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  1. Thanks. I'm glad you like it.
  2. Cheers. Much appreciated. Its a great target to work on.
  3. Thanks...I love looking at B&W captures as much as colour I think.
  4. Here is the Ha from the 3 nights run through Histogram & Starnet but with no other processing.
  5. Cheers Alan. Much appreciated. I tried quite a few different things in pixel math with more green in and finally arrived at this one. Some I really liked but wasn't sure how I got to them in the thick of it all.
  6. Elephants trunk nebula. SHO from the Derwent Valley on a new moon. Bortle 5 Processed in PixInsight ZWO 1600 mono SW ed80 Heq5 Baader 48x10 min Ha 30 x 10 Sii 34 x 10 Oiii. 18.5 hours
  7. Hi all I have been on something of a journey reprocessing data for IC1396 this week . My original had a lot of stars and was somewhat distracting so I have spent a good while working out command line Starnet on Mac with a mixed bag of results...( still not managed to get it running on PI despite the new PI release this week ). I've managed to get an image I think I can work on of the nebula only by removing stars in each channel separately and then combining. Then I produced a separate Synthetic RGB from my NB data (all new techniques to me).I tried combining in PI with pixelmath but for some reason (user fault I'm sure) the Nebula colour was washed out. Finally I also tried some noise reduction on the starless image. I have used Multi scale Linear Transform before but not sure if this will work well on a Non linear tiff file as I couldn't get a mask preview. Now after all the tutorials and different methods looked at my head hurts . Can anyone chime in and give some clarity on how to get my synthetic stars added ..( star masks Knowledge is very patchy )with some nice noise reduction applied to a non linear tiff . I have PI, PS and light room for processing. Many thanks guys and girls.
  8. Well done for figuring out something from back then. I'm struggling to remember what happened this morning when I had spacers and bits lying all over the place. . However, I'm more confident I can get ready for the impending astro darkness once again thanks to you chaps.
  9. Yep.Looks much better, I have found a primuluce one that is very similar aswell. Great stuff. Thanks again.
  10. I already imagined this horror story as this was suggested as a replacement.I may be wrong but it looks small to deal with balance etc. https://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/geoptik-mini-universal-saddle-plate-dual-fit-for-heq5.html I'm guessing from experience you wouldn't recommend it.
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