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  1. ...the highest pub in England. Sunday evening. Orion, Venus & Zodiacal Light. 6 frame mosaic. Canon 6D MkII, Sigma 24mm, 10s, f2, iso1600. MS ICE, LR, PS.
  2. Old Gang. Could be a route to Gunnerside eg Brunton Hush, however the usual approach is along Gunnerside Gill.
  3. Last night. Although this is one of my favourite locations (about 1 1/2 miles from home), I've struggled to get decent compositions owing to the high sides of the valley. Mosaic of 6 images using Nodal Ninja, Canon 6D MkII, Sigma 24mm at f2, 10s and iso3200. MS ICE, Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.
  4. Last night, 27th February. Looking up Swaledale towards Great Shunner Fell. 4 panel mosaic. Canon 6D MkII, Sigma 24mm, 10s at f2 and iso3200. Lightroom, ICE and PS. Windeee and freezing...
  5. Very nicely done!! Deep with great range and not overblown. Lovely image Paul As other noted 'natural'.
  6. Yes, light pollution always 'present' It needs the wider public to know about the problem and then agree to change what happens at night with lighting... ...Paul
  7. Added another pass on the end of the video from subsequent evening....
  8. These groups plus a sequence of more spaced objects made for 90 minutes of despair... ...best viewed full screen for full impact. Paul.
  9. Lovely descriptions Dave! I may quote them when I next do a talk. Gives a great perspective. I would prefer a bit more foreground in the B&W image but the mosaic render didn't give me enough to play with. Maybe I can convince people that its from a drone !! Thanks. Paul
  10. Tried just the top 2 rows of the mosaic and a B&W presentation. I quite like it another that seems better when you click into the image... Paul
  11. Crop from 9 pane mosaic. Untracked 15s exposures. Canon 6D MkII, Sigma 24mm. LR, PS and ICE. Quite a few flaws but okay at reading distance. Much sharper when you click into the image!! Cheers, Paul.
  12. Hi All Just in case you haven't seen my vid. It is a visual pollution as well as an imaging problem...oh well. Paul.
  13. The end of the night sky as we know it..? Just caught the second pass at the edge of the frame...
  14. Dec 17th. Part of a 15 panel mosaic... Canon 6D MkII. Sigma 24mm at f2. 20s and iso 1600 for sky. 30s and iso 3200 for foreground. Lightroom, MS Image Composite Editor and Photoshop. I prefer the view when you click into the image.
  15. The 16" dob works well The sky somewhat later that night. 30 frame pano. Another to click into...
  16. This weekend. A 14 frame pano. Canon 7D MkII Sigma 24, 20s at f2 and iso 1600. Nodal Ninja. Lightroom, ICE and PS. Twin APM 152 ED APOs! Paul.
  17. Thanks Dave. A mid point location for an astro weekend with a group from far and wide. That evening was a special experience and I'm delighted with this as a memory! Paul
  18. This weekend. Part of a 15 frame pano. Canon 7D MkII Sigma 24, 20s at f2 and iso 1600. 1st outing for the Nodal Ninja. Lightroom, ICE and PS. It was beautiful. Paul. PS New laptop, colour balance/brightness etc may need work...click into image to avoid scrolling.
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