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  1. Craig123

    Is the moon too close

    Yeah.. I was worried you might say that opening phrase.. Does it get better?? . Lol. I seem to move forward a few paces then stop moving forward all of a sudden. When I had the circles on with the grabber there was a point where the numbers just went back and forth without touching the focuser somewhat manically which seemed to be when I was closest. Once it said 0.00 pixels out. That was the highlight last night but it was pretty cloudy so hopefully easier with no cloud, no moon and no ha filter.
  2. Craig123

    Is the moon too close

    Luckily I've never come across tilt.. I don't like the sound of it ! It was too hazy and cloudy last night to get a good run going but I tried out Bhatiinov grabber. I got it in critical focus but it seemed to jump back out without touching anything quite often.. I guess because of the conditions.Locking focus also had a greater than expected effect on the grabber readings. If I got 3 or 4 downloads in ctitical focus then I went with that. After that I tried to get the best fwhm reading I could. Not a wasted night that one but certainly frustrating at times .
  3. Craig123

    Is the moon too close

    Thanks. That is a good way of keeping a check on it before just letting it all run after a taking few second subs... and gives an idea of the overall image as it comes out stretched when it downloads.I think I need to keep monitoring and adjust it if need be. Maybe stick to the usual 20 mins instead of 30.
  4. Craig123

    Is the moon too close

    Ha. Yes, indeed. A disaster movie is what I'm hoping to avoid tonight for once.
  5. Craig123

    Is the moon too close

    Being pretty new to it and having 'wasted' 3 nights on focus issues this month what should I look out for in the test sub (Apart from blurry image.. I'm really going to look closely at the first sub instead of letting it click away all night. I guess it will be more washed out than the ones I did last week).
  6. Hi all At the moment the forecast says clear tonight here ! I was thinking of imaging with 7 nm Ha filter but is this target too close to the moon or would i be ok. Is it better to go for something further away even with Ha. Many thanks
  7. Hi Having struggled to get focus bang on with ha filters over the last month I went on the hunt to find Bhatiinov grabber this afternoon having heard good things. It asks to input focal length of telescope which is 600mm on SW Ed80 but I'm using a. 0.85 reducer on there aswell so I need to input the new focal length taking this in to account.. 510mm.Is it correct to take fl with reducer as the correct figure here. Tia
  8. Craig123

    The Veil part 3 what next ?

    Thanks. I had a look around for other images captured with the same gear (will get it added to signature) Atk 314 mono and SW Ed80 with qhy5ii for guiding as I wondered if it was a resolution issue. I found some great Images of the Eastern veil. I knew something seemed amiss so I guess I still need to solve the focus problem first and foremost. This time I focused through the pc screen with the Bhatiinov on and ha filter set in wheel and although it was tricky to see I thought I had nailed it. Admittedly I was worried to play around with the focus after that so I just left it and didn't use fwhm this time. I have to get it right next time!
  9. Thanks Rush. I read up on it and decided to wait but the fter is now in my wheel ready for another day. Craig
  10. Hi all Due to fantastic input from folks on here i am slowly moving forward with imaging this target ( i hope ! ). I was going to try my new oiii filter last night on the Veil but having read up on a few threads decided against it and will wait for the moon to head off. My question is should i try and add more Ha to this image tonight and will that give more detail ? I tried combining these subs in Astro art with a previous session a week or two ago but it cropped off some of the image as i didn't frame the same between sessions and i'm not sure the result of the combination of two nights is better . Is there a way of combining subs that are framed differently without the crop occurring ? Also i worked on focus and used a Bhatinov for the last session so hopefully the focus is better. Any more input greatly appreciated. Many thanks
  11. Craig123

    Still can't slew scope with Ascom

    I'm glad you threw that in as a reality check Gerry as I've found things don't always go smoothly.. Just the odd hiccup once in a blue moon mind
  12. Craig123

    Still can't slew scope with Ascom

    Great. That looks very helpful.
  13. Craig123

    Still can't slew scope with Ascom

    I definitely want to go the plate solving route as star alignment sometimes goes wrong and wastes valuable time and I have never been good at aligning to subs from the previous session.
  14. Craig123

    Still can't slew scope with Ascom

    How do you incorperate plate solving in to your ascom set up....i know you mentioned not using sharpcap which is one way it can be done ( I think).... Oops too late. Just spotted post above... What is Asps and ps2? Craig
  15. Craig123

    Still can't slew scope with Ascom

    Hi Gerry Thanks again.I'm getting closer now to having ascom up running but have been diverted by a few things... focusing and tracking to name two.It looks like its clearing here so I may get a chance later to get set up and look it again and try a new oiii filter aswell.

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