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  1. Yes, focus using a nice bright star. A Bahtinov mask can help but again, use a bright star. Or use the Moon or Mars if visible. Cheers
  2. Ooh, yes. Some more interesting ones to have a look for and read about. Thanks, Callum.
  3. Martin, Here's a plate solved and annotated version of your shot. PGC 214960 is marked. Hope this helps. No observing last night but the previous night one of the objects I was looking at was Arp 86 and at about the same time as you and MikeJW. There's a lot to see in Pegasus. Best regards Bill
  4. It was clear last night so a bit of rambling around Perseus and Auriga. Looked at some Abell planetary nebulae (4 and 5 in Per, 8 and 9 in Aur) as well as flat galaxies in Aur. The most photogenic of the planetaries was Abell 4. I noticed there were some other faint fuzzies and wondered what was what. The plate solved and annotated image is also shown. (Courtesy of Astrometry.net and ASTAP.) A few to work through. I shouldn't have asked. (Only joking. Always nice to find a few more objects.) Cheers Bill
  5. Martin Remarkable detail in those shots. Best regards
  6. This web page has some information about planetary nebulae that may be of interest. https://www.webbdeepsky.com/publications/free/ The Brightest Pla The Brightest Planetary Nebulae Observing Atlas - 2nd Edition Massimo Zecchin Clear Skies Observing Guides (CSOG) Courtesy of Victor van Wulfen. Also, the BAA had a recent talk by Owen Brazell about PNs. It may be of interest Best regards netary Nebulae Observing Atlas - 2nd Edition Massimo Zec
  7. I do like planetary nebulae. A bit of colour certainly helps. I've got a few monochrome snaps that I'm sure the PN is in there but did not spot it. OIII filters are often suggested for visual use with PNs including trying them in and out of the light path to make them show up. I wonder if this is something to try with EEVA. Some clear skies would help too... Grumble, grumble... Best regards
  8. Great shots. Yep, no substitute for a good steady clear atmosphere. Always worth having a go even when things aren't at their best, because it might be cloudy next time. And now I know a little bit about Baade's Window so thanks for that too!
  9. Fascinating stuff. There have been a few more of these bulge globular clusters discovered. https://phys.org/news/2019-06-ancient-globular-clusters-galactic-bulge.html Very old objects up to 13.5 billion years old! Thanks for drawing attention to them, Martin. Like Mike, new stuff to me. Sagittarius is not a good area of the sky for me so I really enjoy seeing others' observations.
  10. A powerful well organised set up you have there. Thanks for all the details. Enjoyed seeing your observations too. Bill
  11. An impressive demonstration of what determination, skill and EEVA can achieve. Thank you for sharing, Ian. Bill
  12. Bill S


    Impressive stuff. Thanks for the sharing the details. Bill S
  13. Impressive, crisp shots. Good to see. Do you use a coma corrector? The stars are very sharp right to the edges. Best regards Bill
  14. Since you can get a good snap of M57 you should be able to get a good one of M27 (The Dumbell). Planetary nebulae are marvellous objects. Great shapes and if you can get the colour too even better. As for focusing and a Bahtinov mask. I definitely recommend them. Rother Valley seem to sell some reasonably priced ones. You'll need to use a bright star for focusing. And... don't forget to take it off when you've got the focus right. I've tried leaving it on several times and it does not improve the images. Bill
  15. Enjoyed looking at your shots. Very impressive to see these so well with Bortle 8-9 skies. Bill
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