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  1. I have purchased maplins PSU unit not been outside with it yet... so will have to wait and see but thanks for the response.
  2. Thanks for helping me out guys, Out of the two of these which is more suitable? The moon raker is slightly expensive but again I do not know how to go about comparing the two... I know there is no straight right or wrong answer but what would serve be best and for the long hall... http://www.firstlightoptics.com/power-accessories/maplins-xm21x-7a-138v-regulated-mains-power-supply.html http://www.maplin.co.uk/p/moonraker-375w-switched-mode-dc-variable-voltage-compact-bench-power-supply-n87jn
  3. Hi guy's I have been doing some more reading today and it seems to be a power supply issue. Now I'm not that technical when it comes to power supplies and all the jargon terms and I'm rubbish at maths. So I have had a look at some old posts on this forum and found a few links to power supplies and was hoping someone could point me in the right direction. The power supply will be used in my back garden where I have access to a house plug socket but I will also in the future be taking my scope to dark sites. http://www.maplin.co.uk/p/maplin-41w-dc-fixed-voltage-bench-power-supply-xm20w http://www.maplin.co.uk/p/moonraker-375w-switched-mode-dc-variable-voltage-compact-bench-power-supply-n87jn http://www2.ripmax.net/Item.aspx?ItemID=O-IP2002 Appreciate your help.
  4. I first used the polar scope alignment tool in EQMOD and then did a drift alignment... (it has been recommended for AP) My guide star did drift a lot before I carried out my full drift alignment, after drift alignment no drift. I did do a sync on several stars. Last night was a practice session for me to get the hang of AP. During the first half of the session my slewing to targets was fine.... a little of target sometimes but as the night progressed they got more on target. (I think I will need to slightly practice this more, getting a better Goto accuracy.) I should mention I slewed to various objects in the sky in N,E,W,S to get a picture of how accurate my Goto's where.. once I had reached each target I would sync. So after charging my battery and going back out thats when the problems appeared with my Goto's.... The mount would only slew half way, EQMOD would disconnect or sometimes freeze when I tried parking. (It moved from channel three to channel four, not sure why?) I then had to manually park the scope myself, restart my EQMOD... open up cart de ciel. Chose a target and slewed and again same results would only slew half way (Even if that) Thanks for the responses so far, much appreciated Jonathan
  5. Hi guys at SGL, tonight I was out with my scope doing some AP and while during my session my camera battery died on me so I went inside to charge it for about 45minutes and went back out to continue. I was running Carte Du Ciel / EQMOD. Now the first half of the session went pretty well, Slewing to targets was no issue slight in accuracy's nothing too major. I hadn't levelled the scope, I done a the best with my polar alignment using the EQMOD polar tool and I then did a drift alignment. I would say my drift alignment was alight for about 1minute I didn't bother watching for my two guide stars 5 mins each, I just watched them for a minute and they hadn't drifted. So when I came back after charging my camera battery, I was in the home position and I attempted a slew.. the scope slewed but stopped and did not complete the full slew, I then click on the target again and told the scope to slew and Carte Du Ciel just bleeped at me. (as if it was saying I'm already here) tho the circular point on carte du ceil wasn't on the target I had chosen.. which is strange?? Now my mount's power LED was flashing.. but it was plugged into a car jump starter that was on charge at the same time so plugged into my home plug socket. I think I have mentioned just about everything... If I remember anything else I'l post an update. Hope someone could explain to me why my mount wasn't slewing to its target.
  6. Hi guys like the topic title says, I would like to know when I am drift aligning do I keep the tracking feature on or off? Also when aligning the camera? Many Thanks, Jonathan
  7. Yeah I was finding it difficult understanding it at first because I thought 90min exposure would be over exposing causing the image to burn but on SGL you are always learning. Is it really a matter of trial and error talking from a beginners point of view, Messing about with different exposure times.. Olly, I snuck on your page to view some images I'm really annoyed! They are too good.
  8. Hi guys I have been following this thread and I just have a quick question, I never thought to much about this until I read the thread but I have been reading some AP images are exposed between 30 - 90 minutes is that one single shot or is that shots stacked together adding up to 30/90mins? (Hope that makes sense)
  9. Saw some AP images I wish I hadn't saw.. Um I'm totally jealous right now.

  10. does anyone use private channels on walkie talkie services to inform information.. such as weather status, events etc.?

  11. Deutschland - For a ski trip unfortunately can't take the scope :(

  12. Hello SGL users, I'm interested to find out which method do you prefer and find easiest and which out of the two shaves the most time off for setting up? Many Thanks, Jonathan
  13. @wxsatuser Yeah usually there is an advertisement saying also purchased with this product but I never seen anything... anyways thanks for all the help.
  14. @Thalestris24 I haven't tried APT I took a look at some screen shots wasn't to impressed by its UI tho I know you should never judge a book by its cover and its free right lol? I've used BYE a few good times now, tonight was unfortunate but in the past i've not had a problem like this. In the past I was using my newtonian 200P (took the scope of the dob and mounted on the EQ6) and I would have difficulties viewing stars on live view until I switched on HD View and that helped but tonight that didn't help. I suspect like all of you have pointed out that I need a extension tube. Tho does this explain why when I took a photograph it took a picture of the inside of my scope?
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