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  1. I've observed it several times through an 18" Obsession ( which I sold ) from dark sites. Usual requirements - dark, transparent, full dark adaptation & good finder chart. Try not to look at M57 as it does 'blind' you... ...good hunting Paul
  2. Hi there They are 'normal' clouds. Noctilucent Clouds have a particular iridescent character. Google some images to compare. They would also be low down in the northern sky. The NLC season is just starting. Good luck! Cheers Paul PS this reply should really be on your other post.
  3. Yeah! The Milky Way is my favourite 'object'. Naked eye or through my TMB 92mm f5.5 refractor (FOV ~ 5 degrees with a 31 Nagler, UHC filter as required). As mentioned, transparent dark skies a must. Late summer through to December. Many of you have alluded to a key 'message', that is to observe the dark nebulae. Straining to fully pick out the dust really brings out the brightness in the rest of our galaxy Only 4 months to wait...
  4. The Milky Way spanning from horizon to horizon with the centre almost directly overhead casting shadows... ...from Sutherland, the site of the SALT in the Karoo, South Africa.
  5. Excellent effort!! I've run the Marathon 3 times and the experience of a whole night and all 4 seasons of the stars is very special Cheers Paul
  6. Nowt fancy. Evening of March 25th. 2 hours. ~500 exposures. Canon 7D MkII, Sigma 24mm ART, 10s at ISO1600 and f2, 5 sec gaps. Processed in Lightroom. Cheers, Paul. Click image to see video on Flickr.
  7. Very nice work! What mount/slider combo do you use? Cheers Paul PS I may post a totally static beginner time lapse from the Elan Valley last weekend...
  8. Great write up and pics! Yes, when you've experienced really clear and dark skies anything less becomes a bit... ...sounds like the craic was worth it Cheers Paul
  9. Large, accurate, affordable and VERY LIGHT WEIGHT mirrors please! Paul
  10. The pictures are a giveaway! Keep trying and an eye on the weather forecast. Good luck for next time! We are there at the end of the month Cheers Paul
  11. Yep, I too get great pleasure reading the observing reports! Cheers.
  12. Feb 28 22:30 – Mar 1 02:30 Location - Low Row Pop up observatory, Swaledale, N. Yorkshire SQM 21.4 16" Alkaid 31 Nag. 13 Ethos. It must have been 2 years ago when I last had a tour of the spring galaxies! The weather forecast had been firming up for a good clear spell, though wall to wall cloud at 20:00 had me doubting the wisdom of the essential strong dark espresso. Leo was well positioned to the south and I decided to revisit Leo I (very) near Regulus. Thus ensued a frustrating 20 mins as clouds flirted in that part of the sky. A promising early look at M51 was Whirlpool of calm. It cleared, in went the 13mm and Leo I ghosted into view. NGC 2903 is an easy find and showed a promising level of detail. I star hopped up to NGC 2683 in Lynx. I must have observed this before however, a beautiful and bright, edge-on spiral brought a big smile. That’s what I call a cool galaxy. Some dark detail was visible along one aspect. NGC 3003 was disappointing. The M95, 96, 105 and nearby galaxies were a nice group. The Leo Trio fantastic. NGC 3184 was easy to find in a paw of the Great Bear. Another showcase NGC giving many hints of detail. Another short cloud break led me over to M108 and M97. Lovely contrasting objects in the wide field of the 31mm Nagler. Mottled detail in M108 and the eyes of the Owl. M3 is an excellent spider of a globular cluster. Compact M53 contrasted with the sparse NGC 5053. Coma Berenices…NGC 4565, possibly the most perfect edge on galaxy, great detail, central dust lane, spanning the FOV A long star/galaxy hop via NGCs 4494, 4559, 4274 and 4414 ended at magnificent ‘pairing’ of The Whale & Hockey Stick. Worth an extended browse! The Cocoon little & large pairing are another easy starting point for another stunning needle galaxy, NGC 4244, razor sharp sliver. A swath were picked up via M109. About this time I realised that the persistent faint glow in Leo/Virgo was the Gegenschein on the ecliptic!! The Virgo Cluster was now high enough and aiming the RDF half way between Denebola and Vindemiatrix finds M84, M86 and Markarian’s Chain. Galaxies galore! The Eyes, Messiers, ‘The Chain’, Twins…and a favourite contrasting pair of NGC 4762 & 4754. The final objects through the 16 were the detailed spiral of M101, the stunning Whirlpool right up in the zenith and a superb wide field and deep view of M81 & 82 together. Fatigue, cold and shortage of sugar & caffeine suddenly hit and my eyes & brain closed down. Finished off with the Canon 15x50 IS scanning around for M5, 13, 92, 10 & 12. A good night!! Thanks for reading. Cheers, Paul.
  13. I do make a habit of trying to be prepared for a good break in the clouds. Am a weather geek and check out forecasts and technical weather charts. In spite of this I also struggle. My best solution is to have a large, strong espresso well ahead of time so that I have the necessary omph to actually get set up! Staying awake after is another problem. Cheers Paul
  14. Nice report! Good tick!! Pedantically, B33 is the Horsehead and using that ID should centre the dark nebula. IC 434 is the much larger 'bright' nebula, GOTO will centre this and not necessarily the HH. Hopefully more rewarding next time!! Cheers Paul
  15. HelloMichael https://www.primrose-awnings.co.uk/158m-patio-wind-break-plain-green-awning-p-48857.html?src=list_img Owing to a delivery mishap I ended up with 3 sets of mounting components they are 3m long. There are other options on the website. First light was a great success. Galaxies galore! SQM 21.40 - 21.45 Cheers Paul
  16. Hoping to try this out for the first time tonight. Options to mount 2 retractable patio windbreaks on choice of 3 sides. Can be raised or lowered by about 30cm. Centre pad for Astrotrac pier. Can move dobsonian about as needed. Already have an external power supply. Thanks for looking. Paul
  17. Damn, we are there next dark moon, in hope of a galaxyfest...
  18. I observed from that spot many times (though around 10 years ago). Was fine, though as others have mentioned, can get very cold!! Make sure you are well awake on the drive down! Good luck Paul
  19. I found that just seeing it was a success. Tried to convince myself of some elongation but this is where seeing really plays a part. Good luck.
  20. Good stuff! I found that really good seeing was also necessary (along with a dark & transparent sky) to pick up the Double Quasar. That was through an 18" Obsession. Whilst straining to see the Quasar NGC 3079 does become a showcase! Good luck Paul
  21. Just a heads up for those near Yorkshire Dales, North Yorks Moors & South Downs National Parks. http://www.darkskiesnationalparks.org.uk/ A range of events all next week. I have some images in the Reeth Dark Shies exhibition Cheers Paul
  22. One thing that I bear in mind at this time of year is the way the amount of darkness collapses and you've not covered off Virgo etc. before ever earlier dawn. I plan through to at least M5 and Abell 39... ...cheers Paul
  23. Now they are nice. Thanks for the heads up. Might use these as part of a Messier Marathon talk Cheers Paul
  24. Lower pic - Coal Sack (dark patch), southern cross and down right towards Eta Carina Upper pic Left to Right - Small Sagittarius Star Cloud, Sagittarius Star Cloud, M6, M7, Scorpius. HTH Paul
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