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  1. WOW!!!! ....after months of waiting for Saturn to appear on the horizon between the trees I have finally seen it!! ...no photos, way to excited. You were right guys, someone thing very special about seeing the rings angled in the sky! Must get my camera ready for an attempt at a picture on the next clear night! My god do I love astronomy!!!! :-D
  2. Ok, so the photo isn't a classic but to me it's a masterpiece :-) ...the first time I have ever seen Jupiter through a telescope let alone been able to photograph it. Pretty awesome to be honest considering I've managed to take a photo of a planet over 550million km away and whilst I don't think it'll win any prizes it has made me a happy man!
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  4. ok, I thought I'd start with something simple just to get a feel for the scope n camera :-) ...what was very evident was the speed at which the moon moved in the eyepiece! Having said that I was rather pleased with myself, even if to the experts it's unimpressive!
  5. Well it arrived safely and after some minor adjustments she is now setup n ready for a clear night! ...just need to add the Barlow n DSLR.
  6. ...there was just me, a clear sky and a sense of wonder. If only I could pluck one of the little lights out of the sky, place it in the palm of my hand and admire it's beauty a lot more closely! I finally decided after seeing some rather striking photographs of the the Moon to turn my obsession of photography and of the heavens into a new hobby. So with some research, a reasonable amount of cash (in my books anyway) I took the plunge. Tomorrow my very first telescope arrives (Skywatcher 150P) with appropriate adaptor rings for my Sony Alpha DSLR! Having spent most of my interest in Macro photography this is the total other end of the spectrum other than both involving small objects! ...it will be an interesting journey I am sure given, to be honest, I have no clue where to start other than at the very beginning, so for anyone else out there who is in the same position follow along, and feel free to add a few observations! :-) Watch this space (as apposed to watching space!) :grin:
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