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  1. many thanks for all your help..


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      Shouldn't this be in a private message?

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      thanks apoligise

  2. Hi Vern, I started to build my own Allsky camera but just as I was about to assemble it a Starlight Xpress Oculus popped up for sale at a good price so I went for that. I had already bought the ASI120M but also wanted a better lens so I bought the one that some-one said was used in the Oculus it is detailed as a 1.55mm Fujinon C-Mount Fisheye HD Lens, not 180 degrees but 155, if you google it you will see what it looks like, mine has got the invaluable variable focus. I also have the housing and a perspex dome fitted if you are interested; all that need doing is assembly, can take some picis i
  3. Thanks Steve, will keep you informed, although now resolved it also solves my old charging problem with the induction system, I can even view the battery state from Spain!! Regards Mike
  4. Thanks Steve, no, the settings in POTH are just the same as used on the Shelyak system and have not been changed but it will be something as simple as that when I find the issue. Although I have very little hair left doing this hobby I was reading the installation instructions (installation undertaken by Pulsar) and one warning struck a chord with me, they stressed a check that the motors are running in the correct direction so I got up in the middle of the night to check. Low and behold press the button that says rotate clockwise and it goes anti-clockwise and vici-verci; not sure but I think
  5. After 4 years of operation my shutter Shelyak shutter opening unit packed up and Pulsar offered me a deal on their new automation system which I accepted. However, whereas the Shelyak system interfaced well with Maxim I cannot get the new system to correctly assimilate the position of the scope and shutter. With the new system set-up for the Home position (same as with Shelyak and align shutter with door and solar panels) is shown as 130 deg. To get the shutter to align with the scope it has to be set at 260 deg indicated ie 100 degrees out; consequently when I try to use Maxim, with the scope
  6. From the way I operate remotely it would be great if somehow I could get notification by SMS of a clear night; if not available yet it will come but the HiTech may be another step along the way and worth considering. The problem with this site is the more you read up on things the more money you spend!!!, replace existing cloud sensor, flip-flat (yes I did see your build thread Steve), sky quality meter etc etc. Regards Mike
  7. Excellent job Steve, as the "other" Steve said, love the sound of the motors, it beats the clanking of the Pulsar chain driven system which is a bit noisy, at least on mine! Regards Mike
  8. Hi Dave, I had not had that but as I said I do think the software is a bit quirky but at £305 I consider it a good buy. Before I changed to the GT-81 I used a Starizona for my SCT at that now retails at £800+ the focuser but I must admit it is a very smooth bit of kit. Regards Mike
  9. Hi, To date the focuser has worked OK. Load in the driver but you must load the Utils program to do the calibration, after that it works OK with Maxim, Focusmax but it will not allow you to connect to the Utils program whilst connected to POTH in ASCOM, a bit quirky but when you know it is OK. When I had it operational for a couple of days on start-up it was not recognised by Maxim, Focusmax and would not connect for no apparent reason. I checked all of the plugs and sprayed with cleaner and when switched on again it was recognised but it had lost its calibration. After a straight-forward
  10. Great build thread Jaystar, I looked long and hard at a pod but went the Pulsar route and have never needed internal plumbing; the ingenuity of we band of astronomers knows no bounds I really enjoyed that. Well done. Regards Mike
  11. As you can see Steve perspex added to ensure that stray strands do not short out the charger. Also added a shot of my new set-up a Willam Optic GT-81 triplet + Lakeside focuser, laser pointer and Baader Skysurfer V. Still using the Trius 814 OSC, cannot afford to change to Mono and filters yet.
  12. That is what in my dome Adrian, run it on low for 8 hours thro the night (and 9 to 5 on Saturday, free electricity) with no problems with condensation; if it's cats and dogs will leave it on for a bit longer but not normally necessary. regards Mike
  13. It does me very well Gina, as you know I operate remotely often 1200 miles away and cannot just stick my head out of the door, it and my cloud sensor are invaluable, in fact essential before I open the shutter on the dome but I envy the speed of your camera, I need 1 to 2 minute exposures but they are always spot on. Having read this blog when I am next home instead of selling the ZWO, lens and housing I may put it together for a play, just need to sort out the heaters; there is a picture of the Ocullus on my build thread. Regards Mike
  14. The education one gets on this site :-) Thanks Steve Regards
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