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  1. Craig123

    Full frame or crop for astro Canon

    Thanks Olly...i had a look at a few online tonight.Do you think there will be much difference between OSC CMOS like qhy 168c and a cooled modded canon from centralDS such as Canon 80d.I will try and compare as best I can with limited knowledge, I do like the idea of not having a laptop involved sometimes but it's not a major factor.Just want to avoid any more cameras that dont quite fit with the gear I already have like my Sony A7s. Thanks Craig
  2. Craig123

    Full frame or crop for astro Canon

    Thanks Olly.I will look in to it.II started using an Atik 314 mono with this set up earlier in the year and intend to resume with it when it's darker but would also like to take a simpler set up to darker skies and do a few sessions without filters and having to factor in doing mosiacs etc..i will have to build up to that with the Atik as it sounds abit daunting at this stage.Need to check what will fit in FOV with various DSLR and read up some more. Craig
  3. Craig123

    Full frame or crop for astro Canon

    Yes..thanks vlaiv. That all makes sense and hopefully would save some cash with the cost of a smaller sensor.I will have to have a look around and see which APS C Canon would be best suited for this for low noise
  4. Hi all I was thinking of trying some imaging with my SW Ed 80 pro with a 0.85 reducer and Heq5 pro.I have been using guiding with qhy5 ii and wondered which DSLR (hopefully modded) would work well with this set up...full frame or crop sensor.I remember someone explaining crop would be best but can't remember why now! Any advice much appreciated.
  5. Thanks..my other night time lens are both samyang and both great so I'm sure the 135 mm would be too. What about 200mm? Any ideas ? I will need to research the back focus as it's a concern I hadn't thought of.. doh
  6. Hi all.I have an SW Ed80 pro on an Heq5 with a qhy5 guidescope on the finderscope.I've started imaging with an Atik 314l+ mono and reducer but a lot of tagets won't fit on so I thought about mosaics but it's daunting and there probably isn't enough time to capture rgb for a mosiac with my setup.Is there a good fast lens I could attach to the Atik that will give decent results for targets like Andromeda??.What would I do about guiding ? Hope this makes sense.TIA
  7. Hi all Can anyone recommend a place to purchase a good length cable to run across the garden..i think flo has a 25cm version but i think i need closer to 2 or 3 metres.Astronomiser used to have them but they don't appear on the website now. Many thanks
  8. Craig123


    Thanks Peter...thats much appreciated
  9. Craig123


    Yes..i came across your Orion mosaic a few weeks ago..awesome.I have an HEQ5 so will look up Eq mosiac.It sounds like it could be the right thing for me..especially if it's free.I can then spend the money on Registar which i have been putting off but know its got to happen soon.Thanks Olly
  10. Craig123


    Much appreciated..will have a look as i'm sure i will see the moon again sometime this year.
  11. Craig123


    thanks..i used to use that for landscape panos.I was actually asking about a tool for framing the shots during image capture rather than post but didn't really make that clear..ooops.Any ideas there or is it easier to do than i'm thinking it will be without any special programme to help set it up.
  12. Craig123


    Hi Could anyone point me in the direction of free mosaic generating software if any exists.I was hoping to try Andromeda again with my Atik 314 but its too big with the Ed80 and wondered what was out there.If there's no free programmes what would folks recommend purchasing. Many thanks
  13. Craig123

    Review of the Sony A7S

    ok. Thanks Mark
  14. Craig123

    Review of the Sony A7S

    Thanks Mark , really appreciate the explanation.At this stage for me i would be pretty happy if i could get an image like the one you've used as an example of star eater ! The very first image i ever took using a tracker and my new (at the time) A7s had nothing notable on it but stars with holes which looked bad even for a total beginner.I think i could tolerate that if i could use dither but as my scope is not fast and i can't find an adaptor for a reducer to fit the Sony on to my Skywatcher Ed80 i might have a look at a lens that would fit the camera. Are there any you would recommend that work well with the A7s that i might get for a reasonable price s/h ? Also ,out of interest ,to you do the mod on a the A7s if i ever went down that route. Many thanks Craig
  15. Craig123

    Review of the Sony A7S

    Hi Mark..i can't stop thinking about trying to get my sony A7s to work for tracked astrophotography in someway. I got further forward with my Atik ccd over the last few weeks but wondered about putting a canon lens on the sony as you suggested.This morning i saw some more great shots with a modded Sony A7s using a canon 70-200.The thing that confuses me is these were 3 minute subs stacked with no sign ( to me ) of star eater. I follow Fritz Helmut hemmerich on fb who does great work with a central ds modded Sony A7s.He says his camera has no sign of star eater.How do these astro modded cameras appear to be free of this.Still puzzled and frustrated at my Sony. thanks Craig

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