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  1. p1taylor

    NGC 6663

    Hi All, Had a nice clear night, all information on image. peter
  2. p1taylor

    SUN 4/10/2018

    I was very lucky to get it, had been cloudy for a few weeks but yesterday was really clearer. peter
  3. p1taylor

    SUN 4/10/2018

    Hi All, At last a good clear day but spot nearly on rime of sun. peter
  4. p1taylor

    NGC 6675 + 6700

    Thanks Wim. peter
  5. p1taylor

    NGC 6675 + 6700

    Hi All, Something different 2 clear nights. peter
  6. p1taylor

    NGC 6745

    Hi peter you don't need the Hubel Space Telescope just a very good setup and guiding. peter
  7. p1taylor

    NGC 6745

    Hi All, At last a clear night managed to get 13 images before PHD gave up . peter
  8. p1taylor

    SUN 9/9/2018

    I try Pete. peter
  9. p1taylor

    SUN 9/9/2018

    Hi All, only just managed this very hazy and loads clouds sorry focus is a bit off no time to get it beater. peter
  10. p1taylor

    SUN 25/8/2018

    Thanks all for your comments. peter
  11. p1taylor

    SUN 25/8/2018

    Thanks Pete. peter
  12. p1taylor

    SUN 25/8/2018

    Hi All, A nice clear afternoon for a change we got 2 spots. peter
  13. p1taylor

    NGC 6695

    Hi All, a clear night . peter
  14. p1taylor

    NGC 6792

    There are a lot of the ordinary galaxies, I try to do something different. peter
  15. p1taylor

    NGC 6792

    Hi All. got a really clear night for a change. peter

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