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  1. Beautiful with Stephen´s Quintet and even the tidal tail from NGC7319!
  2. https://hobbyking.com/en_us/catalogsearch/result/?q=258000216-0
  3. Most mounts handle 11 to 14 volts. So 12 or 13,8 v doesnt matter. The supply must be able to "send" the current needed. So the amperage must be higher than the 2-3 ampere the mount draws from the supply. If you later on want to add heaters or cooled cameras, you need more amps. So why not buy a supply giving you 6 or 10 amps. 12 or 13,8 volts.
  4. https://www.kjell.com/se/produkter/el-verktyg/stromforsorjning/labbaggregat/switchat-nataggregat-13-8-v-6-a-p44810
  5. Yes. Den adaptern tycks ge 6 A ut så den bör räcka.
  6. I am not afraid of modding things. I tried this and it is just a matter of turning the saddle where you want it. Very simple as you said. Nice work there on your own saddle setup, very nice! Agree with you about iOptron tech support AND their retailers. Christer, Sweden
  7. Me neither. After receiving this short strange reply i wrote the iOptron support back and suggested them to include this mod in the FAQ or Scope Manual: "Thank you very much for reply. But I think I will wait with this until I have instructions with images to follow. I do not know if anything can go wrong. I think this should be described in the manual for your mounts. Here in Sweden there are many people using side-by-side setups for their gear. The support at your German retailer Teleskop Service told me this mod is to be avoided. Also a few forum posters say this is not possible. Maybe presumtive buyers will choose another mount if it is not clearly stated that a side-by-side setup is possible." This was 4 days ago. No reaction yet. Christer, Sweden
  8. Just received answer from iOptron Tech Support: "You have to remove the stopper and be careful not to over turning it. Yes, you need to remove and rotating the saddle 90 degree in order to make Zero Position Sensor works." Christer, Sweden
  9. Great Rainer! I will try this out during weekend. Just unboxed the new CEM40 and this would be the simplest solution. Tech Service at TS in Germany where I bought it was not overly optimistic: "this is good question. if you unscrew the saddle means you might modify the zero position. if you turn it 90° degrees it might not work. and if you don´t go for a dual saddle setup but for a classical one, telescope over telescope? The problem is the safety lock..I was having them in my past meade telescope and alway to be careful. also if you risk to to too close to the edge near the stop position, I don´t want you to risk to damage the mount. better to arrange the setup for me.." I also asked iOptron Tech Support Team but no answer (yet). Christer, Sweden
  10. Morning everyone! The saddle on CEM40 has internal wiring for 12V and USB2. In order not to twist cables, there is a stop preventing it to turn more than one revolution. What is best way to attach my side-by-side setup scope? Am I supposed to unscrew saddle, turn it 90 degrees and tighten it or should I just define a new home position? Changing position of saddle will move mechanical stop to East or West I guess. Now it is at North, home, position. Christer, Sweden
  11. Welcome back Jessun!
  12. Anyopne knows if this fantastic project succeeded? Maybe the OP himself is still around... Christer, Sweden
  13. Very good tutorial! If you contact Ivaylo Stoynov, the author of APT, he might give you a free key... Christer, Sweden (paying contributor to APT)
  14. You are using a ASI 1600, right? With a ASI 385 you will have almost same pixel size as in ASI 1600 but on a chip a tenth the size. So essentially you are cropping image when shooting instead of in post processing. Christer, Sweden
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