platform the best most capable scope in the world is useless. I would recommend buying the sturdiest mount you can, I have the SWHEQ5 and this is probably the starting position for most people getting into AP. As for the scope whatever you have left in the bank after the mount is what you are working with. Have you looked at refractors? The SW80 DSpro is well regarded for DSO AP. Then once you build up your skills/knowledge and take the plunge further the refractor can become your guide scope. Allowing you to take even longer exposures hope this helps
  10. App recommendations?

    All on my phone: Stellarium clear outside (thanks FLO) Seasky.org (bookmarked) aurora watch polar align think that’s all I use. Hope this helps
  11. Hi Gerard, I would pluck for the HEQ5, this will allow you to track without star trails for longer. Then once you’re getting the most (tracking without trails) and want to take it further you can Buy a guide scope. Hope this helps
  12. Sony T-Ring and 1.25" T-adaptor

    Pm sent re the tube rings
  13. Clouds, clouds, clouds, clouds

    Hi Akidoamigo, theres lots of info out there: FLO promote http://clearoutside.com/forecast/50.7/-3.52 on their shop. I use an app called scope nights. But TBH once you get beyond a few days it's mostly guess work. I do partake in the hourly ritual of the back door head peak as a tried and tested method. As for the scope cool down you either have to take your chances and set up in the hope the weather is correct and does what it's supposed to do or like me find somewhere to store your kit where it's already cool, I keep mine in the conservatory (very, very, very cold) This minimises the time needed to set up.
  14. Colimated my scope, balanced my mount, read the latest sky at night magazine (cover to cover) lined all my kit up and stood back and observed it. Watched cosmos, Carl Sagan quotes on you tube and clouds, clouds, clouds, clouds. Just venting!
  15. Hi svsa, this was my first scope and my kids still have their 76eg with the same finder. I found the trick to getting it to work each time (once it's aligned using a distant object as per the previous posts) is to view from the bottom of the scope, I think I found if I place my chin near the collimation screws at the base of the scope I could ensure I was looking through the finder at the same angle and I think that's the key/problem with this type of finder, if you try and view from the side you are viewing at a slightly different angle each time and so it seems the viewfinder is off each time when In fact it's you. As above with everyone's comments a telrad or finder scope would be a welcome addition. As for eyepieces the omni plossls work well with this scope and in particular the 32mm is a dream. This will also help with finding things as it will give you wide field of view. Hope you enjoy your scope as much as I did mine