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  1. isabe

    OVL field flattener

    Would appreciate any help Thanks for looking!
  2. see the post at the top of the page! Happy to have an answer now
  3. Cheers that looks like a really useful faq! I think I’ve sorted it now
  4. In case anyone is interested I managed to fix it! Looks like the scope came a bit broken (it’s 2nd hand) - I turned the focus until it came off and saw that the reticle was stuck to it and that’s why it wasn’t coming into focus, since as I turned the focuser it wasn’t travelling away from the reticle I’ve ordered some new knurled thumb screws, turns out the ones in the pic get stopped by the outer plastic rim before they can hold the reticle in place! Thank you everyone for all your help!!
  5. Thank for the reply, It’s fully in in the pic but i’ve played around with it a bunch with no luck!
  6. Thanks for all your help, I will play about with it a bit more - probably something obvious I’m doing wrong!
  7. Yes it has a ridged thing in the front that turns, I have tried everything it just doesn’t seem to want to focus on the cross hairs!
  8. I think I have it mounted the right way around
  9. That’s the problem I’m having, so hard to calibrate... It’s a skywatcher eq3-2 polarscope, I’m really confused lol
  10. Is the polar illuminator still available?
  11. Yes just a bit annoying! glad that my polarscope is alright, thought that maybe it was a bit broken because I couldn’t see the markings in the day
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