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  1. No that is not what I am after but thanks for trying. peter
  2. Hi All, I am trying to find a topic I saw sum time a go it was someone telling is friend haw to set up a Meade RCX, it was a lot simpler than Meade way but I cannot remember what site it is on I will really appreciate any help. peter
  3. p1taylor

    SUN 15/11/2018

    Hi All, Very lucky to get this as it was very hazy and cloudy. peter
  4. p1taylor

    SUN 15/11/2018

    Hi All, Very lucky to get this as it was very hazy and cloudy. peter
  5. p1taylor


    Got all running OK now. peter
  6. p1taylor


    Hi All I have put Vista back on my laptop as it was originally then Meade Autostar suite ran OK, but now Remote Handbox is white but when connected to scope no writing at all is it possible to get writing back or have I don something wrong. peter
  7. My XP laptop has just died can I run Meade AutoStart Suite 5.5 in windowes10 to do just as it did in XP, or is it possible to put XP on to my laptop as well as windows10 on. peter
  8. p1taylor

    NGC 6663

    Hi All, Had a nice clear night, all information on image. peter
  9. p1taylor

    SUN 4/10/2018

    I was very lucky to get it, had been cloudy for a few weeks but yesterday was really clearer. peter
  10. p1taylor

    SUN 4/10/2018

    Hi All, At last a good clear day but spot nearly on rime of sun. peter
  11. p1taylor

    NGC 6675 + 6700

    Thanks Wim. peter
  12. p1taylor

    NGC 6675 + 6700

    Hi All, Something different 2 clear nights. peter
  13. p1taylor

    NGC 6745

    Hi peter you don't need the Hubel Space Telescope just a very good setup and guiding. peter
  14. p1taylor

    NGC 6745

    Hi All, At last a clear night managed to get 13 images before PHD gave up . peter
  15. p1taylor

    SUN 9/9/2018

    I try Pete. peter

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