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  1. That's really sad. She was a great ambassador for the science. Mark
  2. Ben the Ignorant created a good thread on beefing up the other standard SkyWatcher tripod. The first tip is definitely applicable to yours.
  3. How did you update the firmware if you can't power the mount? I know you can get away with a lower current supply just for an update but if you can do this then at least the controller is still working.
  4. Both options will balance the scope but 2 weights weigh more and so will load the mount more.
  5. This forum is great. Such an obvious way of making things easier but I would never of thought of it without prompting. Thanks Happy-kat.
  6. Pankaj Great photos. You should post those in the Imaging with the 130PDS thread.
  7. Padraic Indeed! Focus is a challenge even with livewiew, not helped by the fact that I still have collimation issues. I have been considering just using a telephoto lens on the camera but, stupidly, hadn't considered piggybacking the camera on the scope - I was looking to mount the camera directly on the mount. I may give that a try next time the clouds part. Happy-kat That's a thought. I'll look for the relevant threads and see if its feasible with my scope. Thanks both for the suggestions. Mark
  8. Alex That version opens directly Regards Mark
  9. At last a clear night! The ultra-short T-Ring didn't provide enough travel to achieve focus at infinity, but FLO were great in taking it back; thanks guys. I finally managed to get out again tonight after fettling the scope and the difference is marked - a long way from perfect (or even good) but certainly much better. I think there is still room for collimation improvement and focus accuracy, the stars are still not round and are too large but at least they're recognisable as stars now. All further suggestions gratefully received. Mark
  10. Hi Alex Doesn't run straight out of the box but it's OK if I allow it in System Preferences Mark
  11. I presently can't achieve focus at infinity without the Barlow but I agree its likely to be responsible for some of the aberrations. I may order one of these to see if the additional 9mm back focus is sufficient to reach infinity. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adapters/baader-ultra-short-canon-eos-t-ring.html I disassembled the focuser. No wonder it moves, the entire mount is plastic surrounding a pretty flimsy metal draw tube. There are 3 plastic guides set at 120degree intervals around the mount, one of which is lined with PTFE tape. I have added PTFE tape to the other 2 guides which has reduced the flexing of the tube within the mount quite a bit. I knew this was a budget scope but I can now see where the money has been saved - everywhere! Also, as Vlaiv suggested, the secondary appeared to be misaligned with the draw tube, I've tweaked this back into line. All I need now is a clear night to check the effect of these changes (and to start saving for a new, decent, OTA.)
  12. I checked the focusser and drawtube. The drawtube definitely flexes in its mount so that is the first issue to address, either by reassembly or perhaps by careful placement of the camera next time to minimise droop. Something to look at while the cloud lingers. Any other suggestions gratefully received. Mark
  13. Billy Thank you, unprocessed sub is attached. Vlaiv I'll have to check the alignment of the focusser and collimation. IMG_0231.CR2
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