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  1. Cat and mouse with clouds last night (21/22 June). 5 pane mosaic. Canon 6D, Sigma 24mm, Nodal Ninja, 1s at f1.4 and iso400. LR, ICE and PS. 1/4 res image. Darkened room viewing. Cheers, Paul
  2. Thank you. I'll be asking you what worked later... ...have also looked at your pier setup. Matching the camera with a RASA 8. Cheers Paul
  3. Likewise Dave! Have you looked into attaching Canon fit photo lenses? Cheers Paul
  4. ...from Monday morning. VSDC for video editing. Lee Rosevere for music. Turn up the volume Cheers, Paul. P.S. It does play smoothly when the Interweb works...
  5. Not the biggest or brightest of displays. A great start to the season! Time lapse of 30 minutes (repeats) and some stills. Canon 6D MkII Sigma 24mm and Canon 200mm.
  6. Thank you... ...I really like its sparse nature 'Less is more'! Cheers, Paul.
  7. 2 pane mosaic. Canon 6D MkII, Canon 200mm at f5, 1/100 sec, iso1600. LR, MS ICE and PS. Foreground is cloud and a very distant and featureless moor. Mercury is in the top middle ish... (definitely need to click into the image) ...Lapwings, Curlews and Oystercatchers were very vocal! A very pleasant escape for an hour. ...cheers Paul
  8. Squeezed them all in! Very nicely done. Thank you. Paul
  9. With a cloudy forecast for next few evenings...thought I'd have a dabble. Checked the maps and so on, still didn't get the line up of foreground I was hoping for. Canon 6D MkII, William Optics Star 71. Set up alt/az non-tracking. 1/25th sec at iso100. Full frame. Paul
  10. Looks like I will be getting Registar next season... ...really like the way you portray the 'depth' of the night sky through the images. Paul
  11. Thank you Dave! There are plenty of attempts on the 'darkroom' floor... ...cheers, Paul.
  12. You can get quite far south towards the centre of the Milky Way from there!
  13. This works for me... https://www.timeanddate.com/astronomy/measuring-the-sky-by-hand.html Rule of thumb, its higher. Paul
  14. From an early morning a while back. 8 pane mosaic. Canon 6D MkII, Sigma 24mm. iso3200, 10s at f1.4. Nodal Ninja. Processed in Lightroom, MS Image Composite Editor and Photoshop.
  15. Very nice, and deep. Must have a go with my Star71, Canon combo! What mount, guiding do you have? Thanks Paul
  16. It did feel a bit weird when I stopped concentrating on taking pics!
  17. ...03:00 this morning. My house is the lit plain wall, a third across the image from the right. 8 panes. 10s, iso3200, f1.4. Canon 6D MkII, Sigma 24mm. Pre-processing in LR. MS ICE to composite. LR to finish. Very fortunate to be here. Paul
  18. From just outside my front door at 3 a.m. a couple of nights ago. Bonus part-night lighting activated on most of the streetliights recently! 6 pane mosaic. 6D MkII, Sigma 24mm. 15s iso3200 f2. Photoshop & Lightroom. Hope to redo this before summer...
  19. Running along our road to try and get it with the trees... ...Canon 6D MkII, Canon 200m at f5, exp. <1s. Cheers, Paul.
  20. Not *in* the cluster, but helps with composition. Canon 6D MkII, WO Star71, AstroTrac, 3.2s, iso1600. Lightroom and Photoshop.
  21. Single 10s image at f1.4 and iso3200. Canon 6D MkII and Sigma 24mm. Image desaturated, apart from the comet. Outside the back door. There is a small left pointing triangle of stars in the middle. M81 is a small, white oval smudge down a little at 6 o'clock. The comet is a tiny green thing at 10 o'clock, slightly further away from the triangle than M81.
  22. Very nice website!! Lots of hours put in there.... ...cheers. Paul
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