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  1. Very nice. Its a target I would like to try. I have Ed80 with an Atik 314 mono so I will have a look at field of view on this one.
  2. Good to hear. I can at least try things out.. Eqmod not set up yet etc..even if I don't get anything good
  3. Yes.. That's a great image with detail I never imagined possible for summer months. I'm convinced...the gear stays put in the conservatory although I won't be too popular with the rest of the family. Was it do e with SW Ed80 as that is the scope I'm using? .. I tried to get the lens cell off to clean it but it won't budge.
  4. Ha.. Yeah but it got me thinking. Just putting everything away till August might not be a good thing as there is still a few (dozen) things to figure out...
  5. Thanks tooth Dr. Maybe I need to rethink my commitment. Interesting to hear this.
  6. Thanks. Yes I use that and it's great. My question was really 'do folks image without astro darkness?' .. as I've definately got non left as of last week!
  7. Finally had a go at putting together my data on the Flaming star. 2nd proper image and a first try in PixInsight using Ha and Sii. I had about 3 hours Oiii but it was very weak.I guess I could image rg b to add to it later. I thought that was the end of the season as there is no more astro darkness in North east England. Does anyone still image and get good data as I've noticed a few folks still posting new images. Maybe further South? Thanks
  8. Great. Really appreciate the help.I may actullay get it finished tonight but I've only just started to work on flats last night so might have more fun and games dealing with Luminance dust and vignetting from the older 5 min subs. Hoping I can process them out abit cheers Vlaiv.
  9. Hi Vlaiv Having followed the above suggestions on exposure time for Luminance at 5 mins i forgot all about it in a rush after a long day and got a few hours on red filter at 10 mins.. I'm hoping I can still stack with Luminance despite different times. Could I ask what you would suggest for blue and green tonight. Stick with 10 mins or reddo red and hope to get the rest at 5 mins. Many thanks
  10. Was happy to get 5 or 6 hours luminance using 5 minute subs yesterday. Seems to have worked better than last time and I cleaned the filters ?. I tried throwing in all calibration frames in Astroart aswell so an interesting night Was happy to get 5 or 6 hours luminance using 5 minute subs yesterday. Seems to have worked better than last time and I cleaned the filters ?. I tried throwing in all calibration frames in Astroart aswell for the first time so an interesting night. Thanks
  11. Thanks for looking at that. Great.Much appreciated. So effectively with this set up I'd be better off with lots of 5 minute exposures rather than 10 minutes. Can you tell from this if it would be OK to bin x2 for rgb or better stick with x1. Clear outside has sky quality as 20.26 so about right if that's accurate. ?
  12. Thanks very helpful. Yes that is the F ratio for the ED80 with reducer. Are you just imaging at bin x1 for all channels? I've read that bin x2 can produce blocky images with some pixel sizes and wondered if this applied to the 314. Very nice pic aswell.
  13. Hi Vlaiv Here are screenshots of the Atik 314l + spec. Clear outside has me in a bortle 5 location although we live on the edge of the estate next too fields to the east so I'm hoping it's abit darker where I image.
  14. Thanks Olly. That is a good starting place. I got alot more gradient than I thought I would from the neighbours TV (.. I think that was it ) on my Iris shots last weekend. The target was still a good way above the house and it was really dim but the shots are not too good. Craig
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