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  1. Anti dew heater - https://astronomy-imaging-camera.com/product/anti-dew-heater
  2. Me too. I use same camera on two scopes. So easy to forget the thin spacers.
  3. We will have to wait for this: https://petapixel.com/2017/07/21/nikon-patents-35mm-f2-lens-full-frame-camera-curved-sensor/ Christer, Sweden
  4. No, distance from flattener to sensor remains the same. But you will have to move focuser draw tube inwards 9 mm. Or you can use a filter drawer...
  5. My setup, 57,3 mm + 6,5 mm = 63,8 mm, minus one third of filter thickness gives close to 63 mm. The spacer/extender ring to the left of the flattener is 8 mm so distance from this ring to sensor will be 55 mm. Christer, Sweden
  6. Not a good plan. You will have correct voltage at full amperage but way too many volts when only low consumption is drawn. You need to use thicker cables!
  7. 15 m cables - you need to look at this: Voltage drop calculator Christer, Sweden
  8. https://www.tomshardware.com/news/raspberry-pi-boot-from-usb-firmware-beta Christer, Sweden
  9. 10AWG will result in a minimal voltage drop. For 2 meters and estimated consumption of 5 Ampere you will see only 0.07 volts drop. Use same wire between batteries. A 10-15 Ampere fuse near batteries will suffice for protecting cables. https://www.calculator.net/voltage-drop-calculator.html?material=copper&wiresize=3.277&voltage=12&phase=dc&noofconductor=1&distance=2&distanceunit=meters&amperes=5&x=47&y=18 Christer, Sweden
  10. Wow, amazing project. I like the video presentation. Very exciting! Christer, Sweden
  11. Nice project. I use a similar tool box for my batteries. Add a luggage strap for security! The plastic lock is not to be trusted beyond zero. Christer, Sweden
  12. FAQ says it is working best with guide scope 100-150 mm FL. OAG is not recommended (possibly because FL will be too long).
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