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  1. Thank you john! I’ll check that out
  2. Hi thanks for the reply, had a good look on there many times for this piece!
  3. I have been missing the black foot on my skywatcher mount for some time and would really appreciate any help in finding a replacement! This is the exact mount from FLO: https://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-star-adventurer/sky-watcher-38-stainless-steel-tripod.html Thanks for looking!
  4. Hi, Thanks for reaching out! I’ve since come across a second hand finder, Ill put found in the title now completely forgot sorry!
  5. Hi, I’ve been doing some research on light pollution/ broad spectrum filters for imaging and have decided on either the optolong l-pro or the skytech CLS. Obviously there’s a massive price difference, but is it worth it? I’ve head that the CLS gives a red overcast which is difficult to edit out, should I invest in a L-Pro as my first filter? I am using an unmodded canon 700d, Thanks for looking any insight would be appreciated!
  6. Hi Need a red dot finderscope that will fit the shoe on my skywatcher 72ed Thanks for looking!
  7. Thanks for the advice! good to know that i’m not the only one with the same idea, i’ll do some more research before buying anything
  8. It wouldn’t make much of a difference? To be honest I was inspired by this post And they used a 2.5x barlow, is would 3x work on my scope?
  9. Hi! I have a skywatcher evostar 72ed telescope and a canon 700d that I use for DSO photography, and wanted to capture the double planet event that is happening in late december. I was thinking of using a barlow in my imaging train in order to increase the magnification but having trouble with figuring out which one would work for this refractor? I’ve never attempted planetary photography before, any help would be really appreciated!
  10. Looking for a astronomik cls clip in filter for my unmodded canon 700d, please get in touch if you have one going!
  11. Would appreciate any help Thanks for looking!
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