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  1. Was supposed to be at least one hour but the battery in my camera gave up after 20 minutes Canon 80D + ED80 40 x 30 secs ISO1600
  2. Hopefully there is no true black in there. None shown on histogram. I always find it difficult to decide how dark the sky should be, I think we always perceive it to be darker than it is in reality.
  3. Canon 80D + ED80 99 x 30 secs @ ISO1600 stitched in DSS
  4. Canon 80D + ED80 63 x 30 secs @ ISO1600
  5. Startrail 15 x 2 minute exposures ISO1600 Canon 80D + ED80 According to Stellarium it was about 250,000 km from earth at the time of this startrail. 2 single 10 second exposures @ ISO16000 (yes 16000) Canon 80D + ED80
  6. No, I find 30 secs is good for the nucleus. It is difficult to strike a balance between core and outer regions. I find I can do more with DXO than trying to modify in DSS but that may be because I understand the former better. I think the more frames you take the better the outer regions will be, I took 99 but for some reason DSS chose to stack only 55.
  7. At last a night with few clouds. 55 x 30 secs ISO1600 stacked in DSS - Canon 80D + ED80
  8. Great explanation thanks. No. 4 seems to fit in well with the slow movement.
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