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  1. Thanks. The profile of the two devices is remarkably similar and they look like they sit in nice balance. And at nearly £200 less than the Powerbox Advance I am going to give this a try. Mark
  2. Thanks for asking this question. I came on to do just the same. Would you mind telling me what the make/model usb hub is? The manufacturer's name just vanishes out of the frame...
  3. I've just received a second-hand finder scope with one broken cross hair. I was worried about taking it apart and fatally damaging it but this is a great solution. Thanks!
  4. Your experience is similar to mine. I have a photo of the moon I took soon after I got my first telescope which is unremarkable compared to what can be seen on here but I find it rather special because I can still remember vividly the wonder and excitement of both seeing the view and managing to record it photographically. I first saw the Orion Nebula about a month ago and I can still feel the hairs on my neck stand up when I think about it. It was wondrous and strangely moving moment which made me feel connected to the universe. It was truly fantastic. I also showed my two grown-up children a
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I have decided to ditch the hair shirt already. The red dot finder of the Astromaster (Useless with a capital U) and after a frustrating evening of gyrations and lying in the frost beneath it in an attempt to get it aligned, I purchased today a Skywatcher 80ED refractor. It arrives tomorrow and I am doing my clear skies dance already in anticipation...
  6. I use a Poweradd Pilot X7 20000mAh Power Bank and it runs seamlessly for 7 - 8 hours with the benefits of no mains wires etc.
  7. I use a Poweradd Pilot X7 20000mAh Power Bank and it runs seamlessly for 7 - 8 hours with the benefits of no mains wires etc.
  8. Hi, has this been sold or is it still available? I'm interested if it hasn't been taken. Thanks. Mark
  9. Hi Stan, I'm just up the road from you. I know the feeling about the cost even when the skies seem eternally cloudy! Astrophotography is the first drug I've ever taken and an expensive one at that Mark
  10. Hello all, I've just joined after a few months of browsing. Having rediscovered my love of astronomy from my schooldays many years ago I'm planning to launch into astrophotography (on a budget if that is possible!) I've acquired my first GOTO mount, an Explore Scientific PMC-Eight iEXOS 100, and after a week of wrangling I think I have got my head around it. I will be using an Astroberry with Kstars/Ekos/INDI and am trying to impose some discipline on myself by sticking with my current Celestron Astromaster EQ130 reflector before getting a small refractor. I find working with what you hav
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