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  1. Was supposed to be at least one hour but the battery in my camera gave up after 20 minutes Canon 80D + ED80 40 x 30 secs ISO1600
  2. Hopefully there is no true black in there. None shown on histogram. I always find it difficult to decide how dark the sky should be, I think we always perceive it to be darker than it is in reality.
  3. Canon 80D + ED80 99 x 30 secs @ ISO1600 stitched in DSS
  4. Canon 80D + ED80 63 x 30 secs @ ISO1600
  5. Startrail 15 x 2 minute exposures ISO1600 Canon 80D + ED80 According to Stellarium it was about 250,000 km from earth at the time of this startrail. 2 single 10 second exposures @ ISO16000 (yes 16000) Canon 80D + ED80
  6. No, I find 30 secs is good for the nucleus. It is difficult to strike a balance between core and outer regions. I find I can do more with DXO than trying to modify in DSS but that may be because I understand the former better. I think the more frames you take the better the outer regions will be, I took 99 but for some reason DSS chose to stack only 55.
  7. At last a night with few clouds. 55 x 30 secs ISO1600 stacked in DSS - Canon 80D + ED80
  8. Great explanation thanks. No. 4 seems to fit in well with the slow movement.
  9. I set my camera up on a fixed tripod last night to do a timelapse of some really nice clouds illuminated by the moon. 10 minutes later not a cloud in sight so just did an hour+ timelapse of the summer triangle. At 16mm to wide for Florence. The result is nothing spectacular, few planes, satellites whizzing across the screen, and when compreesed even less spectacular. However, something strange caught my eye on the lower left of the video, that I am hoping you experts might be able to explain. I have tried making a timelapse of just that time but again with compression it disappears, so he
  10. Captured over two nights, 10 sets of 30 frames each stacked in DSS and then all stitched with Microsoft ICE. F3.5, 16mm, 30 secs ISO1600
  11. These clouds are persistent. If you can't beat them.................... 1 x 30 sec F3.5 16mm ISO1600
  12. Front yard really, just outside our conservatory. Ideal spot for the MW.
  13. Thanks, I am hoping we have seen the last of this cloud so that I can get a better result.
  14. Plagued with patchy cloud above the horizon for some days now but gave it a go last night. A bit fuzzy along the cloud line but its beauty still shone through. View South to Sagittarius etc. Summer Triangle, Cygnus Cassiopea, Andromeda etc.
  15. Set my camera up on 30 second exposures around 11pm last night in the hope of capturing a Perseid together with the Milky Way, it was not to be Couple of interesting shots (well they are to me) showing what I assume are satellites flaring low down on the horizon although a check on Heavens Above revealed nothing. Would appreciate any comments. This first shot shows 2 simultaneously flaring. Certainly not shooting stars as appear faintly on two previous frames. Southern sky, travel North to South. Crop of above Crop from previous frame. 5 mi
  16. Hope you get your hand sorted and get to visit our beautiful department next year, you will not be disappointed.
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