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  1. Atik 314 L + mono set point cooled ccd camera. Great condition with box and supplied artemis capture software discs. Just fully checked and cleaned by Atik.Pictures taken last year with camera £500 ono
  2. Many thanks Alan. I feel like I'm getting to grips with it all a little better. A fascinating journey over the last couple of years. Sometimes unbeliavably frustrating and by turns rewarding. I will stick with it.
  3. Thanks I used my Skywatcher Ed80 bought on ebay, Baader NB filters bought on here plus Heq5 guided with qhy5ii. Camera was Zwo 1600 mono which I really like using.
  4. Thanks Mark. Much appreciated
  5. Hi all Here is The Elephants Trunk taken over 4 nights in lockdown over April with 3 in a row over the new moon.. Its the best run I've had thus far in my astrophotography journey here in Durham.. Hope there is more on the way. Processed in modified SHO in PI and PS. 48 x 10 min Ha 30 x 10 mins Sii 34 x 10 mins Oiii
  6. The Zwo filters are well known for causing bad halos. Baader are better but I still get them on very bright stars using the narrowband set.
  7. I'm good with PA in sharpcap so that's one less concern. I have been imaging for a couple of years but used artemis capture and was familiar with that. It had a star marker feature to align imaging sessions so that's how I did it. I got an ASI1600 mono recently so that has lead to new capture software (SC) and now ascom. I knew there would be a few hiccups but was trying to avoid adding another programme in like ATP or SGP as much as people love them. At least till I know my way round this stuff... I may well end up checking out NINA
  8. Yes. I have it on the computer and sharpcap has the find my location button suggesting it can see the plate solve application. I tried to solve but could only see 1 star. The camera capture screen had a good field of stars but I'm thinking the solver needs different settings.
  9. Thanks. I will look that one up tonight. Two recommendations .. Any recommendations for plate solving BTW. I tried all sky plate solver via sharpcap camera control last night and it didn't work. Not sure if I need to configure a solver with focal length and pixel size etc or wether ascom already has the info to use elsewhere and tells the capture software what it needs.
  10. Its an Heq5 Pro. Working out Phd has taken a back seat as I've run into various other issues since I started imaging that have taken up each clear night so I've just plugged in and used it as is and it seems to have worked well enough to get some imaging done but of course I want to improve. I didn't realise there was a dark library option for my guidescope until last night! but I've done one now so thanks for pointing me in that direction. I noticed the RA aggression was high and followed a tutorial suggesting it should be nowhere near 100 but each time the new profile wizard puts it up at 70.That was part of my initial confusion. I have to admit I need ro read up on drift alignment as that is new to me aswell.
  11. Thanks Spillage. Much appreciated . I think I wil use the new profile wizard and look at the suggested settings for calibration and run darks off this afternoon incase it's clear later.
  12. Thanks. I slewed up near the zenith and and switched on phd looping once I had my target framed. That's the way I usually did it with the st4 but never got this message.I need to calibrate lower down and then go to my target. Maybe because I've changed the way I connect to the mount
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