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  1. Tanks booth for your replies, tooth_dr what I meant was the blocking filter is on a long tub in to focuser how far do I pull tub out of focuser, as soon as we get sun out and no cloud will do as you booth suggest really appreciate your help. peter
  2. Hi All, I have a Lunt ls60tha/b1200cpt60mmh-alpha craford focuser pressure tuner single stack, camera zwo asi 178mm, using sharp cap 3.2 software. do I put blocking filter slide in centre of movement or is there a spot to put it, or do I just put focuser, pressure tuner and blocking filter in centre of travel, or is there a setting I can put them which is near correct, in what order do I adjust them? peter
  3. Hi Steve, I need to magnify things on the sun not just the disk. peter
  4. Hi All, Got my Lunt 60mm and camera is ZWO 178 mm all setup to get closes ups of spots and things will any x2 Barlow do. peter
  5. Hi all, thanks very much for all your info, I cannot go to a presser tuned but can get this Lunt L60 THa/B1200 60mm H-Alpha Crayford focuser and a ZWO ASI 178mm Monochrome or ZWO ASI 120mm monochrome CCD will this setup be similar. peter
  6. Hi All, I am selling all my dep sky bits it is to heavy for me now, I need it to be remote controlled, first thought is a Lunt 50mm/B600 pressure tuned, Lunt pcusb pressure controller, ZWO ASI 120 MONO CCD, Moonlite focuser as I have Lakeside motor bits, or do I go Lunt 60mm/B600 pressure tuned, ZWO ASI 178 MONO CCD and no pcusb controller, all help will be appreciated. peter
  7. I had not seen that it, did not put it in I think that is staking peter
  8. Yes it is 2 very small spots. peter
  9. Hi All, just got this between clouds, it is just short of spots. peter
  10. Hi All, Got this but it was a bit hazy. peter
  11. Hi All, At last more than a very little spot hope it carries on, turbel was Sun to barite my camera speed only goes down to 1/1000 second in Maxim 5 will have to start using SharpCap. peter
  12. Hi All, Just managed to get a bit of sun thru clouds. peter Hi All
  13. Hi For a change a really nice day for a change got this with new set up. peter
  14. Hi All, I have got every thing going as it was in XP, I got a UGREEN USB to RS-232 DB9 Serial Adapter and Winaero Classic Themes for Windows8 and select XP Classic Themes sorts Meade Autostar Suite out, so every thing is OK on a new Windows 10. peter
  15. Thanks for your comments, it is time we got more spots. peter
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