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  1. Craig123

    Seeing and The Elephants Trunk

    We are not far behind here.. I lugged all my stuff out last night.. Aligned. Framed target, focused and on the 18th minute of a 20 min sub the clouds appeared.Session over.
  2. Craig123

    Seeing and The Elephants Trunk

    Phew so it's not just me getting the jitters setting up this week. Thanks for the idea of stacking best fwhm. I will have to look in to that in astroart.
  3. Craig123

    Seeing and The Elephants Trunk

    Thanks Olly.. So if I was doing NB on IC 1396 it might be better to do Sii or Oiii on this target as there seems abit less detail there than the Ha. Maybe I will try and salvage some good ones from this session and go at the Ha again.
  4. Hi all I imaged a few hours ha on the Elephants trunk last clear skies. I used Fwhm on artemis capture to focus throughout and noticed the numbers were jumping around quite alot..I'm assuming this means the seeing was not good ( I noticed comments on online astro pages to that affect too ). Having stacked the subs the stars look pretty big so iam hoping to get advice on what folks do about bad seeing. Do you image all night hoping it will improve and then look only for subs that appear to be OK or just pack away again and wait for another clear night... or shrink stars in PP. TIA
  5. Hiya I have had a few tries now with my baader Oiii filter out the front of the house where there are two led street lights. The Oiii looks good if you catch the target in the right place but it's no use as you start to get anywhere near the lights. I was wondering if anyone could advise if S ii will work in a similar manner or will it be more forgiving like an ha filter. Do I need to just stay put in the back garden?? Thanks
  6. Craig123

    Stellarium question

    Thanks.. that's very helpful to know as before I wasnt using that grid and guessing how high it would be..and of course I was usually wrong. Much appreciated.
  7. Hi Just a quick question about Stellarium. I keep hoping to image The Elephants trunk but eveytime I get the chance it's always right overhead... Then the camera and filter wheel end up hitting the mount after an hour or two. Looking at Stellarium is it correct that the centre point of the Azimuthal grid is the Zenith. TIA
  8. That worked pretty well Carole.
  9. They are 7nm for Ha and 8.5 for Oiii. I think pixinsight sounds great. No doubt I will get it one day.
  10. Yep.. I was really meticulous refocusing with each filter and then checking it again every so often with fwhm. There was a big shift between baader Ha and Oiii filters.
  11. Thanks Carole. Much appreciated.So use the filter as a layer in ps so as to preserve the Ha in the Nebula ? Also what do you use to shrink stars..? Craig
  12. Hi Carole. That's the image I was referring too. The top is how it came out of the stacking software and I took down the red levels on the 2nd picture with PS aswell as applying some curves.
  13. OK. That's handy to know. Thanks

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