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  1. @Mick J cairns have been on that site for ~800 years, possibly as a boundary marker between Swaledale and Westmoreland. The light painting images need a revisit along with the remaining data. As @James noted it takes a while to recover from an all/late night!! Thanks @davew hope it didn't disappoint Cheers Paul
  2. Yes. I've also set the indexing on my pano mount to give plenty of overlap. I can then crop out the edges in LR. Plus a touch of colour noise reduction and set temperature 3500.
  3. A couple of detail shots with some light painting. Plenty of seagulls in the corners... ...cheers, Paul.
  4. A set of 9 stone 'cairns' high above Kirkby Stephen, Cumbria. On the Wainwright C2C walking route. Surprised at the background lighting, some all the way from Darlingtion and Teeside. Pano is 5 portrait frames, each 4 x 8s subs at f2 and iso3200. Prep in Lightroom, stack in Sequator, composite in MS ICE, finish in Photoshop. Canon 6D MkII, Sigma 24mm ART, Nodal Ninja pano mount. Cheers Paul
  5. Thanks Dave. I've been 'focusing' on deep sky imaging! May be out doing a starscape tonight though cheers
  6. Having looked at the original it was just so artificially contrasty. The IFN is surely more evenly distributed? Especially with 8 hours of data. New version attached which may reflect a more 'real' version of the truth?? Colour still needs work.
  7. The names give form/shape to an excellent image I just need to learn how to process the 'colour signal'... ...cheers Paul
  8. Very nicely done! One for a dry spell... ...cheers
  9. My aim was to have an image that really had a strong presence of the galaxies and the IFN. 8 hours data in 3 min subs through RASA 8 and ASI2600MC Pro. DSS & PS. Struggling with processing. Colour is a bit meh, looks great in B&W, but it is a colour camera. Photoshop manages the colour space differently to my laptop screen. Think the summer will be spent learning how to make the most of the data with PS or an astro-specific digital darkroom. Cheer Paul
  10. Love this image!! Paul PS ...and now I know how to set the aperture when I connect my Canon lens to the ASI2600
  11. Twin RASA 8s! Names are great when they describe what an object looks like Stag Beetle Nebula? Lovely work. Cheers, Paul
  12. Beautiful image! Very nice touch on the processing. Something to aspire to. Paul
  13. Part of the 'Volcano' area. 5 1/2 hours of 3 min subs. RASA 8 with ASI2600 MC Pro. DSS and PS. May revisit the colour. SQM 21.35 - 21.58. Could be the last session of the season. Cheers Paul
  14. That is very attractive! As well as a technical triumph. Paul.
  15. You should add a link to your first attempt. This is a huge improvement. Very nice!
  16. ...not so much an angel, more a very overSTRETCHed ARMSTRONG. Pushed beyond my skills. 6.5 hours in 3 min subs. RASA 8, CEM 40 unguided. DSS, PS and LR. May tone it down later...arms length viewing SQM 21.3+ to 21.5+. Cheers Paul P.S. Thanks to @gorann for the target. A somewhat different result!
  17. Hi @gorann I had some discussion with John Bortle on this many, many years ago. His fame is as a visual comet observer. I've found it does work well in the UK with some modifications. Use the best part of the sky and don't bother with point objects - stars. It also helps if you've had experience of visual observations under a darker sky than your home location. When using a SQM I also aim towards the dark part of the sky. I take into account the time of night, and particularly if the streetlights are off. You seem to be in Bortle 3, occasionally 2..? Cheers
  18. My entry into the SGL 'IFN Gallery'. Another 1st attempt. Two pane pano Left - 50 x 180s, Right - 58 x 180s. RASA 8 , ASI 2600 MC Pro. Unguided iOptron CEM 40... ...processed in Deep Sky Stacker, Photoshop (Gradientxterminator and Noels Actions) and MS Image Composite Editor. A question - at what point do fellow imagers composite the multi-pane image? If I'm doing nightscapes I composite the mosaic early in the process, with this having so much levels and curves procesing I did it much later. Will be redone after some sleep especially the blown out stars! Better when
  19. Great collection! A significant improvement. Inspired to have a go myself. Particularly the field with M81 in the corner.
  20. ...fly true over me. (Mogwai) The Milky Way over Kisdon between Keld and Thwaite, Swaledale. 10 pane pano. Canon 6D MkII, Sigma 24mm at f1.4 and iso 3200. Sky 10s, foreground 20s. Nodal Ninja pano mount. Adobe LR and PS. MS Image Composite Editor. Needs subdued lighting. My local exercise at night. Paul
  21. That is very neat, effective and beautifully presented. I may be revisiting my material if the clouds don't clear!!
  22. If you have Photoshop this approach allows you to selectively stretch parts of the image..?
  23. Another fantastic result @gorann ! What is your average SQM reading? I run at about 21.3. Am wondering if I can get anywhere near this deep with my identical setup... ...thinking IFN. Thanks Paul
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