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  1. Treated myself to a Canon EOS RP in a move to the full frame & mirrorless world. Just a single shot through my 90EQ with no filters or after processing (bar cropping) and I'm delighted with the results! 1/100s with ISO 160.
  2. I have sourced this off site so this can now be considered unwanted, thank you.
  3. Samyang 24mm f/1.4 to fit a Canon EOS 1100D (EF mount). I live in Derbyshire but travel a lot so if pickup is convenient then that's an option, but if not then I'm happy to pay for postage on top of the lens price.
  4. The mount is almost brand new and has only been used a few times. I assembled it during an evening where it was extremely warm (still around 25c at 9PM) and when I couldn't disassemble I figured it had expanded and tightened due to the temperature, but it's now been a few weeks and several unsuccessful attempts to disconnect the thread that connects the drive head from the tripod. It definitely wasn't threaded on assembly so I'm not really sure what else it could be? I wanted to check I'm not missing anything or making an amateur mistake before getting in touch with the manufactur
  5. Startinez

    Hi from Spain

    Saludos y bienvenido Philippe!
  6. Thank you all for your help. I now have a few things to test out next time I get some clear skies!
  7. The thing is it's happened on multiple occasions in different locations, so that's what's pointing me towards an issue with the camera body itself. I'll try stopping down although I think my lenses only go to a max of f/5 ish anyway. No tracking and only 10-20s exposures so I shouldn't be losing focus there with such a wide frame.
  8. I haven't tried stopping down (that's going from say f/4 to f/8, right?) but that's a good call. Mount isn't anything special but it's certainly stable enough, and using a cabled intervalometer to trigger the lens.
  9. I've been noticing an issue with my Canon EOS 1100D that seems to pass over between both lenses (18-55 & 70-300) so I'm thinking the issue is with the camera itself, although the 70-300 is a Tamron lens so not actually Canon. The issue is that stars just won't finely focus. This camera has a small screen for previews and post shot review and whilst on this screen the captures look good, but as soon as they're on a full sized PC screen you can immediately see that they're not perfectly focused. I've tried cleaning the cameras internal imaging sensor with a proper kit and cleanin
  10. Welcome to the community!
  11. Keeping it simple if you're a complete beginner - I recently got into the hobby with the same goals. I bought an Orion Astroview 9024 on an EQ2 mount for ~£200 and it's really got me way further into the hobby. Great views of Jupiter and Saturn, amazing moon detail, and good for stars. I'd say the important aspects for planetary viewing are to go for a refractor rather than a reflector (the quality of the lens is higher which is a bonus for planetary viewing), a high f (focal ratio) number (f10 for example is good for planetary as it focuses on a smaller piece of sky and planets ar
  12. The maximum useful magnification for your scope is 400x, so under perfect conditions you could in theory get away with a 2.5mm. Obviously it would be very optimistic to actually go this high, but you should get some quite good views with a 5mm lens or a 10mm coupled with a 2x Barlow. I think the 5mm would be a good place to start.
  13. Jupiter, its moons, and Saturn; you'll always remember your first time seeing them!
  14. Startinez

    Hi All

    Welcome to the community Richard.
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