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  1. Thanks. I didn't realise either. A Happy accident !
  2. Nova Cassiopeia and The Bubble Nebula A rich area of the night sky imaged over early April with its many stellar objects and I was lucky to catch the new Nova Cas over several clear nights. The bright 'star' at centre top of the image above the bubble is the new Nova . It suddenly appeared on March 18 this year and was catalogued as V1405. There was no sign of anything bright there previously but the light soon increased to magnitude 8 and was spotted by keen eyed observers . It was originally a binary star system with a dwarf star that begun to syphon off Hydrogen from the mai
  3. Its up between 30 and 40 degrees getting better as it gets later Tom.
  4. The Cave Nebula. Catalogued in 1959 as Sh2 155 this is a relatively faint star forming region in Cepheus near the brighter Elephants trunk nebula. Given the name by Patrick Moore who thought the emission lines resembled the mouth of a cave.( I see an astral juggler aswell ) It lies to the North 2400 lights years away and this image consists of 21 hours of light at 550mm captured this month. Gases are Sulpher~ very bright round central tower, Hydrogen as well as Oxygen which gives the blue gas clouds above. Esprit 100 Telescope HEQ5 Stellar drive 5 Zwo1600 mono SHO Hubble p
  5. Many thanks and Yes.. When I loaded up the subs that cluster caught my attention before anything else.
  6. Thanks. Boiled and ready for consumption
  7. The Lobster Claw Swimming in to my telescopes view during clear spells in the first few weeks of 2021. Some cold nights with large accumulations of snow on the hillside added shoveling to the set up routine, the temperature getting down to a respectable minus 14. Aswell as the main object catalogued as Sharpless 157, a pretty open star cluster can be seen in at the lower right claw ( NGC 1750) with Lyn's bright nebula seen up at centre left. This huge space crustacean in Cassiopeia is 11050 light years away and was captured over 4 nights. 19 hours in Sulpher, Hydrogen and Oxygen
  8. Great pictures and detail. Looks like a good choice of filter after all.
  9. Thankyou and you are welcome. It was a pleasure to get such a positive response for a first image with my new set up.
  10. Many thanks and that's great to hear with regards filters as I got a full set of NB . I headed over to a thread on cloudy nights about Antilia and saw some very nice detail with ha 3nm and no halos.. Yay.
  11. Wow. Great image.I didn't know even know about this one.
  12. Thanks Neil.Much appreciated mate
  13. Thanks Adrian. I am pleased with it for my first image with the Esprit although I've just read a thread above about 3nm filters and halos which are the same ones I have waiting to install in my Fw so holding my breath on that one.
  14. Great image. I have just got a set of Antilia 3nm for my Esprit 100 so will look carefully for halos when I get the chance to try them out.
  15. Thanks Steve. I remember going through the forums here last year to see if an Esprit 100 would work on my mount and seeing your posts on this subject. When I rang the supplier to back order a new scope they had one in stock so I just went for it. Luckily I've got it working.
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