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  1. Free night, everyone in bed, turned all the house lights off to maximise viewing, and beaten by the clouds and a moon so bright that's lighting up the whole sky. Frustrating! Also a newbie question, given the conditions tonight, if I tried to view Jupiter through my GPCAM2 290C, and it was quite close to the moon, would it be expected to just make out a dullish featureless blob? Is this the kind of effect a bright moon has? Thanks Greg
  2. Clear night tonight and Jupiter rose around 9pm. My 6yo boy was still awake and so he saw Jupiter for the first time with me. Even counted the 4 moons. Now he wants to be a scientist!
  3. Thanks Bill. Can anyone advise on collimation for this scope? Firstly, can you tell from the picture if its collimated or not? Total newbie so heard a lot but never tried collimation myself. It has a fixed primary so I guess I could only do the secondary?
  4. Hi, I have the Starquest 130P which has a fixed primary. I have never collimated anything in my life. So what would be the best method to test and collimate this scope please? Thanks Greg
  5. yes i thought it was a bit off, no i don't, can you recommend one?
  6. Hi, been trying to see this for a while with my cam after first got a glimpse through the EP a little while ago. Managed to get a nice view through my Starquest 130P and GPCAM2 290C, even picks out some of the colours. Not the best pic I am sure but as just wanted to share what I viewed tonight. No processing as such, only live stacking in Altair Capture. Cheers
  7. Interesting, what thickness did you order? Are your screw holes threaded?
  8. Good idea, was thinking along those lines. Thanks for the links
  9. So I emailed OVL and they weren't aware of a way to do this, anyway thanks for looking. The top looks good but I can't see how to fit it onto mount, see photos above.
  10. Just seen it near Talitha in UMa. A lovely sight even just by naked eye.
  11. The top looks good but I can't see how to fit it onto mount, see photos above.
  12. hi, i have a Starquest mount and would like to get the AZ-GTI for goto. I know it sits nicely in a Star Adventurer base for EQ mode. But as I have the Starquest base already I figured there might be an adapter for the 3/8 inch screw fitting for the AZ-GTI? See below. I'm thinking a plate with correct screw holes in place plus the 3/8 screw itself to mount the AZ. Does anyone know if something exists? Tried Google but didn't quite find what I need. Thanks
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