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  1. Hi All, Will this do as I need, Lunt LS60THa/CPT OTA do I need a B1200 Blocking Filter or a B600 and a Lunt PCUSB Pressure Tuner Controller, if I had a 50 will it get all the Sun and Prominences on out side. set up will only be used for imaging. peter
  2. At present my set up is dep sky but need to convert to Solar, with one scope solar and the other Ha and computer controlled as both are now, the Meade RCX200 10" positions the set up both have remote focusers is it possible to convert the William Optics ZS80IIED to Ha with a Lunt pressure tuner and blocking filter in a tube not a 90 degree, my CCD are starlight xpress H9C and LOADSTAR, image is my set up. peter
  3. Hi All The Get DSS Image as given up, all I get is a error DSS Imager Server Disconnected this hapens on Meads Autostar Suite 5.5 if you click on something say a NGC it should bring up a image. peter
  4. No the fix was the laptop was the trouble so we got a new one, we just did every thing to be on the safe side. peter
  5. Yes every thing is as it was be for it went funny, it was my sons idea to put every thing in again. peter
  6. Hi Michael, Have solved what was the turbel laptop is giving up, how I found out was I tried a deferent pc not a laptop to put Meade 2.2i on to scope as laptop did not do it and pc did then tried to run with laptop but all still as it was so put 2.2i in again and tried to run with pc and all OK, thanks very much for all your help I really appreciate it, will try Netscope.exe. peter
  7. Power is no problem 13.5v/ 10a the thing is after this runaway all the funny things started. peter
  8. Hi Michael, It did a runaway as I was getting set up on a deep sky NGC 2712 had just got it in the CCD and it just did the runaway I had to shutdown before it hit stops, GPS is set to ,at startup I really appreciate all you are doing to help me. peter
  9. It works okay from pc but not from the handset plugged in to the mount ? plug in handset works OK, the small controller on meade auto suite 5.5 software but not the remote handbox on that software that will not do a thing. How do you know that the scope thinks it's in antarctica ? constellations it shows povo, norma , Triangulum austral. just in case you have your site info wrong, try adding a site in setup menu, but select London ? in setup site is set right will not let me alter it as remote handbox do nothing and plug in handbox will not write ether. switch off gps in the setup menu and enter time and date manually ? it will not let me do that. scope is on 2.2i software. peter
  10. Hi all I have got my Meade RCX400 10" so I can run it all with handbox and hand control panel on computer but not remote handbox , the scope thinks it is in the southern hemisphere nearly at the south pole. the GPS fix looks to run okay but software doesn't seem to be remembering this. is there a way to sort this as it seems to be software related if I can sort this we may be okay. peter
  11. No that is not what I am after but thanks for trying. peter
  12. Hi All, I am trying to find a topic I saw sum time a go it was someone telling is friend haw to set up a Meade RCX, it was a lot simpler than Meade way but I cannot remember what site it is on I will really appreciate any help. peter
  13. Hi All, Very lucky to get this as it was very hazy and cloudy. peter
  14. Hi All, Very lucky to get this as it was very hazy and cloudy. peter
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