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  1. That is amazing Peter, and nice to see you posting again. Bob.
  2. Glad things are on the up again John, and all the best to you and your missus take care. Bob.
  3. So sorry to hear this John after all the hard work you have put in. I hope all goes well for you and you get it all sorted mate. Bob.
  4. Hi John, yes i have managed to imaged it a couple of times with two different rigs from my garden and obs in the last few days when it was clear, but it is in a poor part of the sky for me .Also seen it with the naked eye about eight days or so ago in the morning sky just coming light, and through my 16x50 bins it was a cracking sight. I have put a couple of posts of it on here in the wide field and comets section with the two rigs. Take care and stay safe Bob.
  5. I decided as bit of an experiment with APP to use both the CR2 and the JPEG files which my canon downloaded to my computer to stack ,giving me twice the exposure time.78 CR2 77 JPEG [ I didn't know if it would stack the two together] Here is the result in JPEG format. Taken on the 20th. Bob.
  6. Thanks John for your comment. Will be having another try tonight hopefully if all goes to plan. Bob.
  7. I thought it was never going to happen, imaging F3 before it faded to much but this morning i got my chance. 12x5s subs captured in APT, stacked and processed in APP and tweeked in photoshop. No darks or flats. Canon 1100d ...with old Carl Zeiss Jena lense mounted on Cpc 800.
  8. Looking really good John, you are there now matey. looking forward to seeing your images.. Bob.
  9. Nice capture well done, wish i could get on it with my observatory gear. Bob.
  10. Well done John, looking great mate. Bob.
  11. I know how you feel, all this great equipment in my obs and can not get on it as yet and don't think that i will be able to unless it can be captured during daylight. "i love imaging comets ,am sick also". Bob.
  12. Hoping to get a crack at it soon, "if it gets high enough" that is going to be my problem. Bob.
  13. Nice one Pete, have still yet to see it. Bob.
  14. Well done John looking good mate,exiting times ahead. Can't wait for every thing in and your first light. Bob.
  15. Well done John looking good, will be worth all the effort you are putting in...BE CAREFULL THOUGH... Bob..
  16. Hi , sorry i have nothing to compare realy but i think i can say that my other filter i use, [ a baader moon and skyglow ] i don't think would show the fine outer blue halo at such a short total exposure time of 1hr 15min. . I am not 100% sure on that though as i have not tried it. Bob.
  17. Exciting times John, hope all goes well with the build. Bob.
  18. HI Rich, i use a OSC also but mianly in broad band using a baader moon and sky glow filter. I also have the Altair Astro Quadband filter and these last couple of nights I have been trying it out .This pic is of 15x 5min exposures of the Dumbell Neb. I still have to nail the focus though. My first impressions, I think I will be using it quite a bit.These last two nights have been a good test with the brightness of the moon in play. Hope this is of help. OOUK ODK12"......A A 294C ProTec. osc.. Bob.
  19. Hi all, my latest image from my gallaxies quest, of Ngc3718..Ngc3729..and the Hickson 56 group...125x300s. Telescope OOUK ODK12 Camera A A 294C ProTec osc Mount Ioptron Cem120ec Bob.
  20. A smashing image Dave. Bob.
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