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  1. l Cheers Dave, I shall be looking forward to seeing those.
  2. Thanks tooth dr, for your kind comment. Bob.
  3. Hi everyone, Had a brief spell of imaging comet N2 ASASSN last nite, was hoping to do T2 PANSTARRS aswell but clouds put paid to that. Sill showing ok but is supposed to be fading slowly. 1st pic is 4 x 120s.. 2nd pic is 15 x 120s.... OO ODK 12..Canon 1100D.. IOPTRON CEM 120 EC.. Thanks for looking Bob..
  4. Very very nice ,its a lovely scope Dave. I got mine near the end of July. It is a heavy tube to put on the mount alone. I had the missus help me and still found it hard to do. ….The focuser is a great piece of kit aswell. Regards Bob.
  5. Hi everyone, managed to get a bit of clear sky in the early hours of Tuesday morning 22/10/19 to try and image Panstarrs and Asassn..even though the moon was washing a lot of the sky out. These two pics are the result after a quick tweek in PS...Scope OO ODK 12..Camera Cannon 1100d. Mount Ioptron Cem 120EC. 1st pic is 3 x 60s of c/2017 T2 PANSTARRS. 2nd pic is 2 x 120s c/2018 N2 ASASSN. Ps I hope they are the comets this time and not a galaxy. Thanks for looking, Bob.
  6. You are right guy's my mistake and I thought it was the comet, it is the galaxy. My apologies to all, I feel a right numpty now, Now I know why there's no faint tail as like my last pic of it. I now have imaged Mirach's Ghost for first time. Will have to be more careful at what I am doing next time. Thanks all for your kind comments and help, Bob.
  7. Hi everyone, despite there being a bright moon last night i had to have a play. This is a one minute sub of ASASSN taken through my ODK 12 as it is passing the star Mirach in Andromeda. No faint tail showing on this one,i think the Moon put paid to that. Thanks for looking, Bob.
  8. Hi Dave, cheers you have not imagined it . Bob.
  9. Hi every one, Comet 2018 N2 Asassn, two pics ,one streched quite a bit trying to show that it has a tail developing. Stack of 3 x 120s taken 8/10/19. Thanks for looking. Sope OO ODK 12 Mount CEM 120 EC Regards Bob.
  10. Hi Dave, nice cap mate. I also captured it on late Monday early Tuesday mornings session. It was showing better than I expected . Will post a pic later. Regards Bob.
  11. Hi Dave, exciting times for you. Looking forward to following your build. Regards Bob.
  12. High Dave, not seen any tail as good as Jose in mine, but there looks like a very fine one with averted vis. It has got to low for me now aswell. Roll on the next one. Bob.
  13. Hi everyone, as you know Africano is getting lower and heading south. So I think this might be my last crack at it with weather and all. It was taken on the 2/10/19 with my wide field rig and is cropped and tweaked in PS. Scope WO STAR 71...1st gen, pigy backed on my ODK 12. Camra ZWO 1600 MC-C. Mount Ioptron Cem 120 EC 2 x 120s frames. Thanks for looking Bob.
  14. Booked in for Saturday and the Patrick Gilliland talk..
  15. Managed to capture around 30 minutes of C/2018 W2 AFRICANO early this morning.This is a 60 second sub tweaked in PS. Thanks for looking, Bob,,
  16. Hi Dave, I managed to catch it in the early hours this morning, and blimey it has moved south a lot since I last imaged it...I was amazed at how low it was. I completely forgot about Asassn and Panstars as after Africano I went straight to my main imaging of M33. I hope that I can catch them when another opportunity arises. Regards Bob.
  17. Well done again Dave, it looks great. Seems to be getting brighter now. Been away at Kelling this last week but now back so am looking forward to imaging it again at the first opportunity I get with my ODK. Bob..
  18. Thanks for looking and your replies guy's. It is going to get brighter as the weeks pass so plenty of time to spot it yet. Bob.
  19. A very good attempt Dave, well done. looks very promising . Bob.
  20. Hi everyone, my cap of africano from stoke-on-trent. 1x60s sub. It's going quite quick through the background stars.. Bob.
  21. Well captured, I also captured it last night the 19/9/19. Bob.
  22. Nice capture Geoff. I got it aswell last night with my ODK.. It is a bit brighter now than my last capture. Looking forward to your time lapse Dave. Bob..
  23. Hi John, this is a lovely image to my eye mate well done. It looks as though you have your mount doing the biz now. I am just starting to guide with mine now, the new firmware seems to be doing the trick for you . Bob.
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